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    This novella is definitely shear heaven to read!!

    I’m head over heels in love with Katy Regnery’s new fairytale romance, Shear Heaven. I mean, really? What’s not to love? With a handsome Italian prince as our hero and a beautiful, sweet and kind-hearted young woman as our heroine who fall madly in love with each other. Then you add Ms. Regnery’s astounding story-telling genius and BAM! You have a magical love story that makes your soul swoon and leaves your heart fluttering long after you’ve turned the final page. After losing both of her parents in an accident in Italy, Bella is relocated to New York to live with her Godmother working for her at a renowned salon in a New York hotel. Bella never complains despite the unrelenting fierceness of her Godmother who forces her to work long hours both at the salon as well as taking care of the suite in which they live. Though Bella is never paid for all of her hard work, she naively accepts her fate believing that one day the shop will be hers to run. Nico is a prince from Italy visiting New York with his twin sister awaiting the arrival of the woman his family has arranged for him to marry. Though he is not in love with her, in light of the precarious situation with his families’ finances back home, he is ready to fulfill his duty as Prince and marry the woman for the wealth her family. Bella and Nico meet when she comes to the rescue helping with his sister’s coiffure, and the connection their soul’s share is immediate. Nico is intrigued with her sweet and fresh qualities which are in such contrast to all the other women he meets, as well as the innocence she exudes while not recognizing him as a prince but simply as a man. Bella is also quickly taken with Nico as she had never before felt the connection and deep awareness that he makes her feel. Though Nico and Bella endure their lives of obligation and responsibility, the moments they share together as they begin to fall in love teases their hearts (and ours) with what life for them could truly be. Are they destined to remain within the confines of their own worlds, or will they finally be able to break free and spend the rest of their lives together in each other’s arms and hearts? At the risk of repeating what others have said, Katy Regnery entitled this novella absolutely perfectly, as Shear Heaven is most certainly what it is. Once again she has given us wonderful and fascinating characters, including Nico's sassy sister, such that we can picture ourselves being good friends with all of them. Ms. Regnery's creative genius has also given us the villain that we positively love to hate even to the point that we might shake our iPad from time to time in shear frustration. Ms. Regnery’s magical storytelling abilities once again transported me to an entirely new universe where my mind and my heart remained even after the turning of the final page. Very, very well done Ms. Regnery.

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