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    Man this book hit all the right spots for me, and the sex was just amazing. Parts were so great and funny i often read them aloud to my husband, who very much enjoyed everything i shared. (even a few of the naughty scenes) The storyline is excellent and i really liked the characters and felt like i almost knew them in a cliche way. 5 stars
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    What a story, Zach was raised in the jungle and brought back to a civilized wold, he was 7 rears old when his parents traveled to the Amazon , after a tragedy left him to be raised and adopted by a tribe , he unwillingly returned to the US and with the help of Moara he relearned everything , could she melt his cold heart,
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    Different than I was expecting

    3.5 stars — Well, I can honestly say this was not what I was expecting… I was expecting a more straight up erotica, but we really got a lot more depth in this story. And I think it made for a better story in the end. But at the same time I seem to still be plagued by distraction while reading, so I had a hard time staying absorbed. Not sure if it was the book, b/c I have lots of good things to say, or just the mood I’m in…I’ll likely give the book the benefit of the doubt and round up. I was actually really interested watching Zach adjust to “the modern world”, and deal with his expanding feelings for Moira…especially when it seems like romantic love was not a concept that his tribe subscribed to. His journey throughout the story kind of fascinated me. Now, I’m not sure how realistic it all was…sometimes I would wonder at how he knew some things but didn’t know others, but I decided not to overthink it and just enjoy the story for what it was without getting wrapped up in the details. There were times I wasn’t sure I would like his character. He…well, I don’t know. He’s exactly as the title suggests, but part of this “uncivilized nature” is that he’s been instilled with, almost, a different set of values. I was a bit uncomfortable with the sexual roles of men and women in his tribe. It’s kind of a difficult thing to read about as someone from a Western world. It made me think about consent, if nothing else. And he teetered on this line with Moira as well. Now, obviously, we know she did consent from being inside her head…but the way a few of their encounters played out were on the line. The thing I appreciate about actual BDSM (if it’s done right, as far as I understand it), is that there is clear, written consent, things are agreed upon beforehand, and there is a manner to stop things. That’s not what happened in this book. I don’t have bad feelings, it just made me think is all. And that kind of went off on a tangent, whoops. Anyways, my heart did hurt for Zach watching him struggle with his past and all the feelings that coming back to the US brought out in him. I enjoyed the fact that his story was more than just the sex and romance…we explored what his role in modern society would be, and how he would feel value. I found that interesting. I also really appreciated Zach’s changing relationship with Randall. It could have gone black and white, but Randall was truly an interesting character in his own right. I actually really liked Moira as well, even as she contributed to my heavy thinking about the consent issue. She seemed genuinely caring and empathetic towards Zach’s situation, and tried really hard not to push her own desires on to him, but to try to see his journey from his perspective. And she could be feisty and give as good as she got when pushed. As for their relationship…it was kind of a fun ride, b/c it started out heavily in lust, and we did actually get to see feelings develop on both sides. I felt those feelings, I believed them. I’m usually not one for sex without emotions, so I enjoyed their later encounters more than their initial ones. All in all this book made me think, I just might not have been quite in the right frame of mind to enjoy it to its fullest.

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