Reading is fun.
Social reading is more fun.

Share your love of reading with friends and discover new eBooks with the Kobo app for Facebook Timeline.

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Sharing your reading activity with your Facebook friends is simple. Just download our app and add your Facebook account under settings and turn sharing to Facebook on.

Already have one of our apps or devices? Simply add your Facebook account under settings and social preferences, and follow the steps from above. It's that easy!


See which of your friends are reading with Kobo and engage them in conversations about the eBooks they've read. You can check out their reading activity and discover new eBooks you may want to read. Just click on an eBook cover to get a free preview.


Share your reading activity with Facebook friends. When you read with your Kobo App or device, your reading activity is posted to your Facebook Timeline. Your Timeline will include a special section to display and track your activity, creating a personal reading dashboard.


Control what you share. Choose how much (or how little) you want to share - it's completely up to you. On mobile apps and Kobo Vox, just tap the broadcast button to turn sharing on and off. On Kobo Touch, tap the wrench icon. It's that easy!