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  • A Nine In Time

    “A Nine In Time” provides a glimpse into the life and background of one of the main characters of the Quantum Series – Johnathan Scrooby, a Time Agent working for that super-secret clandestine organization, the Time Saving Agency. "A Nine In Time" overlaps “Prodigal Sun”, the fifth book in the series!Get it now, FREE! ... Read more


  • The Jug Of Death

    "It’s a funny old ‘verse," Flane thought. Most people who found out a cursed object was responsible for the untimely messy – and unavoidably mysterious deaths of 13 people, would steer the hell clear of it... but for some weird reason, some people seemed to think that owning such a thing was a smart investment – or that it would somehow end well for them!"The Jug Of Death" is a preview of "Panic! ... Read more


  • Escape From Paradise

    Joe Lofflin suffers from boredom and wanderlust while awaiting the Mordrake’s eventual reactivation.Eager to leave the terribly ‘perfect hell’ that is Tremaine, Lofflin passes the time immersed in social pursuits with his boyfriend Dellon – who is also a junior member of his crew - and is introduced to his new Exo at the starship Mordrake’s rededication ceremony. The ship is due to leave on their ... Read more


  • Overkill

    Who is the mysterious Mykl d'Angelo? Where did he come from? Why was so much of his past before joining the Space Fleet locked away behind secret protocols? “Overkill” provides a glimpse into the life and background of one of the main characters of the Galaxii Series and contains over 15000 words worth of new material not seen in any of the novels! ... Read more


  • Broken Promises

    “Broken Promises” is set just two decades after the Big Nuke, on the eve of the Gimp War, when Earth faced the threat of alien conquest by a horde of invading Ruminarii. Set about a century before “Blachart”, book 1 in the Galaxii Series, "Broken Promises" frames the background for the entire series. ... Read more


  • Going Quantum

    "Going Quantum" is a preview and introduction to the Quantum Series, featuring one of the main characters, former CIA agent Cindy-Mei Winter. The last night of Mei's journey to Deanna aboard the S.S. Duval, contains over 3000 words of completely new, original material. ... Read more


  • A Badfeller's Tale

    Set just before “Black Sunrise”, the first book in that series, "A Badfeller's Tale" is 2550 words of completely new material about Gary Beck that doesn't appear in any of the novels! ... Read more


  • Best Served Cold

    Revenge. Getting even. Fighting back. Whatever it's called, it's supposed to warrant two graves – or at least, that's how one old saying went – usually, in the case of mere mortal Human beings. In the case of the Human race as a whole, it was less about that and more about survival.Having just survived the Big Nuke twenty years before, a recovering Earth just beginning to reap the rewards of ... Read more


  • When Darkness Calls

    Ghosts. Hauntings. Disembodied voices. Malicious entities that make it their goal to destroy their victims utterly. The things that go bump in the night... They're real.Sometimes the most unlikely of people find themselves under attack by supernatural entities - and usually no-one will believe them. If they say anything, they risk becoming the butt-end of countless jokes about the paranormal. ... Read more


  • Mirror, Mirror

    Things aren't always as they seem. Neither was Charlie Branson - or Andy Niksn.Outwardly, Charlie appeared to be the successful, respected, somewhat over-paid Captain of a commercial space liner.In truth, it was 2025 - space liners did not yet exist, and the space liner Freedom was really just a very expensive set - a fancy simulator for wealthy clients the company took on simulated cruises into ... Read more


  • Demonspawn

    Book 2 - Galaxii
    The I.S.S. Mordrake is in serious trouble after a skirmish with a Corsair marauder, she is stranded in deep space far from regular shipping routes and death appears certain.but in space, not all things are certain, not even death.Adrift and stranded in deep space with no hope of rescue, the I.S.S. Mordrake has six months worth of food left, but just less than two weeks of air and things are ... Read more


  • Sentinel

    Book 4 - Galaxii
    The starship I.S.S. Munray is an old ship crewed by a lot of ill-disciplined misfits barely one step away from another court-martial - and the Captain's the worst of the lot! When the opportunity presents itself for Vice-Admiral Beens to rid himself of the troublesome, malingering Wynne Polluk, he jumps at the chance to introduce a new broom, in the form of one Sonia La Belle.In order to meet the ... Read more