Carry over 1,000 eBooks in your pocket

  • With expandable memory on most Kobo devices, you can carry up to 30,000 more eBooks.
  • Light, compact, and easy to carry — take your entire library wherever you go.
  • Incredible battery life of up to one month on a single charge means you can read as long as you like.

Easy reading

Choose from adjustable fonts and font sizes to customize your reading experience

  • Kobo has the most customization options with 7 font styles and 24 font sizes at your fingertips. Or use Kobo's custom font designed by typography geniuses to leave more ink on the page, making for a crisper and easier read.
  • E Ink screens are optimized for a print-on-paper reading experience by using actual ink particles to create a crisp, print-like text.
    • Kobo Glo uses a high-res XGA screen so text is extraordinarily clear and crisp.
  • Read at night with Kobo Glo's ComfortLight. It's the integrated front-light destined to make lamps and lighting accessories obsolete for reading in low-light situations.
    • The front-light cleverly and evenly diffuses light across the screen to reduce the risk of eyestrain associated with backlit solutions.
  • Want to read in colour? Kobo Arc was made for full-colour magazines, comics, graphic novels, cookbooks, and picture books.
    • Kobo Arc has a high-res, multi-touch display, so the vivid colour display is best for comics, graphic novels, and magazines.

Shop anywhere

Access nearly 3 million eBooks worldwide, from bestsellers and new releases to hidden gems — plus 1 million free titles all from the Kobo eBookstore

  • Shop for eBooks on the go with built-in Wi Fi.
  • Amazing eBooks don't have to cost a fortune. Most eBooks come in at around $8–10 each.
  • Just like at a bricks-and-mortar bookstore, you can preview any eBook before you buy it.
  • Kobo Picks pays attention to your preferences, and listens to your feedback, to help make choosing an eBook from our enormous selection easy.

Why Kobo?

Transform any device into an eReader

  • Sync your eBooks and bookmarks to your smartphone, computer, or tablet and enjoy cover-to-cover reading with free Kobo Apps.
    • Free Kobo apps are top-rated for iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac, PC, Blackberry PlayBook, and most smartphones, so you get all the advantages of a Kobo eReader on a device you already own: shop, read, and customize your eReading experience.

Read Freely

  • Kobo eReaders and eBooks are open, so you can move your eBooks from device to device and read many different file types.
    • Kobo believes your eBooks are yours to keep. Kobo's open platform lets you take your library wherever you want, even if it's to another open eReader. You can also read eBooks from other open eBookstores on your Kobo eReader.

Borrow from local libraries

  • Borrow and return eBooks from your local library from the comfort of your own home.

Advanced features for an advanced experience

  • Take notes, highlight passages, look up words, and more with many advanced features right on your Kobo eReader.
    • Get to know yourself and your reading style better, as you track your reading stats, achievements, and milestones with Reading Life.

Read social

  • Share your reading experiences with your social network.
    • Link your Kobo account to your Facebook account and post your Reading Life awards, stats, and favourite passages directly to your Facebook Timeline (or Twitter).
    • Kobo Pulse on Kobo Arc is a whole new world of social reading. Share your ideas on passages, add your comments, or join discussions right in the pages of the eBook you're reading. Plus, read reviews from other readers or create and share your own!

Fashion meets function

  • Kobo readers don't fit into a mold. That's why Kobo eReaders come in a range of stylish colours, and many can be personalized with an interchangeable back so your Kobo eReader will look as great as you do!