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Big Ideas

How the women of Kobo #ChooseToChallenge

The road toward change is long.In 1910, Clara Zetkin, a German socialist and rabble-rouser calling for women's and workers' rights, proposed that March 8th be set aside each year as Women's Day, to commemorate those first struggles for equality and fairness. The idea was adopted by early feminists...

The Bookish Life

The books that help us at Kobo to #ChooseToChallenge

We're celebrating International Women's Day 2021 by sharing some of our favourite eBooks and audiobooksThese are books that challenged our assumptions and beliefs, helped us step up to a challenge (whether gender-based or not), or that we turn to for comfort or support when the going gets rough....

The Bookish Life

Like podcasts? You’ll LOVE these audiobooks

It seems like whatever you’re into, there’s a podcast to help you explore your passion, follow your curiosity, keep you entertained, or just keep you company. Audiobooks are a great way to pick up from where podcasts leave off, when you want more than a single episode can...

Author Interviews

Molecular biologist Dr Christian Smith on the books that are elemental to him

In The Scientist and the Psychic science researcher Christian Smith considers his childhood experiences and his mother's profession as a famous psychic from the perspective of a loving son and skeptic. He spoke to us about the books of his childhood, and his hope for public science literacy...

Big Ideas

A #StopAsianHate Reading List

From the immigrant experience to a hard look at race and history, consider these a starting point to fighting anti-Asian racism and uplifting Asian storiesSince the pandemic began, incidents of racism and violence towards Asians of American and Canadian descent have skyrocketed. StopAAPIHate, a group that has been...

New & Hot Reads

30 new eBooks and audiobooks coming out March 2 - 8

Welcome back to New & Hot Reads, where we talk about some of the most anticipated books coming out nowIt was disappointing to learn a few weeks ago about the cancellation of the new TV series Trickster, based on Son of a Trickster by Eden Robinson. But now...

The Bookish Life

Coaching Black students across the finish line

As if high school didn’t have enough challenges to overcome, a report released by Toronto's York University revealed what many have known for decades: the system puts Black students at a disadvantage.In addition to juggling classes and extracurriculars, Black students are forced to navigate a system that is...

Author Interviews

What Samra Habib has been reading

Samra Habib is a photographer and author of We Have Always Been Here: A Queer Muslim Memoir, which was named by CBC Canada Reads as a book every Canadian should read. What are you reading now? I have about five books on the go: Breasts and Eggs by...

New & Hot Reads

31 new eBooks and audiobooks coming out February 23 - March 1

Welcome back to New & Hot Reads, where we talk about some of the most anticipated books coming out nowIt’s one thing to intellectually grasp that race is a socially-constructed concept. It’s quite another to grow up with a different racial identity for yourself than what society automatically...

Author Interviews

What Bryan Washington is reading

Bryan Washington is a writer's writer -- and he's just getting started. He burst into the literary spotlight in 2019 with his short story collection Lot. His debut novel Memorial was published to widespread acclaim in 2020.What are you reading now? My Brilliant Life by Ae-ran Kim and...

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