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The Bookish Life

Six of the best scary audiobooks

Horror has the capacity to frighten, startle, disturb, and sometimes all three at once. If books can send chills down our spines, audiobooks can scare us absolutely silly. We asked some of Kobo’s utmost horror enthusiasts for their favourite spine-tingling suggestions. If you’re really brave, you’ll listen...

The Bookish Life

The best classic horror stories

There’s something about this time of year that makes me crave a scary story. I love the dark nights and the delicious sensation of icy, cold fingers of fear as they crawl up my spine to caress the back of my neck when I’m reading or listening...

The Bookish Life

Seven different types of readers

To all booklovers out there: this list definitely isn’t definitive. Here are seven different types of readers. Where do you fit?

The Bookish Life

Five favourite books from the 2000s

I was a couple days shy of my 16th birthday when the year 2000 rolled around, but I still remember the excitement and fear people felt surrounding the millennium (Y2K, anyone?). I wasn’t old enough to go out clubbing, but even from the comfort of my best friend’s...

Corner Office

The surprising endurance of the eReader

May 2010, the original Kobo eReader. None of us had ever built an eReader before, which was good because otherwise we would have known how hard it is… eBooks don’t have the seasonality of print books at all. There is no pre-Christmas sales spike, no December frenzy [0]...

The Bookish Life

How to use the Kobo Wishlist feature

With holiday season quickly approaching (before you blink it’ll be Black Friday), there are so many things to keep track of: gifts, dinner parties, new book releases, and it can be overwhelming. Whether you’re an organized bee or a “fly by the seat of your pants” type...

My Reading Life

Portrait of a listener: DJ Josephine Cruz

Photo credit: Ted Belton Meet Josephine Cruz (better known as, DJ JAYEMKAYEM). You feel her presence when she walks into a room: self-assured, full of wisdom, and like you’re about to catch up with an old friend. When she’s not travelling the world, Josephine is creating sets...

The Bookish Life

A booklist inspired by dysfunctional families

Ahhh, I adore the holidays because I get to spend time with my wonderful family – chatting, playing board games, time off work and school, eating delicious food… it’s all good. But, even though I love my family to pieces, things can get intense when you’re in...

The Bookish Life

The best audiobooks that sound like movies

Ok, there is a great and unwinnable debate on books-to-movies and which is better. But what about books that actually sound like movies? If you’ve ever cruised around satellite or public radio and had the happy pleasure of stumbling on a radio drama, you know the kind...

The Bookish Life

The best banned books of the 21st century

In the information age, it's virtually impossible to ban books. The internet is a real thing, a vast realm where no rock remains unturned, or unturned for long. The only way to hide anything from the Internet is if it doesn't exist at all. In our glorious...

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