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    I save 5 stars for books I read more than once...

    I am not usually one to re-read books. That being said, this is my second time reading The Legend of Banzai Maguire. I read it first as a paperback not long after it originally came out. When it was re-released I was offered a copy of the e-book, and told it had been updated, and now there would be just 2 books instead of 5 in the series, which really caught my eye, in part because the author is part of what had drawn me to Banzai originally. (She had a series of books that I had read and enjoyed, that were all out of this world Alien stories, and I was curious to see what she would do on Earth.) I was drawn to this book primarily because of the intriguing idea of someone "missing out" on 160 years of a planets evolution, and waking up to have to rediscover political alliances, boundaries, and the world in which they live. It is not just about having to adept to new technology, and the modernization of life, but Banzai is a fighter pilot, a patriotic American, who awakes in a world in which there is no longer an America to be patriotic to. Trying to figure out who to trust, who to believe, to redefine home in this new world kept the story interesting for me at every turn. I found my second reading of this to be just as much fun as my first -- and I am definitely looking forward to reading Scarlet Empress.
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    Banzai Maguire

    US Air Force pilot Bree “Banzai” Maguire is shot down along the North and South Korean border and wakes up in a future with a very different political climate. She and her strange situation draw intense interest from two men, a powerful world leader, and a fellow soldier/treasure hunter. Grant has written a fine military romance from the point of view of a soldier who is forced to question where her loyalties lie as she mourns the loss of her old life and tries to make sense of the new world in which she finds herself. Although a good part of the middle of the book slows down and takes place in one location and quite a bit in Banzai's head, it does not stall. Instead, it is a steady build up to the climax. The more I got to know Banzai, the more I rooted for her no matter what difficult decision she made. Grant's writing flows and creates a balance between action, suspense, and romance. There was much to like about this book, and I did truly like it. However, it is not without flaws. The idea of Banzai Maguire being a legend in her own time seemed implausible. Why would an air force pilot shot down over enemy territory become a legend and still be remembered more than 150 years later while so many other missing and killed soldiers are not remembered? There is not an adequate explanation as to why she was remarkable or as to why a major world power would have any interest in her. Tyler, the navy seal turned treasure hunter, is obsessed with finding Banzai only to lose her again to the enemy. As a treasure hunter, she was the ultimate “treasure”. I know it's quite romantic to have the hero tell the heroine that he's been waiting for her his whole life and that no other woman compares to her after only interacting with her for a short time. But I couldn't help thinking in the back of my head that something was “off” with their interaction. If Ty hadn't been such a likable and honorable character, he would have given me creepy stalker vibes. In the end, I ended up rooting for Ty almost as much as Banzai. The book ends with a “happy for now”, but leaves many loose ends ready to be tied up in the next book. Now that I am vested in the characters and setting, I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series. *I received a free review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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    Title: The Legend of Banzai Maguire Series: 2176 Freedom Series Author: Susan Grant Designation: Book One of Series, Full-Length Standalone, NO Cliffhanger #sciencefiction #action/adventure #futuristic #dashofromance Reading Platform: Kindle Edition ***Publishing Disclosure: This book was originally released in 2004 but has since been re-edited, revamped, lengthened, enhanced and re-published in this current edition. Oh my! I'm so excited I'm bouncing in my seat! And why am I so enthused, you ask? I adore science fiction, addicted to action and adventure, completely smitten with anything involving time travel but give me a combination of all three along with a dash of romance and I'm in heaven! And that's exactly what Susan Grant has done with The Legend of Banzai Maguire. Grant has once again wowed her fans with the revamped, lengthened, and enhanced edition of The Legend of Banzai Maguire. And folks, it just doesn't get any better than this for sci-fi action adventure fans. The Legend of Banzai Maguire is a well-crafted, well-edited and beautifully written full-length standalone sci-fi romp filled to the brim with heart-pounding danger, spellbinding drama, edge-of-your-seat action, pulse-pounding adventure, spine-tingling suspense, agonizing angst, and a generous dash of spicy romance. The narrative is exceptionally well written with a riveting third-person perspective but includes an introductory first person pov prologue from Bree 'Banzai' Maguire. The dialogue is smart, snappy, easy-to-follow, well executed and flows effortlessly. But without a doubt, my favorite element of this mesmerizing tale is the cast of engaging, fascinating and well-developed characters. I fell in love with the brave courageous Air Force pilot Banzai Maguire. There is absolutely nothing sexier or more entertaining than a smart, courageous, strong-willed, kick-butt, take-no-prisoners heroine who is determined to live life to the fullest and never back down from a challenge, and Banzai exemplifies these qualities in spades! And what can I even say about the hero, former Seal and part-time treasure hunter Commander Ty Armstrong? *swoon* He's just the cat's meow.... so MEOW! Hubba! Hubba! And when you put these two characters together....well, let's just say the sparks don't fly, they explode! Bree and Ty complement each other perfectly and their interaction is nothing short of mesmerizing! What more could you ask from a great read? Not a darn thing! Did I like this book? No, I loved it! Would I recommend it? You bet and I am! Will I read this author again? Absolutely! Just as soon as she releases her next book! It's no secret I'm a diehard Susan Grant fan and have been for years but there's a very good reason for my loyalty. Grant is an incredibly gifted writer with a boundless imagination who excels at creating detailed and beautifully depicted worlds, then populates them with captivating well-developed life-like characters who will not only engage your imagination but will also completely capture your heart! Was I entertained? Completely! I was glued to my seat, white-knuckling my reader with my heart fluttering wildly in my chest while the time flew as quickly as the pages! Fabulous entertainment and an awesome read! I can hardly wait to read Book Two, The Scarlet Empress, which is already available!

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