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    3 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    3 / 3 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

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    Strange Brew Reviews

    This yet another book that I read every time I finish with the Harry Potter series, and one I almost dread reading. I don't care for the topic, I find it boring and normally zone-out when "beasts" are discussed. And like Quidditch Through the Ages, once I begin reading it, I'm instantly drawn in and can't imagine why I disdain the book so much. Then the cycle starts again. This is yet another example of just how amazing J.K. Rowling is. She's taken a topic I don't like but made it into a book I enjoy reading. Its basically a run down of all the beasts in the wizarding world and gives descriptions on appearance, food preferences, and more. Its this kind of read that makes me wish J.K. Rowling would create more Hogwarts textbooks. Just like the Harry Potter series itself, it quickly draws you in and for a moment you forget this isn't an actual reference book. The only real issues I had are: 1) I didn't quite like all the doodling that "Harry and his friends" made throughout. I know its meant to be a fun add-on, but for me, it was a little annoying. Although I always chuckle when I get to the graffiti on Glumbumble. Yes, its a little immature, but still funny. 2) While its not a big deal, it again, annoys me. When students are tasked to write an essay, they do so on rolls of parchment. However, even in the wizarding world, books are books. So instead of saying "See below" or "See above," in regards to another beast, I think it would've flowed better it the page was referenced instead.
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    the writing was good

    I thought the writing was good but I did not care for the story.

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