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  • Bent Coppers

    by Graeme McLagan

    The inside story of a secret unit that has worked under cover to expose corruption in the Metropolitan Police since the early 1990s.'If you want a book that is genuinely 'unputdownable' read BENT COPPERS' Johnny Vaughan, THE SUN'A very engaging read - the outrageous nature of bent cops' behaviour guarantees that' SUNDAY TELEGRAPHShocked by the extent of corruption within its ranks, Scotland Yard ... Read more

    $12.99 AUD

  • Australian Cartel Regulation

    Law, Policy and Practice in an International Context

    by Caron Beaton-Wells and 1 more

    Cartel regulation is a prime element of competition policy and an essential means of minimising the adverse effects of cartel activity on economic welfare. However, effective cartel regulation poses distinct challenges for governments, competition authorities and commentators across the globe. In Australian Cartel Regulation, leading competition law experts Caron Beaton-Wells and Brent Fisse ... Read more

    $155.20 AUD

  • The Antitrust Paradigm

    Restoring a Competitive Economy

    by Jonathan B. Baker

    At a time when tech giants have amassed vast market power, Jonathan Baker shows how laws and regulations can be updated to ensure more competition. The sooner courts and antitrust enforcement agencies stop listening to the Chicago school and start paying attention to modern economics, the sooner Americans will reap the benefits of competition. ... Read more

    $58.84 AUD

  • United States v. Apple

    Competition in America

    by Chris Sagers

    In 2012, when the Justice Department sued Apple and five book publishers for price fixing, many observers sided with the defendants. It was a reminder that, in practice, Americans are ambivalent about competition. Chris Sagers shows why protecting price competition, even when it hurts some of us, is crucial if antitrust law is to preserve markets. ... Read more

    $36.84 AUD

  • Virtual Competition

    by Ariel Ezrachi

    Ariel Ezrachi and Maurice Stucke take a hard look at today’s app-assisted paradise of digital shopping. The algorithms and data-crunching that make online purchasing so convenient are also changing the nature of the market by shifting power into the hands of the few, with risks to competition, our democratic ideals, and our overall well-being. ... Read more

    $24.74 AUD

  • The Historical Foundations of EU Competition Law

    by Kiran Klaus Patel and 1 more

    Shedding new light on the foundations of European competition law, this volume is a legal and historical study of the emerging law and its evolution through the 1980s. It retraces the development and critical junctures of competition law not only at the level of the European Economic Community but also at the level of major Member States of the EEC. Intensely researched and rich with insights, the ... Read more

    $179.73 AUD

  • The International Dimension of EU Competition Law and Policy

    by Anestis S. Papadopoulos

    series Antitrust and Competition Law
    Modern competition law was first employed by countries over one hundred years ago in order to address issues relating to restrictions of trade at the national level. Recent international economic integration has weakened the distinction between the domestic and the international in several fields of economic activity, and consequently the laws which regulate such activity, competition law included ... Read more

    $113.18 AUD

  • The Great Leveler

    by Brett Christophers

    Brett Christophers shows how laws help capitalism maintain a crucial balance between competition and monopoly. When monopolistic forces dominate, antitrust law discourages the growth of corporations and restores competitiveness. When competition becomes dominant, intellectual property law protects corporate assets and encourages investment. ... Read more

    $62.69 AUD

  • Making Markets Work for Africa

    Markets, Development, and Competition Law in Sub-Saharan Africa

    by Eleanor M. Fox and 1 more

    This book focuses on market law and policy in sub-Saharan Africa, showing how markets can be harnessed by poorer and developing economies to help make the markets work for them: to help them integrate into the world economy and provide a better standard of living for their people while preserving their values of inclusive development. It explores uses of power both by dominant firms, often ... Read more

    $53.89 AUD

  • The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Handbook

    A Practical Guide for Multinational Counsel, Transactional Lawyers and White Collar Criminal Practitioners

    by Robert W. Tarun and 1 more

    With its comprehensive analysis of potential FCPA liabilities and sound practical suggestions as to how to deal with them, this book is a very valuable asset for both unseasoned and seasoned FCPA practitioners. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Handbook, Fifth Edition offers 50 new FCPA resolutions, including coverage of Brazil, Canada, China, India, Russia, and UK statutes. You’ll also find ... Read more

    $344.07 AUD


    Why the Supreme Court Got It Right in American Express

    by David S. Evans and 1 more

    This book explores the implications of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Ohio et al. v. American Express, and the preceding litigation, for the treatment of multisided platforms under U.S. antitrust law. It is based on a series of articles that the authors wrote (either jointly or individually), leading up to and in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s decision.The authors consider that the ... Read more

    $13.19 AUD

  • The Oxford Handbook of International Antitrust Economics, Volume 2

    by Roger D. Blair and 1 more

    series Oxford Handbooks
    More than any other area of regulation, antitrust economics shapes law and policy in the United States, the Americas, Europe, and Asia. In a number of different areas of antitrust, advances in theory and empirical work have caused a fundamental reevaluation and shift of some of the assumptions behind antitrust policy. This reevaluation has profound implications for the future of the field. The ... Read more

    $241.99 AUD

  • EU Cartel Law and Economics

    by Cedric Argenton and 2 more

    The significant evolution of EU competition law in the last 15 years has been fundamentally influenced by economic theory, and economic aspects of cartel prosecution are increasingly relevant in modern competition practice. EU Cartel Law and Economics is the first book-length assessment of cartels from an integrated law and economics perspective. This perspective allows for a more insightful ... Read more

    $345.61 AUD

  • The Internationalisation of Competition Rules

    by Brendan J. Sweeney

    series Routledge Research in Competition Law
    The widespread move towards more market-driven models of political economy combined with the expanding internationalisation of business and commerce has led to a series of proposals for global competition rules. To date these proposals have been hotly contested. The purpose of this book is to investigate in some depth whether there is a rational foundation for pursuing international competition ... Read more

    $69.73 AUD

  • Governing Privacy in Knowledge Commons

    by Madelyn Rose Sanfilippo and 2 more

    series Cambridge Studies on Governing Knowledge Commons
    Governing Privacy in Knowledge Commons explores how privacy impacts knowledge production, community formation, and collaborative governance in diverse contexts, ranging from academia and IoT, to social media and mental health. Using nine new case studies and a meta-analysis of previous knowledge commons literature, the book integrates the Governing Knowledge Commons framework with Helen Nissenbaum ... Read more

    $130.56 AUD

  • Procurement of Utilities

    Law and Practice

    by Matthew Collinson

    Aimed primarily at non-regulatory lawyers this book provides a practical guide to transactions involving utilities and in particular the procurement of goods and services from utilities (rather than by utilities). Focusing on the law of England and Wales, the book covers the regulation of utilities including gas, electricity, water, sewerage, and telecommunications. It also addresses the relevant ... Read more

    $414.80 AUD

  • Droit européen de la concurrence

    by Jean-François Bellis

    series Competition Law/Droit de la concurrence
    Le manuel « Droit européen de la concurrence » couvre l’intégralité du droit européen de la concurrence à l’exclusion des aides d’État. Il permet à son lecteur d’avoir une vision d’ensemble de cette matière technique, aisément accessible et illustrée des affaires les plus marquantes du droit européen de la concurrence. Il s’organise en dix chapitres qui examinent successivement les règles de ... Read more

    $119.99 AUD

  • Competition Policy and the Control of Buyer Power

    A Global Issue

    by Peter C. Carstensen

    This book provides a comprehensive overview of the economic and competition policy issues that buyer power creates. Drawing on economic analysis and cases from around the world, it explains why conventional seller side standards and analyses do not provide an adequate framework for responding to the problems that buyer power can create. Based on evidence that abuse of buyer power is a serious ... Read more

    $55.32 AUD

  • EU Competition Law

    Cases, Texts and Context

    by Eleanor M. Fox and 1 more

    This clear and concise textbook presents EU competition law in political, economic and comparative context. It combines excerpts from key EU rulings with discussions of enforcement policy issues and comparisons with US antitrust cases. Untangling the complex set of factors driving individual outcomes, it is the perfect companion for any student or practitioner in the field. ... Read more

    $69.18 AUD

  • Competition Law and Economic Regulation

    Making and Managing Markets

    by Niamh Dunne

    Niamh Dunne undertakes a systematic exploration of the relationship between competition law and economic regulation as legal mechanisms of market control. Beginning from a theoretical assessment of these legal instruments as discrete mechanisms, the author goes on to address numerous facets of the substantive interrelationship between competition law and economic regulation. She considers, amongst ... Read more

    $120.66 AUD

  • Antitrust between EU law and national law / Antitrust fra diritto nazionale e diritto dell'Unione Europea

    Xe conference

    by Enrico Adriano Raffaelli

    series Union des avocats européens (UAE)
    This work contains the papers of the Tenth Conference on “Antitrust between EU Law and national law”, held in Treviso on May 17 and 18 , 2012 under the patronage of the European Lawyers Union – Union des Avocats Européens (UAE), the Associazione Italiana per la Tutela della Concorrenza - the Italian section of the Ligue Internationale du Droit de la Concurrence (LIDC)-, the Associazione Italiana ... Read more

    $224.99 AUD

  • Brands, Competition Law and IP

    by Deven R. Desai and 2 more

    Brands and brand management have become a central feature of the modern economy and a staple of business theory and business practice. Contrary to the law's conception of trademarks, brands are used to indicate far more than source and/or quality. This volume begins the process of broadening the legal understanding of brands by explaining what brands are and how they function, how trademark and ... Read more

    $113.18 AUD

  • Innovation Matters

    Competition Policy for the High-Technology Economy

    by Richard J. Gilbert

    A proposal for moving from price-centric to innovation-centric competition policy, reviewing theory and available evidence on economic incentives for innovation.Competition policy and antitrust enforcement have traditionally focused on prices rather than innovation. Economic theory shows the ways that price competition benefits consumers, and courts, antitrust agencies, and economists have ... Read more

    $55.32 AUD

  • Joint Research and Development under US Antitrust and EU Competition Law

    by Björn Lundqvist

    series New Horizons in Competition Law and Economics series
    This fascinating new book dissects, from a Competition law perspective, how Research and Development collaborations operate under both US and EU antitrust law. Analyzing the evolution of this innovation landscape from the 1970s to the present day, Blomqvist details the modifications and amendments made over this time to the relevant legal acts and guidelines. In doing to, the author picks up on ... Read more

    $55.32 AUD