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    Perfectly paced, believable falling in love

    Emily is an architect specializing in passive houses, and like many of us, she's been focused on her career for far too long. When her brother gifts her a dream vacation to Tuscany, she finally has a chance to unwind and have a little fun for herself. The scenery is beautiful, but it's the enticing man she meets on her first night there that really makes an impression. Dae is in Italy on business, visiting to discuss the demolition of an old local building that the locals call the House of Wishes — only he doesn't realize his next job and this local legend are one and the same. For ages, women have visited the house to see the olive tree growing inside and leave a token of their hearts' true desires, and both Dae and Emily are immediately intrigued by it. The Verdict: After meeting on their first night staying in the same little bed and breakfast, Emily and Dae are instantly attracted to each other but not rushing into anything foolish. However, the more time they spend together, the harder it is to behave, and what's a vacation without a little fun? Dae is quite the romantic, making sure Emily gets to do all she planned on for her trip, and their connection grows faster and stronger than they ever expected. He's kind and respectful and thrillingly hot, and while he does his best not to rush the physical, there's too much passion to be denied. Emily, too, is entirely loveable. She's smart and successful and has been such a big help to everyone else in her life that it's wonderful to see her getting her own dream come true. The conflict, of course, is their opposing careers, hers that creates and conserves versus his that destroys. Of course, it's more than just principle, and when they fall hard and fast, it's only natural to question and judge. Through it all, though, is a perfectly paced, believable falling in love, and if you've read the previous books, you'll agree with me that it's about time Emily got her happy ending! Fortunately, this book is the same fare from Melissa Foster that I've come to rely on. There's friendship and fun, chemistry and passion, and natural conflict and drama — never too much of anything and just enough to keep you turning the pages. And of course, there's a wonderful happily ever after to be had as well, though this one was decidedly different in its promise for even more. As always, I fell in love with the characters and their story, from the small but meaningful moments to the life-changing ones. If you haven't started this series yet, you're missing out on the perfect set of romances. ***FicCentral received this book from Tasty Book Tours for free in exchange for an honest review.
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    Dreaming of Love

    A romantic story worth reading. On a vacation in Tuscany, Italy, Emily Braden met Dae Bray, handsome gentleman, the first night in the villa. On a work trip in Tuscany, Dae was to assess a demolishing house. As an architect, Emily had trouble accepting his career. They spent every day together visiting places she'd dreamed about. They were truly in love, and planning a future together.
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    Sweet and Dreamy

    Emily has always longed to visit Tuscany, Italy and her wish was finally granted when one of her brothers picked the bill and sent her on her dream vacation. The getaway was needed because in addition to being overworked, Emily needs a break from all her coupled-up siblings as she is constantly reminded of what she does not have. In spite of the beautiful scenery, Emily is immediately attracted to the hot guy she meets on her first night in Tuscany. As a highly sought after demolitions expert, Dae Bray travels round the world for work and he is in Tuscany to conduct an assessment on a job when he meets Emily and he’s immediately taken with her. Unfortunately, he does not do flings anymore and even if he did, Emily is definitely not the type. So why does he find himself putting his work to the side to follow Emily around the Tuscan countryside? Emily is a champion for preserving old architecture, a position which is at odds with Dae’s work in demolitions. When she discovers that the old building the locals call House of Wishes with its myth for granting wishes is his next project, she begins a campaign to changes his mind. I started this book with a smile on my face because I was enjoying the fun and flirty banter between Emily and Dae and suddenly the heat went from a slow burn to full bast! These two fell very hard and fast for each other and Dae turned out to be quite the romantic – the long walks, the flowers, the drives around the countryside, the tours of the local attractions- he brought romance to every bit if it. The banter between them kept that smile on my face all the way to the end. The entire story is heartwarming – the relationship between Emily and Dae along with the conflicts and their resolutions; the House of Wishes and its legend as well as catching up with the entire Braden family was fun. DREAMING OF LOVE is the perfect falling-in-love tale, sweet and dreamy with a heavy dose of steam.
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    Dreams Can Come True!

    Loved this story so much! Melissa Foster transports us to Tuscany through her beautiful, vivid descriptions of the sights, aromas and tastes of the Italian countryside as we travel along with Emily Braden on her magnificent and romantic adventure! After watching all but one of her five brothers find their soul mates, Emily dreams of finding the happiness they’ve already discovered. She deserves a forever love that’s strong and true, but wonders when it will happen for her. Thanks to a generous gift from one of her brothers, she’s taking the trip she’s always dreamed of taking someday. Shortly after her arrival at the gorgeous villa where she’s staying, Emily meets Dae Bray, a handsome, charming and intriguing stranger, also staying at the villa, and they experience an immediate connection. Things are clicking quickly for them, but Emily remains cautious, heeding the warnings of her lovingly overprotective brothers. As an architect and expert in passive housing, Emily is all about preserving and protecting nature, green living and responsible construction. Dae is a demolitionist visiting Tuscany not on vacation, but on business. Soon their professional worlds and personal, passion-filled journeys collide as their attachment to the enchanting region and feelings for each other grow and deepens. You won’t want to put this book down! This love story is sexy, sentimental, smart and savvy. Pour a glass of wine and cuddle up by the fire or lounge by the pool. This is a must read!

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