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    When things go wrong

    There is a very posh house on a very posh street in Chelsea that is now the property of one Libby Jones. Libby has just turned twenty-five. Adopted at a very young age, she doesn’t know anything about her past. But all that is about to change with this house. Lucy is a single mom of two young children in France. Her life has been less than perfect and now she finds herself homeless. On a dismal morning waking up on the beach, she finds the message on her phone “the baby is 25.” Henry tells us part of the story of the lives of the Lamb family. He tells us of his life both before and after they opened their home to a strange family. Henry explains how what appeared to be such a perfect and idyllic life turned into a living nightmare, and changed the paths for a group of children so dramatically. Through these voices, we learn about the Lamb and Thomsen families and what transpired in that house on Cheyne Street 25 years earlier. Lisa Jewell is fabulous at hooking us into this story in just the prologue. She then unravels this story from the three points of view until we are left in awe. She is a master at keeping us in suspense and just feeding little bits of information along the way until we have the entire picture. I was kept spellbound from the beginning and only put the book down because I had to sleep or work. Highly recommend this one! While I’d never read any of Lisa Jewell’s work before, I am now putting all of her books on my “to read” list. If this is any indication, she has an amazing ability to know exactly how to create rounded characters and a story that will hook you early and not let go. 4.5 stars on Goodreads This review will be posted at BookwormishMe.com on 20 October 2019 .
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    Good but confusing.

    Libby Jones, a.k.a., Serenity, receives a letter on her 25th birthday informing her that she has inherited a big Victorian mansion that was in her family years before. Libby was left an orphan at 10 months and was adopted. From there, the story starts to unfold with numerous characters, plots and in somewhat of a confusing fashion. I really liked this book but I found it very confusing. Thank you NetGalley and Atria Books for the ARC of this very interesting and confusing read in exchange for an honest review.
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    WOW hard to put this one down!

    WOW! A story so full of twisted people and deprivation, which is accepted as normal, that I couldn't put it down. The story of Henry & Martina Lamb Trust recipients, from Henry's vast wealth to poverty, thanks in part to the family upstairs. To say more would spoil the plot. There are so many twists and discoveries along the way to restoring the Lamb family to their home and each other. The ending left me wanting more. I volunteered to read an ARC from Atria (Simon & Schuster) through Net Galley.
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    The Family Upstairs

    The Family Upstairs is the latest book by Lisa Jewell. I enjoyed the story, but found it difficult to become absorbed by it. There was too much jumping around between points of view and the time frame. I was given an early copy to review.

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