Read anywhere with the Kobo app for iPhone and iPad

Whether you're a frequent commuter or just need to pass the time waiting in line, you don't have to carry your Kobo with you all the time to enjoy your Kobo library. Simply download the free Kobo app to read anywhere.

Continue your story where you left off

You don't have to wait until you get home to resume your story. The Kobo app syncs all your bookmarks, so you can read between your smartphone, tablet, computer, or Kobo device and pick up right where you last left off. Manage your device storage through the Kobo app by downloading only the books you want.

Leading magazines at your finger tips

Have a list of magazines you've been meaning to read? Kobo now offers a fully stocked catalogue of the world's best magazines, conveniently all in one place. Plus, the exclusive Guided Reading feature lets you breeze through articles for an uninterrupted read. You can seamlessly navigate through the article, even if it continues at the end of the magazine, all with a simple tap.

Find exactly what you're looking for

If you've got something specific in mind to read, just open the Kobo app and type in the title, author, or topic in the search bar — it's that easy!

Discover your next great read

The Kobo app makes it easy to enjoy one great read after the next. Browse Collections to find curated content based around the interests you're most passionate about.

The best reading experience for kids

Kobo ensures a safe environment for kids of all ages to read the books they love. Parental controls allow you to create special kid accounts with safe search, so they'll only be able to access content that's right for them.

Create your perfect reading experience

The Kobo app includes features designed to help you read comfortably, no matter where you are. Getting ready to read in bed? Easily switch from day to night mode. Subway lighting a little dull? Just turn up the brightness. You can even choose from multiple font styles and sizes to help minimize eyestrain.