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  • One of the Best Books I’ve Read

    I had high expectations for this book. It’s been on my most anticipated reads for a while now, the concept so compelling that I couldn’t wait to read it. And I could not be more impressed. Not only is this one of the best books I’ve read so far this year, it is among the most empowering, most creative, and most adventurous I’ve ever experienced. This is easily a ten star book. Deka is my new favourite hero. Her arc is inspiring and her personality easy to relate to. I just wanted to protect her from the world, until I realized that Deka doesn’t need protecting. She is a force unto herself. The other girls she fights with are equally as strong and unique. Britta is one of the best friends a girl could ask for, and Bercalis is positively fierce. The world building is unlike anything I’ve read before. Strange creatures, compelling lore, complex and absolutely ruthless societies that have shocking parallels to our own, this truly is a one of a kind adventure. Deka’s journey to become a warrior took me to place I’ve never been. Forna doesn’t hold back with the brutality or the action. I didn’t expect the level of violence, and I held my breath more than once. Forna is a truly gifted writer and I expect her to soar with her next books. This is a treasure of a book and must be read by women, girls, and fantasy fans everywhere. It is beautiful inside and out and needs to be on everyone’s shelf ASAP.


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