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10 books like A Court of Thorns and Roses

If you're looking for more enchanting fantasy romance novels like A Court of Thorns and Roses, look no further.

Kobo in Conversation Podcast

Beneath the veneer with Naben Ruthnum and André Forget

Authors Naben Ruthnum and André Forget interviewed live on stage at the Toronto International Festival of Authors about their darkly comic new novels.

Kobo Products and Features

Kobo's Black Friday Deals

Shop Kobo's hottest Black Friday deals on eReaders, eBooks, and audiobooks.

Recommended Reading

Kobo's picks for the best books of 2022

The best eBooks and audiobooks published in 2022, as chosen by Kobo's bookselling team.

New eBooks and Audiobooks

41 new eBooks and audiobooks coming out November 22 – 28, 2022

Patterson passes the torch, a historian goes medieval on sex, Zoraida Córdova's new Star Wars series, and the Ruffin family's awards for racism.

Big Ideas in Books

Must-read books on #MeToo

She Said was released in 2019 along with several other books on high-profile workplace sexual harassment—and cover-ups. Learn about them all here.

Recommended Reading

Love stories you can listen to anywhere

Take these romance audiobooks with you anywhere and enjoy love stories on the go.

Recommended Reading

Audiobooks to help you get back on track

Audiobooks for helping you feel better, more grounded, more resilient, to improve your relationships, and allow you to live your best life.

Recommended Reading

Mystery audiobooks featuring women sleuths

Crime fiction audiobooks including police procedurals, domestic noir, and a cozy mystery: featuring smart women piecing together clues to solve the case.

New eBooks and Audiobooks

52 new eBooks and audiobooks coming out November 15 – 21, 2022

Advice from Michelle Obama, the next Flesh and Fire installment, what Prince and Dickens have in common, and speculative fiction from Africa and beyond.

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