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Products and Features

Products and Features

Kobo's biggest 2019 Black Friday sales

In advance of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we wanted to share some of the biggest book, device and audiobook sales Kobo is offering across the globe.

Products and Features

From best-sellers to personal documents, Kobo Forma introduces Dropbox for limitless reading

Rakuten Kobo announces the launch of Dropbox support for their eReader, Kobo Forma.

Products and Features

Kobo Libra H2O: why we need reading now more than ever

We’ve just launched our newest eReader, the Kobo Libra H2O, which is, I am happy to report, one of our best-selling devices ever.

Products and Features

How-to listen to Kobo audiobooks in your car with CarPlay

Perfect for long drives, short trips, and the commute, CarPlay allows you to listen to the words of your favourite authors and audiobooks.

Products and Features

Kobo Forma – sometimes you have to be flexible to win

"We put Kobo Forma through some very unofficial tests. And we got creative."As a technology company created by booklovers, for booklovers, we are always looking for ways to make the reading experience better. What could be better than a paper book you say? Isn’t the technology of a...

The Bookish Life

The surprising endurance of the eReader

May 2010, the original Kobo eReader. None of us had ever built an eReader before, which was good because otherwise we would have known how hard it is… eBooks don’t have the seasonality of print books at all. There is no pre-Christmas sales spike, no December frenzy [0]...

Products and Features

Walmart’s New Digital Book Offering is Worth Exploring

Michael Tamblyn, President and CEO, Rakuten Kobo As an avid book lover, I couldn’t be more excited about the new digital book options now available through Walmart eBooks by Rakuten Kobo. As we begin this new partnership, I wanted to share a little about who we are...

Products and Features

How to manage your audiobook subscription

Allow yourself to be told a story with Kobo audiobooks on the free Kobo App for iOS and Android, by choosing from an array of audiobooks across all genres, with a long list of narrators to fall in love with. Sound good so far? With a risk-free...

Products and Features

Kobo Instant Reader Now Available on iPhone

Kobo is excited to give iPhone users everywhere the ultimate flexibility to browse, preview and buy their favourite eBooks with the Kobo Instant Reader, powered by HTML5. Previously available for iPad, Chrome, and Safari users, now iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 customers can enjoy all of the features...

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