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  • Slow burn mystery

    Quiet in Her Bones is an atmospheric mystery. Aarav is back in his childhood home recovering from an accident. He has holes in his memory and has trouble remembering details from his past. The story centers around the body of his mother being found 10 years after she disappeared and his drive to know what happened. So we’re clear, this story is a slow burn and not a thriller. The descriptions of culture and New Zealand landscape adds depth to the story and make it more than just the mystery of what happened 10 years ago. Reading something I thought would be a pulse pounding thriller that just isn’t, usually affects my thoughts on the book. You’ll want to absorb the details as you delve into what happened to his mother. I’m regularly figuring out the culprit in a crime novel or twist coming in a thriller. Sometimes early on and sometimes not long before the reveal, but often before the reader should, but this book stumped me. I went back and forth on what happened to Aarav’s mother and at some point considered most of the book’s characters as a killer. Aarav is a deep character that your understanding of him grows throughout the book. Layer after layer, he becomes more complex than you first thought. At times he is the ultimate jerk, while the scenes with his sister Parisi show a much softer side. With the book being told from Aarav’s point of view and the holes in his memory, he is the ultimate unreliable narrator. This trope is starting to wear out its welcome with me, but it fit perfectly in this story. If you’re ready to settle in and learn a little about New Zealand as you chip away at the mystery, you should grab this book.


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