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  • Co-Creating Safety

    Healing the Fragile Patient

    Some patients are crippled by fear and anxiety. To help the 50 percent of patients who drop out of therapy before they have received its full benefits, therapists must know how to make therapy a safe place. Only if patients feel safe in their body and with the therapist can they feel safe enough to change. Co-Creating Safety provides clear, systematic steps for assessing and meeting patients' ... Read more

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  • 大象在屋裡:薩提爾模式家族治療實錄 1

    Elephant in the Room

    Translated by 釋見曄 ...
    Series Book 111 - 教育輔導系列
    大多數家庭的問題都像一隻大象,阻塞了家庭功能,家族治療師的工作就是讓家庭成員看到且願意敞開談論,慢慢地移除這隻大象。瑪莉亞.葛莫利對治療師說:只要家庭能出現在你的面前......就表示他們已經走過來了,已經應對了,他們具備了求生存的能量及資源。問題是,我們如何幫助他們使用自己的能量,走向下一步......這套書分成兩冊,內容包括八個家庭、十次會談,學習基模是依據維琴尼亞.薩提爾家族治療的體驗性訓練工作坊,呈現瑪莉亞.葛莫利現場工作的內涵,以及如何多元運用薩提爾模式為家庭工作。每次會談,先由治療師介紹自己與案主工作的重點;接著是瑪莉亞與家庭的會談;最後是小組討論的回饋、提問和瑪莉亞的教導。 ... Read more

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  • 越過河與你相遇:薩提爾模式家族治療實錄 2

    Meeting You Across the River

    Translated by 釋見曄 ...
    Series Book 112 - 教育輔導系列
    治療師與案主之間有條河,治療師需要越過這條河與案主相遇,但彼此間仍需保持著清晰的界限。我嘗試幫助人們幫助自己,可以自己做決定並找到自己的資源。這幫助我能夠主導歷程,而不是主導他們。對我而言,很重要的是,我認為成功的結果,對案主來說卻可能不是他們所需要的。我只能幫助他們弄清楚他們想要什麼,以及決定要去的地方。我盡我所能地在歷程中讓案主主導自己。我的工作是幫助他們做選擇,並在他們和我之間保持微妙的平衡。要整合這個模式需要花很多年的時間,因為你必須先學會整合你自己。〜瑪莉亞.葛莫利這套書分成兩冊,內容包括八個家庭、十次會談,學習基模是依據維琴尼亞.薩提爾家族治療的體驗性訓練工作坊,呈現瑪莉亞.葛莫利現場工作的內涵,以及如何多元運用薩提爾模式為家庭工作。每次會談,先由治療師介紹自己與案主工作的重點;接著是瑪莉亞與家庭的會談;最後是小組討論的回饋、提問和瑪莉亞的教導。 ... Read more

    $7.82 USD

  • Divergent Mind

    Thriving in a World That Wasn't Designed for You

    AUDIBLE EDITOR'S PICKA paradigm-shifting study of neurodivergent women—those with ADHD, autism, synesthesia, high sensitivity, and sensory processing disorder—exploring why these traits are overlooked in women and how society benefits from allowing their unique strengths to flourish.As a successful Harvard and Berkeley-educated writer, entrepreneur, and devoted mother, Jenara Nerenberg was shocked ... Read more

    $11.49 USD

  • İkna ve Manipülasyon Sanatı

    Etkili İletişimde Altın Kurallar

    Hayatta iki rolden birini yaşarız. Ya manipülatörsünüz, ya da hedef ve kurban Küçük Adam...Tüm ilişkilerimiz birbirimizi ikna etme üzerine kuruludur. İkna ile tüm hayatımızda ihtiyaç duyduklarımızı elde ederiz. Daha iyi bir maaş, daha güzel bir eş, daha iyi ilişkiler... Ne kadar ikna gücümüz fazla olursa, hayattan daha fazla pay alma şansımız olacaktır.İnsanları ikna ile kontrol etme yöntemleri ... Read more

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  • Il bambino in famiglia

    "Il bambino in famiglia" raccoglie una serie di conferenze che Maria Montessori ha tenuto a Bruxelles nel 1923, nelle quali presenta le sue idee per una "Scuola dei genitori".Maria Tecla Artemisia Montessori, nota come Maria Montessori (Chiaravalle, 31 agosto 1870 – Noordwijk, 6 maggio 1952) è stata un'educatrice, pedagogista, filosofa, medico, neuropsichiatra infantile e scienziat... ... Read more

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  • Psikoloji Hakkında Her Şey

    by Meral Çetin ...
    Psikoloji Nedir?Psikolojinin Alt Dalları ve Sosyal PsikolojiPsikanalizin Babası Sigmund Freud'un KuramlarıÇeşitli Psikolojik Sendromlar ve NedenleriKendinizi Yeniden Tanıyacağınız Psikoloji Testleriİnsanları Psikolojik Olarak Yönlendirme TeknikleriVE KISACASI PSİKOLOJİYE DAİR HER BİLGİYİ BU KİTAPTA BULACAKSINIZ! ... Read more

    $2.44 USD

  • Psychology

    The Briefer Course

    by William James ...
    Condensed and reworked from James's monumental Principles of Psychology, this classic text examines habit; stream of consciousness; self and the sense of personal identity; discrimination and association; the sense of time; memory; perception; imagination; reasoning; emotions, instincts; the will and voluntary acts; and much more. This edition omits the outdated first nine chapters. ... Read more

    $14.29 USD

  • Princeton Review AP Psychology Premium Prep, 21st Edition

    5 Practice Tests + Complete Content Review + Strategies & Techniques

    Series series College Test Preparation
    PREMIUM PREP FOR A PERFECT 5! Ace the AP Psychology Exam with this Premium version of the Princeton Review's comprehensive study guide. Includes 5 full-length practice tests, thorough content reviews, targeted strategies for every section of the exam, and access to online extras.Techniques That Actually Work• Tried-and-true strategies to help you avoid traps and beat the test• Tips for pacing ... Read more

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  • Mastering the Inner Skills of Psychotherapy

    A Deliberate Practice Manual

    Do you ever find that you are less effective with clients who are provocative, angry, shut down, or emotionally labile? Would you like to be more effective helping clients with challenging problems, including trauma, addictions, and comorbid conditions?Clients can arouse strong emotional reactions in therapists, often termed experiential avoidance or countertransference. To be effective with these ... Read more

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  • Zo vrij als een vogel - Elke verslaving, op eigen KRACHT de baas!

    KOM JIJ ZELF MAAR NIET VAN JOUW VERSLAVING(EN) AF?- Drugs gebruiken en/of Alcohol drinken- Telefoon , Socials, Shoppen, TV kijken- (Emotie)Eten / Gokken / Gamen- Seks en/of masturberenWIL JIJ ALLE CONTROLE OVERJOUW GEDRAG TERUG NEMEN?enGENEZEN VANUIT JOUW EIGENVERTROUWDE THUISOMGEVING?**Dat is vanaf nu mogelijk!Vermoed j... ... Read more

    $38.78 USD $10.69 USD

  • Master Introductory Psychology Volume 2

    Master Introductory Psychology, #2

    Series Book 2 - Master Introductory Psychology
    **Looking to expand your knowledge of psychology?**This comprehensive 4-volume series breaks down all the key concepts in psychology so you can learn faster, ace your exams, and improve your knowledge of this fascinating field.Each of the units provides a step-by-step guide to the major approaches, key terms, and leading figures of each area of psychology. Clear explanations, engaging stories, and ... Read more

    $2.99 USD

  • LGBTQ Clients in Therapy: Clinical Issues and Treatment Strategies

    by Joe Kort ...
    All the answers clinicians need to work effectively with LGBTQ clients.A therapist who treats LGBTQ clients often must be more than “gay friendly.” Clinical experience, scientific research, and cultural understanding are advancing rapidly, and the task of being LGBTQ informed is ever-changing in today's world.This book covers topics such as how to avoid making the common mistake of believing that ... Read more

    $25.19 USD

  • Psych

    The Story of the Human Mind

    by Paul Bloom ...
    A Next Big Idea Club Must-ReadA compelling and accessible new perspective on the modern science of psychology, based on one of Yale’s most popular courses of all timeHow does the brain—a three-pound wrinkly mass—give rise to intelligence and conscious experience? Was Freud right that we are all plagued by forbidden sexual desires? What is the function of emotions such as disgust, gratitude, and ... Read more

    $14.09 USD $2.99 USD

  • The Gift of Therapy

    An Open Letter to a New Generation of Therapists and Their Patients

    by Irvin Yalom ...
    Acclaimed author and renowned psychiatrist Irvin D. Yalom distills thirty-five years of psychotherapy wisdom into one brilliant volume.The culmination of master psychiatrist Dr. Irvin D. Yalom’s more than thirty-five years in clinical practice, The Gift of Therapy is a remarkable and essential guidebook that illustrates through real case studies how patients and therapists alike can get the most ... Read more

    $12.19 USD

  • A Therapist’s Guide to Neurodiversity Affirming Practice with Children and Young People

    In this honest and practical guide, autistic therapist Raelene Dundon explores and demystifies how neurodiversity affirming principles can be easily applied to therapeutic practice.Covering essential considerations for working with neurodivergent clients such as presuming competence, promoting autonomy and respecting communication styles, and providing advice on the best affirming approaches in ... Read more

    $24.59 USD

  • The Trouble with Passion

    How Searching for Fulfillment at Work Fosters Inequality

    by Erin Cech ...
    Probing the ominous side of career advice to "follow your passion," this data-driven study explains how the passion principle fails us and perpetuates inequality by class, gender, and race; and it suggests how we can reconfigure our relationships to paid work."Follow your passion" is a popular mantra for career decision-making in the United States. Passion-seeking seems like a promising path for ... Read more

    $28.49 USD

  • When Your Kid Goes to College

    A Parents' Survival Guide

    by Carol Barkin ...
    "During the summer before he went to college, he was obnoxious; he said, 'There's a reason I'm acting this way; it will make it easier for you to have me leave.'""When she was packing to leave, she was completely preoccupied with how many sheets and towels to take. I was thinking, 'My kid is leaving home forever, and life is taken up with minutiae.'"It's an emotional rollercoaster, a combination ... Read more

    $11.29 USD

  • G is for Genes

    The Impact of Genetics on Education and Achievement

    Series Book 24 - Understanding Children's Worlds
    G is for Genes shows how a dialogue between geneticists and educationalists can have beneficial results for the education of all children—and can also benefit schools, teachers, and society at large.Draws on behavioral genetic research from around the world, including the UK-based Twins’ Early Development Study (TEDS), one of the largest twin studies in the worldOffers a unique viewpoint by ... Read more

    $73.49 USD

  • Enciclopedia del coaching

    Una guida completa alle migliori pratiche del coaching e della formazione.

    by Carol Wilson ...
    Un preziosissimo punto di riferimento per chiunque sia alla ricerca di una chiara comprensione del coaching e dei suoi benefici. Enciclopedia del Coaching è la guida completa ai fondamentali del coaching; include una panoramica di tutti i principi chiave, strumenti e casi di studio necessari a sviluppare una conoscenza approfondita. La Coach e Trainer esperta Carol Wilson ti fornirà la conoscenza ... Read more

    $21.99 USD


    expert opinion in court

    by Phil Watts ...
    How well you survive the court experience will be determined not only by your performance in the witness box, but also upon the quality of your report and the way in which you deal with the briefing lawyer. "Surviving the Witness Box" demonstrates that these skills, and many others, can be learned, particularly once you understand the rules of the legal "game". "Surviving the Witness Box" is a ... Read more

    $7.99 USD

  • Great by Choice

    Uncertainty, Chaos, and Luck--Why Some Thrive Despite Them All

    Series Book 5 - Good to Great
    Ten years after the worldwide bestseller Good to Great, Jim Collins returns withanother groundbreaking work, this time to ask: why do some companies thrive inuncertainty, even chaos, and others do not? Based on nine years of research,buttressed by rigorous analysis and infused with engaging stories, Collins andhis colleague Morten Hansen enumerate the principles for building a truly ... Read more

    $20.09 USD

  • Developing Counsellor Supervision

    SAGE Publications

    Series series Developing Counselling series
    Seminars by Professor Windy Dryden. See the man live and in action. To find out more and to book your place go to www.cityminds.com________________________________________`It is a fairly well established clich[ac]e that while supervision is recognised as a crucial component of good practice in psychotherapy and counselling, there is correspondingly little written about it... [this book is] a good ... Read more

    $56.69 USD

  • 從聽故事開始療癒:創傷後的身心整合之旅

    by 胡嘉琪 ...
    Series Book 117 - 教育輔導系列
    復原力,其實就藏在傷痕裡。你可知道,生命中潛藏的傷痕,比你想像得更多、更普遍。當人們面臨某個威脅、身心無法應對時,就面臨了身心創傷的可能;原本暫時挪用的權宜之計,卻慢慢累積成每日操控我們的習慣與行為模式:一生氣就想飆車,明知危險卻還是無法克制自己?每次遇到困難,都想要傷害自己,怎麼改也改不過來?當事情不如預期,情緒失控,瘋狂血拚、大吃大喝、作息日夜顛倒?失控行為的內在成因,正是身心復原力的鑰匙。面對傷慟,但不因直視而失控:用聽故事來檢視傷口,長出修復自己的力量。本書融合東西方心理治療,搭配溫暖療癒的故事與插圖,讓讀者從聽故事開始接近內心的創傷,試著踏出療癒的第一步;更以身體心理學、情緒經驗取向、新一代的認知行為取向及系統觀為立論基礎,帶領讀者一步步探討創傷成因,檢視原本逃避的內在經驗,清醒地看待各個分裂的自我,逐步整合自己。本書將協助你療癒傷痛,回歸身心平衡的容納之窗,... ... Read more

    $9.29 USD