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The Bookish Life

Best books to read this spring

A round-up of the best books to read this spring, as recommended by Kobo's expert booksellers.

New & Hot Reads

29 new eBooks and audiobooks we’re looking forward to this week

New eBooks and audiobooks out March 24, including Welcome to Night Vale, James Patterson, Emily St. John Mandel, the oral history of The Office, and more.

The Bookish Life

A round-up of our favourite reads and book recommendations

A round-up of some of our favourite recent posts, with recommendations for loads of eBooks and audiobooks for every reader.

Kobo in Conversation

Podcast: Lauren McKeon is done being nice

Journalist and essayist (and 2018 Kobo Emerging Writer Prize nominee) Lauren McKeon spoke with us about whether women can succeed without being "nice."

New & Hot Reads

27 new eBooks and audiobooks we're looking forward to reading this week

New eBooks and audiobooks for the week of March 17, 2020. Including Kathy Reichs, Patricia Briggs, and an expanded novelization of The Rise of Skywalker.

The Bookish Life

20 long books to read while staying in

No need to feel cooped up with nothing to do when there are epic — and we mean EPIC — books to be read to take you far, far away.

Kobo in Conversation

Podcast: Jesse Thistle on rising up from the ashes

We spoke with Jesse Thistle, Métis-Cree scholar and author, about his journey from homelessness to academia and his poetic memoir, From the Ashes.


8 audiobooks written and narrated by women

Eight audiobooks that were written by women, and are masterfully narrated by female voices.

New & Hot Reads

28 new eBooks and audiobooks we’re looking forward to this week

The finale of Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall trilogy, a romance book for non-romance fans, and self-help from the husband of the author of Girl, Wash Your Face.

Kobo in Conversation

Podcast: Robyn Doolittle asks what's fair in the #MeToo movement

Robyn Doolittle came by to speak with us about fairness, ethics, and the law in the realm of sexual consent and how attitudes have shifted since #MeToo.

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