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    2 pessoas consideraram este comentário útil

    2 de 2 pessoas consideraram este comentário útil

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    Perfect blend of drama and romance!

    Survival of the Richest has everything you are looking for to make you enthralled with the book from the get-go. Amidst the lies, intrigue, and suspense in the world of the rich and famous; we find three characters - Harper, Christopher, and Sutton. Their lives all entangled together with their own personal agenda.  I've been a fan of Skye Warren ever since I read the Stripped series. And let me tell you, it has everything I love about her and more. There were brief mentions of characters from the End Game and Stripped series which made me absolutely ecstatic since I love everything about her "writerverse." I love the complexity of Harper's character. She is a woman who's still trying to find her way into the world amidst the manipulation of the men in her life. First, it was her dad and then it was Christopher but later on, we find out that Sutton has his own stake in the game as well. She is perhaps the epitome of a strong and independent woman who is just experiencing a few bumps in the road.  The dynamic between Harper and Christopher is so hard to ignore. As the cliche goes, First love never dies. But if it has far-reaching consequences than you have imagined, would you still fight for it? That had been Harper's dilemma and unbeknownst to her, she still had feelings for him despite the fact that Sutton had practically swept her off her feet.  I cannot wait to read the next book of this series! The sort-of cliffhanger ending left me wanting for more!
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    A love triangle and a cliffhanger

    This wasn't quite like any other love-triangle I've read before, and I mean that in a good way! Harper and Christopher were step-siblings for a minute or two, but that was all that was needed. In that minute or two, something sparked between them and a bond was formed. Everything was all well and good, and it might've developed into something else, but tragedy changed their course. A by the book guy, Christopher always does what it right. Harper learns to smile and fake it no matter what, but Christopher still pushes her buttons Years have passed, and Harper goes to confront Christopher, she meets his business partner, Sutton. He makes her light up in ways she never thought of before. She is always ready to throw caution to the wind with him, but Christopher is always there. While she tries to sort out who she is, who she wants, and how she feels, life keeps happening around her, to her. As confused as Harper is, she finally believes she had made the best choice for her, and that everything will be settled. But in the end, did she make her choices based on only what she saw, and what had really happened? She should have known better than to not look at all the angles before making her decision.........
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    I loved it!

    It’s like Skye looked into my soul and wrote a story that pulled at all my emotions! I related to Harper on so many levels, I felt her pain and her happiness with her through the whole book. It is expertly written and I can’t wait to read the next installment and hope for many spinoffs of survival of the richest! Be prepared to fall for both men right along with Harper!
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    Loved it!

    This story is a bit of a love triangle between Harper, Sutton and Christopher. I really enjoyed reading the dynamic Harper had with the two male characters. She had a very different relationship with Sutton as she did with Christopher. I am having a hard time picking which male I want her to end up with. One page I’m rooting for Sutton, the next it would be Christopher... This book had lots of sexual tension and by the end of the book I was an emotional wreck!! Looking forward to the next one! Skye really knows had to keep your attention. Arc copy from author for an honest review
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    OMG I loved this and it was a big treat to revisit Tanglewood and all the characters from previous books made an appearance, I love them all. Harper was such a passionate smart woman and she had to be so strong for what she had to deal with in her life and meeting Sutton and Christopher once again the push and pull and oh lord the angst and passion between the three of them will pull at your heart and your not exactly sure who your routing for. Twists and secrecy and surprises right until the end and I loved every word.

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