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  • 3 persoon vond deze recensie nuttig

    3 personen vonden deze recensie nuttig

    3 van de 3 mensen vond(en) deze recensie nuttig

    Bedankt voor je feedback!

    Heather Gudenkauf is clearly one of the best!

    I received this book free from Goodreads First Reads in exchange for an honest review. I have to say, when I realized I won this book, I was so excited. Heather Gudenkauf is definitely one of my favourite authors, I was in love with her books from the first one I read. , She weaves a story so wrought with emotion, you can't not become involved. I received the book the day before Christmas, Merry Christmas to me and I waited a couple of days, eyeing it longingly. I wanted to devour it right away, but I also wanted to put it off, since then it would be over and I'd have to wait another year or so for another of her gems. And once I started it, I couldn't stop. So enough of that. Initially I was a little surprised at this book, maybe a teensy weensy bit disappointed that this was little more of a mystery/thriller than her usual drama novels, although this one does have drama, lots of it. Saying that though, it did not change the quality of her writing, her descriptions so vivid it's like you are there, and her ability to draw you into the story and engross you, her characters so real, nor did it change how I felt about the book, it is definitely still a five star book. Sarah's husband Jack is from a small town in Iowa, Penny Gate. He hasn't been back there in 20 years. He never talks about his past, all Sarah knows is that his parents died in a car accident. When Jack's aunt, who raised him and his sister Amy after the death of their parents, has an accidental fall, Sarah and Jack go back to the small town Jack grew up in. But almost instantly, things take a turn for the worse, actually really worse. Sarah learns that everything her husband has told her about his past was a lie, so many secrets he has never revealed. And how did Julia fall, is there more to that? The more Sarah learns, and she can't help herself, the more she learns about the man she married, does she even know him at all? Sarah is a likable character; although I didn't like how she just wanted to leave town and leave Jack in one of the worst times of his life. I tried to put myself in her position and wondered how I would feel in the same situation, would I doubt my husband, would I think my husband was capable of such terrible things? Would I truly resent him for keeping me in the dark or would I try to be more compassionate and understanding? This book kept me guessing all through as my mind went from one theory to another. Several times I would almost cringe at something Sarah would do in fear that it wouldn't end well. I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone, this book and all of her others are fantastic reads. Thank you to Heather Gudenkauf, Goodreads and the publishers for sending this book to me and allowing me the privilege to read and review it.
  • 1 persoon vond deze recensie nuttig

    1 personen vonden deze recensie nuttig

    1 van de 1 mensen vond(en) deze recensie nuttig

    Bedankt voor je feedback!


    Loved this book. Hard to stop reading. The characters were interesting. Love to visit Montana. See you soon

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