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Catch up on new features, enhancements, and fixes for Kobo eReaders and Kobo apps on web, iOS, and Android—plus get sneak peeks at what we're working on.

Kobo Products and Features

eReader vs. Tablet: which is the best screen for reading?

Even though both offer color screens, in eReader vs tablet comparisons there are still notable differences such as eye strain, battery life, and weight.

Kobo Products and Features

What’s the best eReader to buy?

Learn how to shop for an eReader by comparing features such as screen color, size, capacity for books, and battery life.

Kobo Products and Features

Kobo’s winter 2023 update on new features and fixes

We're closing out 2023 by shortening paths to all kinds of reading, with new Read Now buttons, plus quicker Pocket and Overdrive access—and much more.

Big Ideas in Books

Reading is good for you.

Discover the 4 biggest benefits that come from making time to read. Could books be the missing piece to your overall wellness puzzle?

Kobo Products and Features

Kobo's Black Friday Deals

Kobo's hottest Black Friday deals on eReaders, eBooks, and audiobooks are here! Check back to see when new deals are added!

Kobo Products and Features

Kobo’s Summer 2023 update on new features and fixes

We're rounding up all the new features and fixes we've released through summer 2023, including library borrowing, Apple Pencil® compatibility, and more.

Big Ideas in Books

Duly noted: do we learn better through handwriting or typing?

Studies of handwriting vs. typing as competing methods of notetaking have revealed significant differences in how each method impacts learning outcomes.

Kobo Products and Features

Kobo’s Spring 2023 update on new features and fixes

The newest features and fixes in Kobo apps and eReaders include Apple Pencil, Dark Mode, Notebook syncing, and more!

Big Ideas in Books

Check out the most highlighted and quoted books

These are some of the most highlighted and annotated books on Kobo, where readers have found inspiration, insight, and words worth remembering.

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