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    MC hero will have you squirming in your seat

    A big fan of Cathryn Cade’s romantic sci-fi series I greatly enjoyed my first introduction to her contemporary works. Show Me the Honey is a great read. Her MC alpha hero Jack cooing dirty words will have you squirming in your seat. Her heroine Lindi is one curvaceous sweet yet feisty package. A case of mistaken identity finds our heroine kidnapped and reeling from demands to know where the money is. Realizing his mistake our hero Jack is honorable and protective. While definitely an alpha Jack isn’t afraid to admit when he’s wrong and neither is Lindi. After several misunderstandings his one demand is for communication and trust, something we could all learn from. Trust doesn’t come easy for Lindi. Her past has taught her to be wary. What ensues is a sexy romp on the way to trust and love. The story has some interesting secondary characters and I’m definitely looking forward to their upcoming stories as the series continues.
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    I WAS GIVEN THIS BOOK FOR AN HONEST REVIEW ....... OVER 18 + READING Lindi Carson, owns a cafe in a small town, and then she is kidnapped by biker looking guy and two friend because they think she knows where the missing stolen money is (over a million dollars). Jack soon realizes that she is telling the truth, he kidnapped the wrong woman which in a way is a good thing because he is drawn to her from the beginning and she to him (so she thinks she must be crazy, after all he kidnapped her). Together he and his friend Keys get rid of Keys nephew (who hurt her), then they and Lindi figure out where the money could be. That first night is a crazy night, but so will the next few weeks as they try to figure out how they feel and what they want from life and each other. Both Lindi and Jack have a family history that lead them to act in ways that alarm the other though they still want to be together, no matter what they tell themselves. This is a fun and romantic HEA story that I really liked and hope to read the rest of the series. I will tell you I hope you read this but I don't want to say to much because it takes place in such a short time frame, but so much happens.
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    Wonderful Walke on the Wild Side!

    I took a walk on the wild side. This was definitely a guilty pleasure and probably not everyone's cup of tea. I found the characters Jack and Lindi memorable and emotionally engaging. Jack has the swagger, the body, and foul mouth of the quintessential bad boy, but he also has a very real code of honor and is very protective of his woman. I like the fact that he knows how to bend without breaking, and believes a woman is to be treasured. The story was a little light on plot, but it had enough points of interest to keep me reading to the end.

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