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    Another WOW! For Caitlyn O'Leary!

    I received this book for my honest opinion. I could go into great detail and give an outline of the story. But then my review would look and sound like everyone else and could just spoil it for someone else. So I want to talk about the Author. Caitlyn O'Leary has a style of writing that can weave the story in and out of your thoughts so fluidly you begin to feel immersed into the story. To me that is great Story Telling! Her ability to build a setting so realistic your want to look it up on a map is fantastic. And to find an author with the capabilities to do this consistently is amazing! I have read a couple of her books now and have been pulled into the story time and again. For me to lose myself that way is one of the highest compliments I could pay to a writer. Because it takes tremendous skill to pull that off. I would recommend this and any of her other books as a great read any and all lovers of Menege, HEA romances, and books that tell a great tale! 5 Stars all the way!
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    This series will only get better!

    Another great story by Caitlyn O’Leary! Olivia Prescott is a strong, determined young businesswoman, who hails from a lest than ideal background. After struggling most of her life to rise above adversity, Olivia has a heart of gold, but doesn’t suffer fools. When tragedy strikes, with nearly fatal consequences, she is forced back to the hometown of her loving fosters parents and brother to recuperate. Thinking that her healing time will be peaceful and mundane, Olivia is surprised when faced with an unexpected dilemma; because Olivia has fallen for not one, but two very different men. Plagued by guilt and feeling like she’s betrayed her first lover’s trust, she heads back to the big city, hell-bent on forgetting them both. But Olivia’s supposed random mugging that left her fighting for her life, was anything but, and her men are just as unwavering in their pursuit of not only Olivia’s love, but the threat to her very existence. I only wish Joshua would have refrained from calling her Olivia Ann all the time, I much preferred Ian’s pet name of Livvy.
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    Sexy Hot Romance

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion and a review. This is the second book in The Fate harbor series, you can read it as a standalone or in order as i would highly recommend. Olivia Loves her work so much even though she does way too much of it. Working with her charity that she and her brother set up together, she puts in very long hours and thinks nothing at all of it. Her life before the age of 5 wasn't easy at all and now she is as determined to help others as Butch and Betty helped her, so its her mission to make sure others will not have to go through what she did. She has always taken care of herself, but after Olivia is very nearly beaten to death after being attacked she will have to rely on others especially now she recovering in Fate Harbor. There she meets a friend of her brothers the handsome and sexy fire fighter Joshua Parker, he has just about everything she needs and wants in a man, she just cannot help but to fall in love with him. But when she goes to meet Joshua best friend and fellow fire fighter, Ian Ransom, she recognizes that he is a long lost piece of her soul. Now Joshua he sees Oliva and knows she is his something special, He is devastated by her attack so he decides he will take things slow. Now she just doesn't no what to do and rather than deciding, and coming between these friends, she takes of back to Boston. When Joshua and Ian find out that Olivia has left and her life is in danger, they come to the realization that their friendship and relationship with Olivia mean's much more to them than anything. With a little nudge they recognise that to keep her they will have learn to share her and come together to protect the one they love. Will they be able to protect her? Can they fight this all to have there happily ever after? Olivia she is such an incredibly hard worker, she is always doing her best to help those that are less fortunate. She is so kind and has a huge heart, but Olivia she does not give up control easily if ever. I think she is super lucky to have two men that love her unconditionally. Joshua has the aww factor he is such a sweetheart and a hottie. He's an alpha male with a great outlook and when he see's something he wants he goes after it and once your there he will protect you and love you forever. Ian wow he is for sure the strong and silent type he does not always convey himself in the best way but when this strong sexy man needs to he can for sure take command and talk to those he cares for. yes i no Joshua has the sweetheart factor but i fell for Ian he never saw Olivia coming all he was doing was checking her out that she didn't hurt his friend and BAM the love bug hits him hard. All of them bring something special to this relationship and together they are complete. But of course with every relationship especially one like there's they will have their trials and tribulations but they work. I adored seeing this trio's journey to love. Caitlyn O'Leary is magic she knows how to thrill you excite you and enthral you all at once, as always her books are a joy to read. 5 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books.

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