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Best of the Month

Thicker than Water

A Memoir

Narrated by Kerry Washington ...
Award-winning actor, director, producer, and activist Kerry Washington shares the deeply moving journey of her life so far, and the bravely intimate story of discovering her truth.While on a drive in Los Angeles, on a seemingly average afternoon, Kerry Washington received a text message that would send her on a life-changing journey of self-discovery. In an instant, her very identity was torn apart, with everything she thought she knew about herself thrown into que...
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$24.99 or free with audiobook trial

Best of the Month

Nineteen Steps

A Novel

Narrated by Millie Bobby Brown ...
Read the audiobook of Nineteen Steps, narrated in full by Millie Bobby BrownEmmy-nominated actress and producer MILLIE BOBBY BROWN's debut novel, Nineteen Steps, is a moving tale of love, longing, and loss, inspired by the true events of her family's experience during World War II.*"My inner history-loving teenage geek clapped her hands in ecstasy at the thought of a historical novel penned by Enola Holmes, and she wasn't disap...
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$26.99 or free with audiobook trial