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  • Completely unpredictable and suspenseful

    Have you ever read a brilliant classic mystery like those by Agatha Christie and thought that it is a shame that no one writes plots as clever and detailed as her anymore? If you have bemoaned the predictability and lack of suspense in modern mysteries, then pick this one up and prepare to be wholly satisfied. This was so smart that it was completely unpredictable and so suspenseful that it had me reading until I literally dropped my e-reader on my face each night. The plot was complex and intricate, and while I often figure many aspects of mysteries out before the ending this one had me baffled. I truly figured little out before it was revealed. I was shocked by the two big reveals and I found the entire story to be ingenious. When all was disclosed it made perfect sense, but I never would have guessed. There were so many threads and each character had their own secrets. It was a real feat to tie them all together without a dropped thread or a plot hole. While there was a “devil” stalking the ship and many creepy things happening I thought the scariest part was just the reality of being on a wooden ship on the largely unknown ocean at this point in history. It was such a perilous journey under the best of conditions, and this was obviously not the best conditions. From the conflicts between the passengers and the crew to the dire curse revealed before the ship sets sail, I can’t imagine the bravery, or more typically the greed, it took to undertake such a dangerous journey. Everything that can go wrong does and I don’t think it will be a spoiler to say that the ship is caught in a terrible storm. For me, that section of the story was the most terrifying. I would face a devil any day rather than face a storm in one of those ships! Throwing a murderer or potentially supernatural danger on the ship in addition to these conditions added an insane amount of tension and you could not have pried this book out of my hands for love or money My stomach was in knots and my head hurt from trying to figure the out the twists, at which I failed miserably, but I enjoyed this book immensely. It was truly a joy to be utterly baffled and confounded at every turn. It isn’t often that a mystery completely out-wits me but this one succeeded. It also had the added benefit of a bit of schadenfreude because no matter how miserable the world is right now, at least we are not on that awful sea journey! Thank you to Sourcebooks Landmark for providing an Electronic Advance Reader Copy via NetGalley for review.

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