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    Loved this book !

    I think this is my fav book in the series to date. All about second chances, even if u are scarred on the outside doesn't mean u are on the inside. Another book in the series that will not disappoint, hard to put down and straight up amazing work.
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    1 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

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    Skinny and Roe

    This is the third book in the Ruthless rebels MC series this time focusing on Skinny and Roe. You can tell Skinny had a tough life, there is no chance for him to hide the scars from his childhood. Roe who he knows from his childhood is a teacher of young children who has a beautiful soul. This is a second change romance, with a lot of action along the ways to keep you on your toes. It was well developed and the characters really had a great connection. Another winning story from this writing duo.
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    1 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

    1 / 1 kişi bu yorumu yararlı buldu

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    SCARRED is good addition to the series. If you like second chance romance with a bikers and some danger in a mix, you will enjoy this ride. I'm not happy when h let's her man back into her life so easily. He freakn left her without backward look. 10 years without any sign from him. And then one day he's back, not for her btw, and he still ends up in the same day in her bed. Roe let's him in without a fight. Where the heck is my groveling! I need it. Lol Not to mention, Skinny is not back for forever. He made his life with Rebels and needs to go back to the club. And he still has the same issues, that made him to leave her. The question is, can he finally overcome them? And don't feel like damaged goods? PS Now knowing more about TT, I'm looking forward for his story in Schooled.
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    This story was amazing and I don't just say that because I've read both these authors work before I truly mean it. It blew me away with the writing, the story line and even the characters. I couldn't get enough I was happy how it ended I just was left craving even more then what I was in the middle of the story. Skinny "Whitton" and Roe I love both there names, super unique and are both full of life not matter what life brings them. The story has a great pace, not fast or slow it's steady. Which makes you want to read more and more plus the details were super amazing. I love them. I felt like I was there and the story was being told to me not me just reading it. I really was able to see most of the details come to life. This is a MUST READ!! you get to meet new characters plus still know the old ones. The crime, love, death, and sex comes full circle in this story making it that much more better. I loved everything about it the alpha male, the slight alpha female, I also really liked how Rose could tell she needed help and wasn't scared to admit to it. I also loved how Skinny was able to over come his past and for once just feel something other then lost and pain. Over all they really make this story something great and interesting to read over and over again. I personally just couldn't get enough of them I felt at the end there was still more to them that needed to be told or maybe that's just me not wanting a great story to end. Read this story and the others in the series you don't want to miss out. ***I received this ARC for free in exchange for my honest thoughts***

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