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  • 9 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    9 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    9 / 10 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    Geri bildiriminiz için teşekkürler!

    A dark, sensual read!

    I knew from the teasers I had been reading and the info I had been picking up off the internet that Black was going to be a very dark read with possibly a lot of angst and violence. I usually go more for the sexy sweet stuff so I thought this would be a great change of pace for me to try something different. First thing I noticed was it was very, VERY dark. Almost disturbingly so. The first few chapters are about a couple of teenagers.. Rose and Liam (Black) who are both misfits, so to speak and find each other, cling briefly to each other and then lose each other. Fast forward a few years and Liam, who now goes by the name of Black is a stone-cold killer for hire and he finds Rose, who goes by the name of Cass (this confused me). She's a drugged out whore, doesn't recognize him.. he waffles about saving her because he's a bad dude who kills, not saves.. You get the picture. I cant say anymore lest I spoil the story. Honestly I liked the book a lot. I didn't love it because in my opinion I thought it was slow and really hard for me to follow. I stayed confused about who was talking and who they were talking to/about. The storyline/plot was great. The characters were also really well developed. If I could have kept those characters straight in my head I would have loved it. But I kept having to back up a paragraph or two to decipher who was talking and who/what they were talking about. And the ending... Gah, the ending. :( Here is how im breaking it down. Storyline/Plot-5, Character development-5, Pace-3, Overall readability-3 For me, Black gets a solid 4**** WickedGoodStars and Im looking forward to the sequel to see how this turns out! I NEED TO KNOW!
  • 3 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    3 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    3 / 3 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    Geri bildiriminiz için teşekkürler!

    Another fabulous book from TL Smith!!

    Another fabulous book from TL Smith!! Literally could NOT put it down, read it in one sitting. This book is dark, loving, hopeful, sad and disturbing. Black (Liam) can try as hard as he wants to be the tough guys but his love and softness for Rose is unmistakable. Even when he tries to walk away, he can't.. always drawn back to her.... Rose has endured so much, yet she still has so much faith and love for him, their shared past always in the back of her mind, giving her strength and hope. My heart broke close to the end.. being left with only a sliver of hope for their HEA. <3 Book one in a two book series- and I absolutely CAN'T WAIT until the next book comes out!?!? HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommended!!!
  • 2 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    2 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    2 / 3 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    Geri bildiriminiz için teşekkürler!

    A REAL Page Turner!

    OMG! Do you love a book that will have you so sucked in that you can't put it down? If so then this is the book for you. T.L. Smith has done a wonderful job writing Rose and Black's story. I fell in love with these two beautifully broken characters. T.L. wrote this book in both Rose and Black's POV and I love that because I love to know what they are thinking and what made them the way they are. Rose and Black met when they were 16. Rose brought light into Black's world at a time that it was nothing but darkness but then one day she disappears and his world becomes nothing but darkness. "She was the light and she took it with her that day, stole it and never gave it back." Ten years later Black comes across Rose who is now a druggie and he takes her and gets her clean. He wants to know how the girl he knew ended up this way because he just can't imagine that Rose would become an addict. "I started the drugs to numb the pain, numb it all out of my existence. A person can only break so much before they're truly broken."-Rose He shows her a side that no one sees but he fights her and any relationship that she may want to have with him. She on the other hand can't believe that someone would help her without wanting something in exchange. "I haven't been shown kindness in such a long time and it's taken me by surprise."-Rose Rose ends up having her old feelings for him that never went away come back but he won't hear anything of it. He thinks that he is no good for anyone and that he will bring nothing but black into anyone's life that comes too close, not to mention he doesn't let feelings enter into his life anymore. "She makes me feel things, makes my heart pitter patter when I thought there wasn't a heart there that could do that." "Maybe I will one day turn black, everything I touch does." "How did I get to this place in my life? How did I become one of the darkest people I know?" What happens when Rose tries to get her life back? Will she be able to handle all the emotional turmoil or will she go back to her old ways? Will she convince Black that a relationship between the two of them would work? Will Black let Rose bring light back into his world? What happens when Black's secrets come to light? Will Rose be able to handle the truth? This book has it all, the emotional highs and low, the twists and turns and OMG the cliffhanger!!! Well done T.L., well done. I seriously cannot wait for the next book. This is a must read that you don't want to miss out on.
  • 0 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    0 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    0 / 0 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

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    This book has potential, but unfortunately the poor grammar and editing reduce the overall quality of the novel. I find it difficult to believe a published author would allow the book to be sold to the public with so many typos, grammatical mistakes and with such a poor edit. My guess there are at a minimum 500 corrections to be made. That being said with a strong editorial review, this author could be very successful.
  • 0 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    0 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    0 / 0 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    Geri bildiriminiz için teşekkürler!


    Absolutely loved it. Need to read the sequel. Hoping its out soon. Loved that two people from their younger years got together later on in life. They never forgot each other.

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