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12 of the best books on becoming a great leader in business

Whether you're a new manager learning ropes or a veteran stepping up your game, these audiobooks offer some of the best business leadership wisdom around.

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More of the best audiobook narrators

For audiobook fans, there are incredible voice actors to choose from when selecting a new listen. Below are just a few of the best narrators working today.

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The best holiday romance audiobooks

Romance stories about Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year's Eve, and Diwali--narrated by the best voices around.

Big Ideas

Science journalist Michael Specter on writing for audio

Michael Specter, science journalist and staff writer for the New Yorker spoke with us about the writing process that went into his audiobook, Fauci.

Author Interviews

Comedian Ron James on writing off-road

Canadian stand-up comic Ron James spoke with us about writing his new book, and why the audiobook is the truest representation of his art.

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Audiobooks to help you make the most of your time

If you're sick of time management tips, here are audiobooks to help with mindfulness, focusing on what matters, and spending time with purpose and meaning.

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The best audiobook narrators of all time (so far)

A narrator can make or break an audiobook listening experience. These voices are some of the very best in the business and are sure to please your ears.

Kobo Staff Picks

More audiobooks that are better than reading

For readers who want to spend their precious listening time with the best audiobooks, we've gathered some of the best ears-only reading experiences.

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Audiobooks for family road trips

Audiobooks for every family that’ll keep passengers of all ages entertained while passing time on the road together.

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