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    A sweet triangulated love story within a thrilling

    I have been a fan of Susan’s writing since reading the original Star Series. Once again Susan Grant’s Star Hero, her newest novella, pulls the reader into an imaginative space adventure, but this time features a triangulated love story between space pilot Carlynn, space marine Lukas, and the space pet Bang-Bang. Star Hero transports the reader into space first with Bang-Bang, a yipwag, a type of space dog possessing intuitive and thinking skills. But more important, here, is that in this integrated “pet” story Susan lays the foundation for the way pets engage with humans and open doors to lessons learned and choices made. But make no mistake, Space Hero also takes the reader on a thrilling space adventure. This novella connects the dots to characters of The Star Series (a favorite read of all time) and the Vash Nadah. As always, the ungirding character development is one of Susan’s strength. I am once again spell-bound by Susan’s thoughtful literary approach of bringing into play Bang-Bang to examine the risks associated with an unfolding love story and the way our past history opens as well as cloaks the heart to direct our present and future. That said, I am eager to read this pet-rich intelligent anthology.
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    This short novels feels longer - in a good way!

    Review courtesy of All Things Urban Fantasy: STAR HERO is a novella sequel to THE CHAMPION OF BARESH (re-released as STAR CHAMPION) which I adored, so I jumped at the opportunity to return to Baresh, the smelly, dirty mining town under a glass dome. Baresh is a world crawling with packs of wild dog-like creatures, mobs of feral children and overwhelming despair. The two main human characters, Lukas and Carlynn as both off-worlders. Carlynn is a pilot and Lukas served as a Marine, first on Earth, then in space. The characters were both brilliantly developed. Lukas struggles from serious PTSD. Carlynn struggles to understand why Lukas can’t just get help, talk to someone, anything. The story is told over months, with their relationship having highs and lows that make this short novella feel much longer - in a good way. The third character who gets a POV is Bang-Bang, the “dog”. They look like Earth dogs, but are much more intelligent and empathic. The Earth Marines, on arriving, have picked up the strays and trained them to be highly effective K-9 units. Bang-Bang also serves as a PTSD service dog, despite Lukas not realising it at first. The chapters from the dog’s POV are different, but sparse enough to be enjoyable. With an exciting but simple story, STAR HERO is a wonderful story about second chances and proving that you’ve earned a happy ending - IN SPACE!

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