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    Great Military Paranormal Romance

    Captain Jasper "Jax" Raymond is the alpha in his Bravo Team. The whole team are wolves from separate packs around the country. There are a limited few in government that know about them. They must remain a heavily guarded secret. Corporal Kaitlyn Amador is a intelligence specialist. She has been sent to train with Bravo Team to find out how they can possibly be as good as they are. There must be something going on. Our heroine is a true Marine and determined not to wash out of the training. Our hero wants to protect everyone under his command, even the stubborn woman who won't let him. A fascinating paranormal /military romance that pushes all it's characters to the extreme. It's the beginning of a series that I definitely want to read more of. I loved it.
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    3.5 stars for this series starter

    In When Danger Bites by Heather Long, loyalties are tested, intrigue abounds, and amidst all this, Kat and Jax struggle to figure out what they have. Corporate Kaitlyn Amador is sent to Bravo Team to investigate their startling success rate. Her cover? To see if she has what it takes to become a Force Recon Marine. But when she meets Captain Jax Raymond and then the rest of his team, her simple investigation doesn't seem so simple anymore. Very few know the truth about Bravo Team and Captain Jax Raymond won't let his attraction to Kat distract him from his own orders. Unfortunately, his wolf has decided she is perfect for him and despite his best efforts, he finds his instincts warring with his sense of duty. This is a slow burn romance and, as the first in a series, there is a lot of world building, including why Bravo Team exists. Ms. Long spends a lot of time detailing the training that Kat must go through as part of her certification. There are some interesting points made about the physical capabilities of women versus men, but Kat is also shown as being very capable (perhaps too capable but I don't want to nitpick there). For all that Kat is there to investigate the team, not a lot of time is actually spent on her investigation, though in fairness, some of this is explained away. However, my biggest problem with this book is the difference in rank between Jax and Kat. Kat is an enlisted Marine with the rank of Corporal. Jax is a Captain in the Marines. He knows from the moment he meets her that she is a Corporal. His flirtation with her from the start is inappropriate - and doubly so once he discovers she is assigned to his team. The fraternization policy for the Marines is pretty clear and well, it bothered me that Jax didn't seem to care that he was violating it. Even when both Kat and Jax bring up the UCMJ, it is clear that Jax has little respect for it. Given that this is a series, I also would have liked to have gotten to know the other members of Bravo Team better. Unfortunately, with one exception, I found too many of them interchangeable and had trouble telling them apart. Some readers may also be disappointed at the very slow build romance between Kat and Jax. Overall, this is a great introduction to the series. In some ways, I almost wish the author had refrained from writing a romantic relationship between Jax and Kat and saved it for a later book. 3.5 stars NB: I was given a copy through Netgalley and have chosen to review it.
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    Exciting start to a new series

    4.5 Stars. Ms. Long has combined the best of my favorite genres into one astounding book and I can't get enough! Wolf shifters and military special operators, all the action and suspense, really kickass characters, a very exciting plot, what more could a girl ask for? Captain Jax Raymond's Bravo Team WOLF is the best of the best, with good reason. It's completely made up of wolf shifters and their military skill complements their paranormal abilities. Their assignments are classified at the highest levels and very few people know their secret, but their success rate and low number of casualties have been noticed. Enter intelligence analyst, Corporal Kaitlyn Amador. The first female Marine try out to join the team, she has orders to infiltrate the team and uncover the secrets behind the team's extraordinary success. As distasteful as her assignment is, Kat is a Marine through and through and orders are orders. Having Kat on their team is a double threat to them. As a human, they can't let her find out their secret and as a woman, Jax and his wolf are irresistibly drawn to her and with every passing day, it gets harder to stay away from her. Even though he has orders to wash her out, he is rooting for her to succeed even though it could put the entire team at risk. But Kat doesn't know how to quit and pushes herself every step of the way, excelling at every task and earning the respect of the entire team. The first book in a series can make or break it and this book has me eagerly anticipating the rest of the series! I enjoyed it because while Ms. Long laid the foundation for more to come, the entire story revolved around the main characters. The attention to every detail, even the most mundane, brought the story to life and the buildup of passion and suspense was worth the wait it took to finally get to the climax. Jax and Kat's struggle with duty and doing the right thing, and even the impact of a relationship between them on their careers was meshed very well with the rest of the story. Jax was everything you expect a team and pack leader to be - dominant, fair and commanded the respect of his men, but the vulnerability he exhibited with Kat, the conflicting urges to protect her and respect her skills endeared him to me. However, Kat stole the entire show in this story. She was formidable, smart, skilled and very much a match for Jax and his wolf. As a human among shifters, she kept up well with them and was an asset to the team in many ways. I also enjoyed the camaraderie among the wolves and the cohesion within the team. I really hope that the rest of the team each gets a book because I would love this series to continue. If you have enjoyed Paige Tyler's shifter series, then this is another you definitely will enjoy!

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