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  • Christmas in Love

    A Flash Fiction Anthology

    series Flash Flood #3
    From an unexpected twist on a classic Christmas tale and a soldier returning home from war to a pair of girls waiting for an unlikely Christmas wish to come true and a creepy evening in a museum, fill your briefest moments with this collection of 18 flash fiction stories.Commuting to work? Grabbing a quick coffee? Each story tells a complete tale in but a few short minutes with the added promise ... Read more


  • Man at Large

    A Red Pill Science Fiction Romance

    Women rule. Uncommitted men rot in prison awaiting selection by overworked, love-starved spinsters.  Cocksman Nick Chesterton just got dumped. With a return to Broseg No. 34 in the offing, he publicly ridicules his ex and finds himself a fugitive from the Femforcers on a sexist meme charge. But the lovelorn ladies of war-torn Eritrea liked his meme. They invite Nick to visit their African nation, ... Read more


  • Downfail

    A Dystopian Robot Rebellion Adventure

    series Failpocalypse #1
    No jobs. Robots took them. Citizens subsist on a basic income guarantee. They consume their lives in drug-fueled virtual reality gaming binges.Ian Blake doesn't play games and he won't accept handouts. He needs to be productive and useful - but his creepy boss just fired the baby-saving hero and father of three.Ian yearns to build his own robots now. But with a job offer in hand under his old boss ... Read more


  • Rise the Renegade

    A Rork Sollix Space Opera Adventure

    series Rork Sollix #1
    The golden age of freedom withers across the Solar System as independent colonies fall under the dominion of Barbary and Sons, a ruthless cartel run by a 24th century cross between Genghis Khan and the CEO of Walmart.One man rises in opposition. Rork Sollix raids Barbary's cargo ships for fun and profit, along with his lovestruck teenage servant Lala Fevari and his ragtag crew.Just days from death ... Read more


  • Defiant, She Advanced

    Legends of Future Resistance

    series There Will Be Liberty #1
    From the Imperium-controlled aetherlanes to a tech noir restitution agency in the Free Zone and from a steampunk, 1894 China with clockwork automatons to a post-1984 Orwellian dystopia with mandatory goodpharm, here are ten science fiction stories of defiance and daring.Split evenly between strong female and male leads, these heroes fight losing battles on principle alone, discover lies hidden ... Read more


  • Death Shop

    With Hope, Anything is Possible — Or Not

    The Republic Trust is our protector. Form a single file for the daily 500-calorie feed line, courtesy of Xemura Pharma. Ailsa Santamaria whores for food on the killing streets of Protectorate 13477 as she struggles to break her daughter Texa's screen addiction. She won't trade control of her mind for a slim chance at a better life. She's not like the others. But uplift arrives in Protectorate ... Read more


  • Valiant, He Endured

    17 Sci-Fi Myths of Insolent Grit

    series There Will Be Liberty #2
    From the 1898 Martian Siege of Baltimore to a forlorn AI attack dog on the blue-star-scarred surface of MZ458-C and from the merc-manned Freestead Mayflower off the coast of post-apocalyptic Portland to the man-desperate shores of the Red Sea, here are seventeen science fiction stories of valiant endurance. These heroes battle conspiracies of usurpers, confront the unearned consequences of others’ ... Read more

    $3.99 USD

  • Monster Maelstrom

    A Flash Fiction Halloween Anthology

    series Flash Flood #2
    24 Extremely Short Halloween Stories for your Briefest MomentsFrom a Hillary Clinton stripper to mythical beast-women in the harsh Scandinavian tundra and from an unusual band of steadfast teddy bears to the last man in zombie-occupied Chicago, fill your briefest moments with pulse-pounding frights and off-beat chuckles with this collection of 24 flash fiction stories.Commuting to work? Grabbing a ... Read more


  • Bite-Sized Stories

    A Multi-Genre Flash Fiction Anthology

    series Flash Flood #1
    From a creepypasta horror farm to a bullish love tale and from the bloody metal deck of the ESS Arclight to superhero octopus food trucks, you can transform your shortest stolen moments into utter delights with this diverse collection of 33 flash fiction stories.Commuting to work? Grabbing a quick coffee? Each story tells a complete tale in but a few short minutes with the added promise of a ... Read more


  • Audiobook

    Old Venus

    A Collection of Stories


    22 hours 17 min

    Sixteen all-new stories by science fiction’s top talents, collected by bestselling author George R. R. Martin and multiple-award-winning editor Gardner DozoisFrom pulp adventures such as Edgar Rice Burroughs’s Carson of Venus to classic short stories such as RayBradbury’s “The Long Rain” to visionary novels such as C. S. Lewis’s Perelandra, the planet Venus has loomed almost as large in the ... Read more

    $27.50 USD or free with audiobook trial

  • Lando Cruz and the Coup Conspiracy

    series Lando Cruz
    The United States is in slow-motion economic collapse. The Three Strikes Act funnels the unemployed masses into a national network of work camps for the most trivial of infractions.Lando Cruz is a scrappy rebel who risks his final strike on the streets of Philadelphia by trading illegal currencies under cover of a burrito stand. He spends his days bribing dirty cops, fending off undercover federal ... Read more

    $4.99 USD