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    Great spooky read with an amazing main character

    I got this book as an advanced copy, and meant to write this before the book came out, but I am glad I waited. First of all, I really did enjoy reading it. I loved the main character, she was AWESOME! The pace of the book was great. The way it started, built up the mystery, dropped just enough hints to keep me reading, but not enough to give it away...it was all great. The way it kept looping back into the main character's story and changing her experiences/subconscious was a twist that I really liked. I am a bit biased as well, but living in Minnesota and going to school in a small town on I-94, I could clearly see in my mind the environment of the last third of the book. I almost want to go see if those creatures exist. Having a book set in Illinois/Wisconsin/Minnesota is rare, so I really appreciate it. I haven't really read a spooky book before, but I requested to read this book because I had a feeling Cooper could write a strong female character in a way that would make me love her. The last part, for me, was hard to visualize, but that did not really detract my enjoyment of it. It was interesting to read and see what the author came up with to make me just a little unnerved, but not enough to make me stop reading. There are two reasons I gave it 4 stars though. First, in the beginning of the book, our main character, Prudence Osgood, drinks regularly to the point of blacking out to avoid some horrific dreams/flashbacks that she has when she falls asleep. Because of my own relationship with alcohol, and how realistic the drinking/reactions to drinking/thought process while drinking were, it made me uneasy. If you do not have these previous experiences, take note that this is pretty realistic to what it's like. The other part is also the reason I am glad I waited before I wrote the review. I HATE cliffhanger endings. I was actually upset when I finished the book, put it aside and went 'what the actual F!'. The reason I am glad I waited is because Cooper S. Beckett said on Twitter that there is a NEXT BOOK. All I have to say is thank god, because I needed there to be another book. Cliffhanger endings are just mean! Overall, as a mystery/spooky/strong female led book, it's so good. I am very much looking forward to the next book. I may read this one again right before the next one, because I am very excited to see how the story continues.
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    Sleep with the lights on!

    Prudence Osgood, the Spectral Inspector, is having a rough life. In the midst of being plagued by the same nightmare every time she falls asleep and haunted during waking hours by mistakes she has made, Osgood receives a cryptic email from a seemingly unknown source. This message from nowhere sends her and her Scooby gang down a rabbit hole that would scare Stephen King. The characters of this story are well developed, thought provoking, and painfully (yet wonderfully) human. The plot moves quickly and rises towards its climax at a steady and thrilling pace. The mystery that drives these characters is scary and expertly woven, a marvelous edition to the horror genre. Osgood as Gone mixes horror and humor in such a seamless fashion that you’ll find it hard to stop reading (and hard to sleep with the lights off when you finally finish).
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    A completely original take on the horror genre

    Meet Prudence Osgood, podcaster of the supernatural. With a past steeped in mystery and heartache, she quickly finds herself the recipient of a strange email – an email from Nowhere. After its receipt, Osgood and her essential assistant, Zack, discover a mystery right up their alley, attached to a date Osgood recalls all too well. I was given a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. As someone who adores supernatural, horror, and a good dose of gallows humor, I really can’t talk highly enough about this. It gave me vibes of “John Dies at the End” and “Heart Shaped Box” and something completely unique. Beckett has a fantastic writing style and excels at dialogue, so it was easy to fall into the Osgood universe and I really, really dig the titular character; she is so original and three-dimensional and unlike most main characters, that it was a breath of fresh air. I’d been itching for a new series to get into, and this is it. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5 “Missing people,” she said. “They’ve hungrily taken the most vulnerable people of our world.”

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