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  • Music of Matter

    Mechanism of Material Structures Formation

    Book 1 - Symphony of Matter and Mind
    The central theme in physics has always been the mechanism of energy interactions that lead to the emergence and decay of material structures. It is a new version of the ontological question of all times and cultures about the appearance of order out of chaos.The old answer included the hypothesis of God as the creator of matter. It provided an explanation but had no predictive power and left ... Read more

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  • Theory of Energy Harmony

    Mechanism of Fundamental Interactions

    Book 2 - Symphony of Matter and Mind
    In the second part of the study, the author continues to build a unified concept of energy interactions based on the hypothesis of a universal mechanism operating at all levels of matter.Previous attempts to create a ‘theory of everything’ failed as they proposed different mechanisms for various interactions. The other problem is that they invent virtual non-observable particles as carriers of ... Read more

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  • Music of Life

    Physics and Technology of Living Matter

    Book 3 - Symphony of Matter and Mind
    Based on the Theory of Energy Harmony developed in the first two volumes of the series, this book builds bridges between physical and life sciences. It tackles fundamental questions that are considered the main riddles of biology. How do four elements of non-living matter form basic structures of living matter? What is the physical mechanism that binds them into biochemical molecules?The proposed ... Read more

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  • Algorithm of the Mind

    Teleological Transduction Theory

    Book 4 - Symphony of Matter and Mind
    The brain processes signals of the world and transduces them into patterns of the internal code that represent these signals. If we decipher this code, we will understand the inner workings of the Mind.This task has haunted neuroscience for a century. To date, there are several mainstream theories of neural code. They can be classified as firing rate coding and temporal coding schemes. Anyway, all ... Read more

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  • Technologies of the Mind

    The Brain as a High-Tech Device

    Book 5 - Symphony of Matter and Mind
    The brain is the source of sensations, emotions, desires, thoughts, memories, movement and behavior control. All these are aspects of the process we call the Mind. Despite a vast amount of data on the nervous system functioning down to the molecular level, no concept has yet uncovered the physical mechanism and the technology of this process.With this aim in sight, the author continues to develop ... Read more

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  • Harmonies of the Mind

    Physics and Physiology of Self

    Book 6 - Symphony of Matter and Mind
    Our life depends on the internal harmony of the Mind. It is not a metaphor about some state of bliss but a physical concept about the frequency and phase coupling of nervous system elements.The brain is an orchestra that plays the symphony of the Mind. This music is so complex that it has remained a tantalizing mystery for a century since the discovery of brain oscillations. Billions of neurons in ... Read more

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  • Inner Universe

    The Mind as Reality Modeling Process

    Book 7 - Symphony of Matter and Mind
    The Mind is not a mirror of reality but the process of constructing the reality model. We comprehend the world through our senses and the processing of environmental signals by the brain.The physical, physiological and technological details of this process were considered in the previous parts of the series. This volume describes the pitfalls on the road to forming an adaptive reality model ... Read more

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  • Dissonances of the Mind

    Psychopathology as Disturbance of the Brain Technology

    Book 8 - Symphony of Matter and Mind
    In psychotherapy and psychiatry, mental illness diagnostics is limited to the description of symptoms and has nothing to do with assessing the state of the organ that performs the mental functions. In other branches of medicine, any diagnosis aims to answer the question about the physical disturbance of the internal technology of the body. But the Mind remains outside of this correct approach. As ... Read more

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  • MATLAB for Neuroscientists

    An Introduction to Scientific Computing in MATLAB

    Matlab is the accepted standard for scientific computing, used globally in virtually all Neuroscience and Cognitive Psychology laboratories. For instance, SPM, the most used software for the analysis and manipulation of fMRI images in research and clinical practice is fully programmed in matlab, and its use of the possibility to allow for sophisticated software modules to be freely added to the ... Read more

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  • Memory and the Computational Brain

    Why Cognitive Science will Transform Neuroscience

    Book 6 - Blackwell/Maryland Lectures in Language and Cognition
    Memory and the Computational Brain offers a provocative argument that goes to the heart of neuroscience, proposing that the field can and should benefit from the recent advances of cognitive science and the development of information theory over the course of the last several decades.A provocative argument that impacts across the fields of linguistics, cognitive science, and neuroscience, ... Read more

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  • Computational Neuroanatomy: The Methods

    by Moo K Chung ...
    Computational neuroanatomy is an emerging field that utilizes various non-invasive brain imaging modalities, such as MRI and DTI, in quantifying the spatiotemporal dynamics of the human brain structures in both normal and clinical populations. This discipline emerged about twenty years ago and has made substantial progress in the past decade. The main goals of this book are to provide an overview ... Read more

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  • The Theory of Relativity: and Other Essays

    and Other Essays

    E=mc2: It may be Einstein’s most well-known contribution to modern science, but how many people understand the thought process or physics behind this famous equation?In this collection of his seven most important essays on physics, Einstein guides his reader step-by-step through the many layers of scientific theory that formed a starting point for his discoveries. By both supporting and refuting ... Read more

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