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    MURDER, SHE MEOWED by Liz Mugavero

    MURDER, SHE MEOWED by Liz Mugavero is the seventh book in the Pawsitively Organic Mysteries series. MURDER, SHE MEOWED is the story about the upcoming wedding between Kristan "Stan" Connor, owner of Pawsitively Organic - a pet patisserie, and Jake McGee, owner of the local Irish pub McSwigg’s. The wedding is greatly anticipated among family and friends and has all the makings of a major event by Frog Ledge, Connecticut standards – especially if Stan’s Mom, Patricia has anything to do with it. Stan and Jake both have a love for critters as evident by their four canine companions and two felines. It was just a natural for Stan to bake up “real” and tasty organic treats for her customers who love their four legged babies as much as she does. Stan seems to be constantly at her wits end with her Mother trying to “change” their wedding plans - everything from where the wedding is held to the dress she should wear. Now her sister, Caitlyn, insists on throwing her a bachelorette party to which Stan finds easier to concede to than to fight. Naturally it has to be complete with a large “cake” in which a stripper jumps out of. However, instead of jumping out they find the stripper, Perry Puck, slumped inside the cake stabbed to death by one of Stan’s own knifes. During the course of Sergeant Jessie Pasquale’s investigation, there are a lot of twists and turns making several people tops on the suspect list like Andrea - Jake’s little sister’s best friend, Wallace Ames – who worked with Perry at Spring Hill Farm, and even Perry’s parents. Along the way, Stan becomes a target it seems by the same stalker that had stalked Perry. Her place of business and her home – where she was happy and had always felt secure at – were invaded with threats left behind. There were also threatening notes left on her car and on Facebook. Thankfully Stan’s best friend, Nikki, has moved in to help her any way she can and so she isn’t alone. She’s not only a great friend, but a wonderful sounding board for Stan to keep her from losing it. Besides all the emotions and turmoil with normal wedding planning, Stan now has to deal with a murder, being threatened and determination to solve it all before their happy day. Between hunting down clues for the police department, running a successful business and finding time to appreciate the love of her life, Stan has to figure out how to derail her mother’s elaborate planning, find the perfect wedding dress, have the small intimate wedding of her dreams and keep sane while doing it. MURDER, SHE MEOWED can definitely be read as a standalone even though it’s seventh in the series. This is the first book of this series that I have read, but it won’t be the last. I loved it! I would recommend it to anyone that loves a great cozy mystery that is a page turner, leading you in every direction only to find you were wrong and then surprises you with a wonderful ending. The author keeps you interesting and intrigued in this well written cozy which is bound to be a hit with everyone that reads it. The author even includes some wonderful recipes for our furbabies.
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    Fatal Attraction 2019

    Wedding bells are ringing and the bachelorette party is one that no one will ever forget, when the male entertainment is found murdered inside the cake he was supposed to pop out of. But who would want to kill the handsome and likable young man? And why are they now after Stan? As Stan prepares for her wedding to Jake, there is enough stress on her plate, but add to that a murder in her shop, at her bachelorette party no less, and her Mother trying to change the wedding plans three weeks before they’re set to walk down the aisle. Stan’s friends rally around her and do their best to comfort her and help distract her Mother. Now Stan just needs to get the funeral behind her, hope the police can solve the murder and walk down the aisle with her handsome man. This was my first introduction to this series and I was not lost at all. It was an enjoyable read and found the reference to Fatal Attraction to be quite amusing. Here’s to catching up on the first six books in the series. I love when I find an enjoyable series that also has a good number of books to catch up on. Recommend this one!
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    Entertaining cozy mystery!

    Murder, She Meowed is seventh book in A Pawsitively Organic Mystery series. If you have not read any of the previous books in the series, you will not be lost. The author provides the necessary background information for new readers. I like the town of Frog Ledge, Connecticut with its quirky residents and unique shops. Stan has cultivated a wonderful group of friends who have become family to her, and she wants to celebrate her special day with them. Stan is a woman of simple tastes and she does not want an extravagant wedding. Unfortunately, Stan’s mother, Patricia refuses to listen and steamrolls right over Stan’s objections. I did not understand why Jake was not more supportive of Stan. When the wedding planner shows up, Jake ducks out (the chicken). Stan is lucky to have her good friend, Nikki Manning in town. I found Murder, She Meowed to be entertaining and easy to read. I love the adorable cats and dogs featured in the story. Nutty, the Maine Coon cat, is my favorite. I did not like Patricia and Caitlyn ignoring Stan’s wishes. I found it frustrating, aggravating, annoying and many other words ending in “ing”. It is supposed to be humorous, but, as you can tell, I was not laughing. The mystery had several suspects and misdirection to distract readers from the real culprit. The author upped her game with this whodunit (thank you). The ending of Murder, She Meowed is extremely satisfying. I enjoyed my latest visit to Frog Ledge, and I was smiling when I finished this engaging tale. I am giving Murder, She Meowed 4 out of 5 stars. There are pet food recipes at the end. Murder, She Meowed is a delightful cozy mystery with its friendly residents, delectable delights at Izzy’s, adorable fur babies, a wedding and a dead man in red satin undies.

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