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  • 6 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    6 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    6 / 6 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

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    5 stars! Laugh out loud and fall in love

    Cheezus! This book was amazing! Him and Us are hands down two of my top reads. Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy know how to bring humor, romance and heat to their stories. When I read Us and got a glimpse of Blake and Jessie together, I needed more. Good Boy can be read as a standalone, but I definitely recommend starting with Him/Us - why would you want to miss out on Jaime and Wes's story???? What I love about this book: ~ The writing. Whether their writing individually or together, Sarina and Elle write a story that is easy to read, pulls at my heart and makes me laugh and fall in love. They know the key ingredients to make a good book and this one had everything I look for in a great read. ~ Blake. CHEEZUS. I love this character. He comes across as a total goofball - and he is - he's loud, funny and a total hornball. But he's also loyal and loving and romantic. I love his family - Mama Riley especially. ~ Jess. What a great heroine. She's going back to school for yet another career change and doesn't want to disappoint her family. I was rooting for her from the start. She tries to resist Blake's charms...but you know how that goes. ~ Friends turned lovers. These two both have committment/relationship issues. Blake was burned in the past and Jess is in school - no time for a new relationship. But they are drawn together and I LOVE how much chemistry they have. ~ Jaime and Wes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God I love these two guys. I love that they were a part of this book and I got to see them married and happy. Did I mention you should start with Him and Us?? Please, even if you don't like m/m books, give it a try. ~ The feels. I laughed, I lusted, I got a bit misty eyed and I swooned. I was rooting for these two to end up together. Reading this book put a goofy smile on my face almost the entire time. Bottom line: READ THIS BOOK!!!!! Highly recommend!
  • 7 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    7 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    7 / 11 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    Thanks for your feedback!

    muy bien

    Si me gusto es muy interesante lo recomiendo deberían haber muchos de esta categoría
  • 1 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    1 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    1 / 1 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    Thanks for your feedback!

    Corregir errores

    Es muy bueno que uno como personas tiene que asumir o aceptar los errores cometidos
  • 1 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    1 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    1 / 1 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    Thanks for your feedback!

    Buen hombre.

    Sta muy buena, me gusta. Me pareció interesante. 😁
  • 1 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    1 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    1 / 1 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    Thanks for your feedback!

    Cheezus I loved this book!

    Cheezus I loved this book! The hilarious and witty banter, the playful innuendo and flirting, and of course the smoking sexy times made for the perfect book! Good Boy is the first book in the new WAGs series. It features characters from other books by the writing duo of Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy, but can be read as a standalone. Blake is a character that you will find immensely amusing and loveable, or extremely annoying and immature. I clearly found him adorable. He comes across as a cocky and wisecracking jock, but underneath, he's a loyal, protective, and huggable teddy bear. His inner monologue was some of the funniest I have ever read and I had a perpetual grin on my face reading this book. Jess is also an amazing heroine who really grows through the course of the book. Her struggle with her confidence and her drive to go after her dreams was realistic and heartfelt. Haven't we all felt a little lost and less than at one point or another? The chemistry between Blake and Jess was amazing and I loved how they each kept each other in check and could be both playful and serious with each other. They may not have started their relationship in the most conventional way, but I loved how it all unfolded. Another thing that made this book really enjoyable were the awesome secondary characters (Wesmie!) and that there wasn't any unnecessary additional drama. Truly a fantastic read, and I can't wait for the next book, Stay!

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