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Big Ideas in Books

Books on the history and culture of Ukraine

Learn about the people, culture, and history of Ukraine from remarkable writers who know the country best.

Recommended Reading

Music biographies as good as a backstage pass

Your backstage look at icons behind some of the most memorable music of the past 80 years, spanning pop, jazz, rock, and more.

Kobo in Conversation Podcast

R.H. Thomson on viewing wars by the light of family history

Michael spoke with R.H. Thomson: actor, director, playwright, and author of By the Ghost Light: Wars, Memory, and Families, a memoir and travelogue.

Big Ideas in Books

Banned books worth reading

These books, many of which are reader favourites, are often challenged and even sometimes banned. It's a humbling privilege to be able to read them.

Recommended Reading

Books that celebrate Black Joy

Books that celebrate all kinds of Black joy: fiction and non-fiction sure to entertain, inspire, and energize every kind of reader.

Recommended Reading

Mysteries and thrillers by Black authors

Find page-turning thrills, plot twists, and suspense in these mysteries and thrillers by Black authors.

New eBooks and Audiobooks

90 new eBooks and audiobooks coming out February 13 - 26, 2024

A real-life Succession story, T. Kingfisher feasts, burnout help, an encyclopedia on all things Armentrout, and an extremely hardcore business story.

Recommended Reading

Happily never after: love stories that end in tears

Books full of passion, intimacy, and romance for readers who want to hold onto the ache of a love story that grows from a crush... into crushing sadness.

Recommended Reading

Can't-miss mythology retellings

Revel in the magic, adventure, romance and revenge of these mythological retellings of ancient tales of Greece, China, India, and more.

New eBooks and Audiobooks

58 new eBooks and audiobooks coming out February 6 - 12, 2024

A slow burn from the author of Seven Days in June, a surprise return to the Celestial Kingdom, and The Authors Guild's COVID collaborative novel.

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