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  • ArtCurious

    Stories of the Unexpected, Slightly Odd, and Strangely Wonderful in Art History

    A wildly entertaining and surprisingly educational dive into art history as you've never seen it before, from the host of the beloved ArtCurious podcastWe're all familiar with the works of Claude Monet, thanks in no small part to the ubiquitous reproductions of his water lilies on umbrellas, handbags, scarves, and dorm-room posters. But did you also know that Monet and his cohort were trailblazing ... Read more

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  • The Where, The Why, and The How

    75 Artists Illustrate Wondrous Mysteries of Science

    In this New York Times bestseller, “you’ll see star births described in pen and ink, antimatter realized in collage, and a hand-painted black hole” (Discover Magazine).A science book like no other, The Where, the Why, and the How turns loose seventy-five of today’s hottest artists onto life’s vast questions, from how we got here to where we are going. Inside these pages some of the biggest (and ... Read more

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  • The Art of Dressing Curves

    The Best-Kept Secrets of a Fashion Stylist

    by Susan Moses ...
    Susan Moses, the go-to celebrity stylist for curvy women both on and off the red carpet presents the first inspirational, confidence-building, prescriptive style guide for plus-size women who want to dress fashionably and look their beautiful best.Nearly two-thirds of American women are plus-size—and they care just as much about fashion and beauty as their thinner counterparts. They’re tired of ... Read more

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  • Snowflakes Over The Starfish Café

    The start of a heartwarming, uplifting series from bestseller Jessica Redland

    Book 1 - The Starfish Café
    **'Heartbreakingly moving and yet beautifully uplifting, I cried for all the right reasons!' Jo Bartlett'I fell in love with this story from page one.' Helen J Rolfe'Achingly poignant, yet full of hope - You will fall in love with this beautiful Christmas story' Sandy Barker**'A tender love story, full of sweet touches and beautiful characters.' Beth MoranWelcome to The Starfish Café - where you ... Read more

    $3.99 USD

  • Summer in Provence

    The perfect escapist feel-good romance from bestseller Lucy Coleman

    by Lucy Coleman ...
    *The Top 10 Bestseller* 'Beautifully written, comforting and utterly uplifting, Lucy Coleman’s stories are the perfect tonic when life is a little grey.' Holly Martin Is a change as good as a rest?When married couple Fern and Aiden have a windfall, their reactions could not be more different. While Fern is content to pay off their mortgage and build a nest egg before starting a family, her ... Read more

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  • 故事的解剖:跟好萊塢編劇教父學習說故事的技藝,打造獨一無二的內容、結構與風格!

    Book 5 - 边城
    你有才華、也有梗,卻始終寫不出好故事?你需要——全世界導演、編劇人手一本的「編劇聖經」!◎名家大力推薦!電影監製、編劇、導演 彭浩翔/電影《志明與春嬌》、《維多利亞壹號》、《低俗喜劇》等電影導演 陳宏一/電影《花吃了那女孩》、《消失打看》小說家 陳雨航/小說《策馬入林》、《天下第一捕快》、《小鎮生活指南》作家、編劇 劉梓潔/電影《父後七日》、小說《親愛的小孩》雲夢千里文化社長 康懷貞◎**《故事的解剖》說什麼?**˙放諸四海永恆皆準的形式,而非公式。˙原型而非老套陳腔。˙原創而非複製。... ... Read more

    $12.15 USD

  • United States of Americana

    Backyard Chickens, Burlesque Beauties, and Handmade Bitters: A Field Guide to the New American Roots Movement

    A field guide to the new American Roots movement, United States of Americana is a vivid, fascinating, and comprehensive survey of how and why young urban Americans are finding inspiration in the cultural traditions of an earlier time in many areas of contemporary life. Compiled by Seattle-based writer, DJ, and entertainer Kurt B. Reighley, United States of Americana explores this vibrant cultural ... Read more

    $1.99 USD

  • The Longing for Less

    Living with Minimalism

    by Kyle Chayka ...
    New York Times Book Review Editor's Choice"More than just a story of an abiding cultural preoccupation, The Longing For Less peels back the commodified husk of minimalism to reveal something surprising and thoroughly alive." -Jenny Odell, author of How to Do Nothing“Less is more”: Everywhere we hear the mantra. Marie Kondo and other decluttering gurus promise that shedding our stuff will solve our ... Read more

    $15.49 USD

  • Code as Creative Medium

    A Handbook for Computational Art and Design

    An essential guide for teaching and learning computational art and design: exercises, assignments, interviews, and more than 170 illustrations of creative work.This book is an essential resource for art educators and practitioners who want to explore code as a creative medium, and serves as a guide for computer scientists transitioning from STEM to STEAM in their syllabi or practice. It provides a ... Read more

    $25.19 USD

  • 名畫的構造:從焦點、路徑、平衡、色彩到構圖,偉大的作品是怎麼畫出來的? 22堂結合「敏感度」與「邏輯訓練」的視覺識讀課

    Translated by 蔡昭儀 ...
    series ART
    偉大的作品是怎麼畫出來的?◤ 22堂結合「敏感度」與「邏輯訓練」的視覺識讀課 ◢為什麼藝術要這樣鑑賞?那樣思考?從隱藏在畫中的「線條」開始,西洋美術權威Step by Step帶你透視名畫的構造!  繪畫表現靠的是造形,而不是言語。  我們從圖像中所接收到的,  是「資訊」與「感覺」混合在一起的狀態,難以一語道盡……  這本書將顛覆這個想法,  告訴你:只要洞悉作品背後的邏輯思考,  你也可以解讀──那些藏在圖像中的布局、意念與秩序!  而且不只是繪畫,你還可以將這套方法論,  運用在數位時代中,各式各樣的圖像創作與識讀上。**  ◤原來如此!我也可以看得懂**  本書的第一個目標,是提出盡可能客觀解讀繪畫的方法。希望能藉此讓大家不僅是讀取訊息或是憑直覺,而是有邏輯地理解「名畫優於其他作品的理由」──這其實... ... Read more

    $11.39 USD

  • El Pequeño Libro de la Psicología del Color: Descubre el Significado de los Colores y Cómo Influyen en las Personas

    by Amarna Crespo ...
    Más importante aún, es saber de qué forma los colores pueden cambiar nuestra percepción de las cosas, nuestro juicio sobre algo o alguien, y de qué manera pudieran estar siendo usados para influir en nuestras decisiones, aun sin que nos demos cuenta de ello.En este libro, aprenderemos todas esas cosas interesantes y muchas más, acerca de los colores. Desde qué son y cómo se originan, pasando por ... Read more

    $2.99 USD

  • Nothing If Not Critical

    Essays on Art and Artists

    by Robert Hughes ...
    From Holbein to Hockney, from Norman Rockwell to Pablo Picasso, from sixteenth-century Rome to 1980s SoHo, Robert Hughes looks with love, loathing, warmth, wit and authority at a wide range of art and artists, good, bad, past and present.As art critic for Time magazine, internationally acclaimed for his study of modern art, The Shock of the New, he is perhaps America’s most widely read and admired ... Read more

    $12.49 USD

  • Art as Experience

    by John Dewey ...
    Based on John Dewey's lectures on esthetics, delivered as the first William James Lecturer at Harvard in 1932, Art as Experience has grown to be considered internationally as the most distinguished work ever written by an American on the formal structure and characteristic effects of all the arts: architecture, sculpture, painting, music, and literature. ... Read more

    $12.49 USD

  • 東京藝大美術館長教你日本美術鑑賞術:一窺東洋美學堂奧的基礎入門

    by 秋元雄史 ...
    Translated by 羅淑慧 ...
    series 生活方舟
     ★日本最紅火藝術策展人秋元雄史,美術鑑賞代表作第二彈。  ★延續前作「一張圖兩步驟」解讀脈絡,無痛進入東洋美學世界。  ★全彩印刷,收錄25件名作,完整介紹繩文~明治以降的美術演進。  ★全面剖析東洋美學精神、日本美術如何影響西方繪畫。  日本美術才不只浮世繪!繪卷、水墨畫、屏風、絹畫都大有學問!  俗話說「西洋鍍金,東洋鍍銀」。  西方世界的強盛你一定不陌生,但同樣身為東方國家的日本,  是如何脫亞入歐,成為與歐美齊名的亞洲強國?  若想了解箇中緣由,從東洋美學談起,似乎是個不錯的切入點。  東洋美學的品味別樹一格,幽微、侘寂、陰翳中帶著俐落的灑脫,  不僅滲透到日本人的生活,甚至塑造了整個商業社會的氣質與面貌。  早從19世紀中期,第一幅「浮世繪」出現在巴黎世界博覽會上,  啟發印象派畫家的那一刻起,東洋美學就注定要在世界上占有一席之地。  時至今日,全世界對東洋美學的關注未曾退減. ... Read more

    $11.39 USD

  • The Customer-Driven Playbook

    Converting Customer Feedback into Successful Products

    Despite the wide acceptance of Lean approaches and customer-development strategies, many product teams still have difficulty putting these principles into meaningful action. That’s where The Customer-Driven Playbook comes in. This practical guide provides a complete end-to-end process that will help you understand customers, identify their problems, conceptualize new ideas, and create fantastic ... Read more

    $30.99 USD

  • The Ultimate Guide To Colored Pencil

    Over 40 step-by-step demonstrations for both traditional and watercolor pencils

    by Gary Greene ...
    With this easy-to-use handbook, best-selling author Gary Greene provides you with instant access to his best tips, tricks and techniques for creating exceptionally realistic colored pencil artwork. Whether you're new to colored pencils or perfecting advanced techniques, you'll find the answers you need here in dozens of complete step-by-step demonstrations, including:• Simple techniques for ... Read more

    $10.49 USD

  • Klee Wyck

    by Emily Carr ...
    Klee Wyck is Canadian artist Emily Carr's memoir. Through short sketches, the artist tells of her experiences among First Nations people and cultures on British Columbia's west coast. The book won the 1941 Governor General's Award and occupies an important place in Canadian literature. ... Read more

    $0.99 USD

  • Learn How to Draw Landscapes with Colored Pencils for the Beginner

    by Jasmina Susak ...
    Book 24 - Learn to Draw
    Learn How to Draw Landscapes with Colored Pencils for the BeginnerTable of ContentsIntroductionMixing the colorsDrawing the shadowsProportionalitySunset in Africa - drawing tutorialBlack partsMountain and house - Drawing TutorialSketchSunset - drawing tutorialForest - Drawing TutorialIn the forest - Drawing TutorialBoats on the beach - Drawing TutorialAuthor Bio:Introduction:Drawing with color... ... Read more

    $2.99 USD

  • Orphans

    by Dennis Kelly ...
    series Oberon Modern Plays
    Helen and Danny keep themselves to themselves. But the outside world comes crashing into their lives one day when Helen's brother turns up. Covered in blood.Dennis Kelly's new play is a thrilling contemporary suspense story which takes its audience on a chilling journey into a world just outside the front door. This disturbing urban drama has it's world premiere at the Traverse Theatre on 31st ... Read more

    $12.79 USD

  • Learn How to Draw Portraits with Colored Pencils for the Beginner

    series Learn to Draw
    Learn How to Draw Portraits with Colored Pencils for the BeginnerTable of ContentsIntroduction--Blending--Mixing the colors--Pastel powder for skin--Drawing the shadows--ProportionalityWoman portrait - drawing tutorialBoy portrait - drawing tutorialWoman - drawing tutorialMan - drawing tutorialWoman portrait tutorialAuthor BioIntroduction:Drawing with colored pencil is super easy if ... ... Read more

    $2.99 USD

  • Lotta

    Een ABBA-verhaal

    Book 2 - De regels van het spel
    Drie vrouwen, drie verhalen, één ABBA-concert. Volgen zij het ritme van hun hart? Sinds kunstenares Lotta haar geliefde verloor bij een verkeersongeval, leeft ze teruggetrokken in haar appartement in het Deense Aarhus. Als ze wordt gevraagd om voor de veiling bij het ABBA-benefietconcert een portret te maken van de bekende Zweedse popgroep, beseft Lotta dat dit haar doorbraak in de kunstwereld kan ... Read more

    $3.55 USD

  • Supercute Animals and Pets: Christopher Hart's Draw Manga Now!

    series Christopher Hart's Draw Manga Now!
    Focusing on the charming and adorable pets and animals that enrich manga stories, Supercute Animals and Pets teaches readers how to draw animals from a fox, to a cow, to a penguin, all in the style of manga. After an introduction to basic body constructions, faces, tails, legs, and more, readers will have a chance to follow along Hart's in-depth step-by-steps, and will even be invited to draw on ... Read more

    $8.09 USD

  • Chicago 1893: Four Reports from the White City. Illustrated

    The Worlds Fair at Chicago in 1893 was the place to be. These are four reports from the fair that were published contemporaneously. These give a good flavor to the excitement that the nation felt about the achievement. ... Read more

    $2.99 USD

  • I Paint What I Want to See

    by Philip Guston ...
    series Penguin Modern Classics
    Illuminating reflections on painting and drawing from one of the most revered artists of the twentieth century'Thank God for yellow ochre, cadmium red medium, and permanent green light'How does a painter see the world? Philip Guston, one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century, spoke about art with unparalleled candour and commitment. Touching on work from across his career as ... Read more

    $7.99 USD