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    A Wonderful Mystery

    A classic tale of something lost and something found which will bring our hero and heroine together. Louisa Phillips has lost her husband and as is the case sometimes, she finds herself left with little to nothing to live on and does not really know who owns the property she resides in. The house she inhabits was once owned by the family of Lord Harry Wycliff, but was lost by his parents along with a lot of other family property. Harry is determined to regain by fair or foul means all that was gambled away and restore his family name. As they meet, Harry is captivated by Louisa and tries to balance his attraction to her with his desire for her property. Louisa's sister Elle has also had a very hard time of it and they both just want security. Thus begins a search to find the answers to secrets held by her deceased husband and trying to unlock the mystery of who owns the home A little suspense, adventure and intrigue leads them on a journey to find the answers they seek. Can they uncover the truth as well as form a bond between them? An entertaining story that will keep you turning the pages.
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    First in a new sries. A quick read.

    Harry, Earl of Wycliff, is not only seeking to reclaim his family home and its lost possessions, he especially needs to find a portrait of his deceased mother. He wins the current resident, the widow Mrs. Phillips over in order to persuade her into helping him. So, not only are his intentions less than honorable, she has her secrets as well. Although a quick read, it was rather staid. This is the first of three books in the Lords of Eton series. Many thanks to Laurie White and NetGalley for this ARC to review.
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    Sweet not Steamy

    I received an ARC of this book to read from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review. The Portrait of Lady Wycliff is the first book in Cheryl Bolen’s new series The Lords of Eton about 3 aristocratic young men who were best friends at Eton and their continuing friendship and adventures. Harold Blassingame the seventh Earl of Wycliff has spent the last several years as privateer in order to recover all that was lost by his fathers gambling. Successful in his endeavours he needs only to reclaim Wycliff House in Grosvenor Square. He discovers to his dismay the the widow of the man who won it from his father does not own the house, that it belongs to a mysterious lord who it appears engineered his fathers downfall. Louisa Phillips is concerned to discover that her hated late husband has left her nothing and since she is the only one who can recognize the mystery lord she joins forces with Harry, Lord Wycliff and they set off on a journey to Cornwall to solve the mystery and find his mother’s missing portrait. A very enjoyable read, not steamy at all. Publishing Date May 15, 2018 #ThePortraitOfLadyWycliff. #NetGalley

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