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  • The Principles of Psychology: Volume One and Two (Illustrated)

    by William James ...
    The book has an active table of contents for readers to access each chapter of the following titles: 1. The Principles of Psychology: Volume One – William James 2. The Principles of Psychology: Volume Two – William James The Principles of Psychology by William James, one of the greatest American psychologists, was widely acclaimed and it was widely used by students of psychology. William James ... Read more

    $1.99 USD

  • On Government by John Locke, David Hume, James Mill, and Frédéric Bastiat (Illustrated)


    $1.99 USD

  • 極端經濟:當極端成為常態,反思韌性、復甦與未來布局

    Translated by 林步昇, 洪世民, 劉道捷 ...
    series thinkin’ tank
    今日的極端,明日的常態深入全球九大地區,深掘九個極端案例預見2030最重要的經濟新趨勢────探知彈性應變、扭轉危機、開創新局的關鍵,在於「韌性」────**  ★2019開明經濟學家獎(Enlightened Economist Prize)★  ★2019《新政治家》(New Statesman)年度最佳書籍★  ★2020愛德華.斯坦福旅行寫作獎(Edward Stanford Travel Writing Awards)年度最佳新人作家★  ★2019《金融時報》和麥肯錫年度最佳商業圖書獎(FT & McKinsey Business Book of the Year)入圍★  ★《紐約時報》編輯選書(New York Times Editor's Choice)★  ★《出版人週刊》(Publishers Weekly)星級評論★  ★耶魯大學、紅杉資本指定「創業者、高階主管」. ... Read more

    $13.69 USD

  • The Long Depression

    Marxism and the Global Crisis of Capitalism

    Setting out from an unapologetic Marxist perspective, The Long Depression argues that the global economy remains in the throes of a depression. Making the case that the profitability of capital is too low, and the debt built up before the Great Recession too high, leading radical economist Michael Roberts persuasively presents his case that this depression will persist until the profitability of ... Read more

    $13.69 USD

  • The Money Illusion

    Market Monetarism, the Great Recession, and the Future of Monetary Policy

    by Scott Sumner ...
    The first book-length work on market monetarism, written by its leading scholar.Is it possible that the consensus around what caused the 2008 Great Recession is almost entirely wrong? It’s happened before. Just as Milton Friedman and Anna Schwartz led the economics community in the 1960s to reevaluate its view of what caused the Great Depression, the same may be happening now to our understanding ... Read more

    $25.19 USD $17.99 USD

  • Fragile by Design

    The Political Origins of Banking Crises and Scarce Credit

    Book 50 - The Princeton Economic History of the Western World
    Why stable banking systems are so rareWhy are banking systems unstable in so many countries—but not in others? The United States has had twelve systemic banking crises since 1840, while Canada has had none. The banking systems of Mexico and Brazil have not only been crisis prone but have provided miniscule amounts of credit to business enterprises and households.Analyzing the political and banking ... Read more

    $17.99 USD

  • 重新面對經濟學:經濟學沒有你想的那麼難,也比你所知道的更加重要

    Understandable Economics: Because Understanding Our Economy Is Easier Than You Think and More Important Than You Know

    Translated by 嚴麗娟 ...
    若你不能簡單解釋一件事,那麼你的了解還不夠透澈。——愛因斯坦(Albert Einstein)大多數人從未學過經濟學,而讀過經濟學的人,面對大量沒有實際用途的假設、公式和術語,並沒有讓他們更了解實際情況,即使了解經濟實際運作模式的人,也沒有針對問題而採取更有效的政策。導致多數人的收入沒有增加,中產階級持續萎縮,現在經濟所產生的收益,幾乎完全屬於富人所有。因此會有許多人提出疑問:為什麼有這麼多人對資本主義失去信心?如果我們對目前的經濟制度不滿意,為什麼還是沒有發生變化?政府為富人減稅,會創造更多就業機會,還是造成更多不平等?如果國家公債創下新高點,是否應該限制政府的未來支出?如果失業率高,為什麼大多數人還是認同自由貿易……多數人的疑問都能透過本書了解。本書是一本完全避開術語、公式和圖表的實用基礎經濟學,作者霍華德‧亞魯斯(Howard Yaruss)是經濟學者、教授、律師、實業家與行動主義者 ... Read more

    $9.29 USD

  • Introduction to Economics

    series Real Economics
    There are lots of people who pretend to understand Economics, but there are very few who really do understand Economics. If you dive into Economics and race towards your exams without taking the time to properly understand the key concepts at the heart of the subject, it will hardly be a surprise if you end up amongst the fakers rather than amongst the true experts.This book is intended for ... Read more

    $2.99 USD

  • Summary of Megathreats

    This is not a book by Nouriel Roubini nor is it affiliated with him. It's an independent publication by Doyle Beckham that summarizes Nouriel Roubini's book in detail.The contents of the outline is never to supplant the original book but rather to help readersfigure out a smart read. This outline has been approximately created nailing down thefundamental central issues, and realities, and summed ... Read more

    $4.99 USD

  • The Cartoon Introduction to Economics, Volume II: Macroeconomics

    Need to understand today's economy? This is the book for you. The Cartoon Introduction to Economics, Volume Two: Macroeconomics is the most accessible, intelligible, and humorous introduction to unemployment, inflation, and debt you'll ever read.Whereas Volume One: Microeconomics dealt with the optimizing individual, Volume Two: Macroeconomics explains the factors that affect the economy of an ... Read more

    $10.79 USD

  • How Does My Country Grow?

    Economic Advice Through Story-Telling

    by Brian Pinto ...
    Written by a former World Bank economist, How Does My Country Grow? distils growth policy lessons from the author's first-hand experience in Poland, Kenya, India, and Russia, and his contributions to the economic policy debates that followed the emerging market crises of 1997 to 2001, extending up to the global financial crisis of 2008-09. Based on living and working in the field, the author ... Read more

    $44.99 USD

  • The Infinite Desire for Growth

    by Daniel Cohen ...
    Translated by Jane Marie Todd ...
    Why society’s expectation of economic growth is no longer realisticEconomic growth--and the hope of better things to come—is the religion of the modern world. Yet its prospects have become bleak, with crashes following booms in an endless cycle. In the United States, eighty percent of the population has seen no increase in purchasing power over the last thirty years and the situation is not much ... Read more

    $13.69 USD

  • Leveraged

    The New Economics of Debt and Financial Fragility

    Edited by Moritz Schularick ...
    An authoritative guide to the new economics of our crisis-filled century. Published in collaboration with the Institute for New Economic Thinking.The 2008 financial crisis was a seismic event that laid bare how financial institutions’ instabilities can have devastating effects on societies and economies. COVID-19 brought similar financial devastation at the beginning of 2020 and once more massive ... Read more

    $39.59 USD

  • Money and Government

    The Past and Future of Economics

    A critical examination of economics' past and future, and how it needs to change, by one of the most eminent political economists of our timeThe dominant view in economics is that money and government should play only minor roles in economic life. Economic outcomes, it is claimed, are best left to the "invisible hand" of the market. Yet these claims remain staunchly unsettled. The view taken in ... Read more

    $25.19 USD

  • Time Series Analysis for the State-Space Model with R/Stan

    This book provides a comprehensive and concrete illustration of time series analysis focusing on the state-space model, which has recently attracted increasing attention in a broad range of fields. The major feature of the book lies in its consistent Bayesian treatment regarding whole combinations of batch and sequential solutions for linear Gaussian and general state-space models: MCMC and Kalman ... Read more

    $119.89 USD

  • The Process of Economic Development

    The fifth edition of The Process of Economic Development offers a thorough and up-to-date treatment of development economics. It has been extensively revised throughout, reflecting the most recent developments in research and incorporating the latest empirical data, as well as key theoretical advances and many new topics. The world has seen vast economic growth in China, economic transformation in ... Read more

    $74.95 USD

  • Moving Beyond Modern Portfolio Theory

    Investing That Matters

    Moving Beyond Modern Portfolio Theory: Investing That Matters tells the story of how Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) revolutionized the investing world and the real economy, but is now showing its age. MPT has no mechanism to understand its impacts on the environmental, social and financial systems, nor any tools for investors to mitigate the havoc that systemic risks can wreck on their portfolios. ... Read more

    $47.33 USD

  • The Financial System Limit

    The world's real debt burden

    by David Kauders ...
    “Neither Keynes nor his disciples foresaw the eventual creation of unaffordable debt nearly a century later.”“One of the most fascinating books I’ve ever read” - ReviewerA deeper problem lies behind the inflationary crisis. Every past economic problem has been "solved" by stimulus, i.e. more credit, which is debt. Now the world cannot afford its existing debt burden. And the debt problem is in the ... Read more

    $1.99 USD

  • The Essential Keynes

    The essential writings of the 20th century’s most influential economist, collected in one volumeToday, John Maynard Keynes is best remembered for his pioneering development of macroeconomics, and for his advocacy of active fiscal and monetary government policy. This uniquely comprehensive selection of his work, edited by Keynes’s award-winning biographer Robert Skidelsky, aims to make his work ... Read more

    $10.39 USD

  • GDP

    A Brief but Affectionate History - Revised and expanded Edition

    by Diane Coyle ...
    How GDP came to rule our lives—and why it needs to changeWhy did the size of the U.S. economy increase by 3 percent on one day in mid-2013—or Ghana's balloon by 60 percent overnight in 2010? Why did the U.K. financial industry show its fastest expansion ever at the end of 2008—just as the world’s financial system went into meltdown? And why was Greece’s chief statistician charged with treason in ... Read more

    $10.79 USD

  • SUMMARY OF MEGA THREATS By Nouriel Roubini

    Ten Dangerous Trends That Imperil Our Future and How To Survive Them.

    This is not the main book and in no way intends to replace it. It is however, a SUMMARY which was calmly and intellectually written by Kelly K. Taylor which:Relays the author's message in a simplified manner.Is written in simple English language that can be grasped by people of all levels.Sufficiently summarizes some salient points that you were likely to miss out on.<strong... ... Read more

    $3.95 USD

  • My Pedagogic Creed (Illustrated)

    by John Dewey ...
    The book has an active table of contents for readers to easy access of each chapter. John Dewey was one of the most influential American philosophers, psychologists, and educators whose ideas have impacted education and social reform around the world. He is one of the founders with the philosophy of pragmatism and of functional psychology. He is in the row with the greatest thinkers including ... Read more

    $1.19 USD

  • The Economics Book

    From Xenophon to Cryptocurrency, 250 Milestones in the History of Economics

    series Union Square & Co. Milestones
    “Short essays about the [250] most significant developments in economic history . . . accessible [and] beautifully illustrated.” —BooklistFrom the philosophical dialogues of Ancient Greece and the moral contemplations of Medieval Europe to deregulation and cryptocurrency, The Economics Book presents 250 milestones in the science of the production, sale, and purchase of goods and services. These ... Read more

    $12.99 USD

  • Can We Avoid Another Financial Crisis?

    by Steve Keen ...
    series The Future of Capitalism
    The Great Financial Crash had cataclysmic effects on the global economy, and took conventional economists completely by surprise. Many leading commentators declared shortly before the crisis that the magical recipe for eternal stability had been found. Less than a year later, the biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression erupted.In this explosive book, Steve Keen, one of the very few ... Read more

    $10.69 USD