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  • The GCHQ Puzzle Book II

    by GCHQ

    Train your brain with these fiendishly difficult puzzles, the perfect companion for anyone wanting to keep their mind busy'Fiendishly tricky' Daily MailWith their first bestselling book, The GCHQ Puzzle Book, the UK's intelligence and security experts tested us with puzzles, codes and real-life entrance tests from their archives.Now, they are back with a NEW collection of head-scratching, mind ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • The GCHQ Puzzle Book

    Perfect for anyone who likes a good headscratcher

    by GCHQ

    Sharpen your mind to beat the smartest brains in Britain with the original official GCHQ puzzle bookWould GCHQ recruit you? Pit your wits against the people who cracked Enigma in the official puzzle book from Britain's top secret intelligence and security organisationOver the years, their codebreakers have helped keep our country safe, from the Bletchley Park breakthroughs of WWII to the modern ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • The Fascinating World of Graph Theory

    by Arthur Benjamin and 2 more

    The history, formulas, and most famous puzzles of graph theoryGraph theory goes back several centuries and revolves around the study of graphs—mathematical structures showing relations between objects. With applications in biology, computer science, transportation science, and other areas, graph theory encompasses some of the most beautiful formulas in mathematics—and some of its most famous ... Read more

    $25.51 AUD

  • Combinatorics: A Very Short Introduction

    by Robin Wilson

    series Very Short Introductions
    How many possible sudoku puzzles are there? In the lottery, what is the chance that two winning balls have consecutive numbers? Who invented Pascal's triangle? (it was not Pascal) Combinatorics, the branch of mathematics concerned with selecting, arranging, and listing or counting collections of objects, works to answer all these questions. Dating back some 3000 years, and initially consisting ... Read more

    $11.65 AUD

  • Automata and Computability

    A Programmer's Perspective

    by Ganesh Gopalakrishnan

    Automata and Computability is a class-tested textbook which provides a comprehensive and accessible introduction to the theory of automata and computation. The author uses illustrations, engaging examples, and historical remarks to make the material interesting and relevant for students. It incorporates modern/handy ideas, such as derivative-based parsing and a Lambda reducer showing the ... Read more

    $76.77 AUD

  • Mathematical Foundations of Complex Networked Information Systems

    Politecnico di Torino, Verrès, Italy 2009

    by Fabio Fagnani and 5 more

    series Lecture Notes in Mathematics #2141
    Introducing the reader to the mathematics beyond complex networked systems, these lecture notes investigate graph theory, graphical models, and methods from statistical physics. Complex networked systems play a fundamental role in our society, both in everyday life and in scientific research, with applications ranging from physics and biology to economics and finance.The book is self-contained, ... Read more

    $54.00 AUD

  • Graph Theoretic Methods in Multiagent Networks

    by Mehran Mesbahi and 1 more

    series Princeton Series in Applied Mathematics
    This accessible book provides an introduction to the analysis and design of dynamic multiagent networks. Such networks are of great interest in a wide range of areas in science and engineering, including: mobile sensor networks, distributed robotics such as formation flying and swarming, quantum networks, networked economics, biological synchronization, and social networks. Focusing on graph ... Read more

    $99.43 AUD

  • Graphs in Perturbation Theory

    Algebraic Structure and Asymptotics

    by Michael Borinsky

    series Springer Theses
    This book is the first systematic study of graphical enumeration and the asymptotic algebraic structures in perturbative quantum field theory. Starting with an exposition of the Hopf algebra structure of generic graphs, it reviews and summarizes the existing literature. It then applies this Hopf algebraic structure to the combinatorics of graphical enumeration for the first time, and introduces a ... Read more

    $152.12 AUD

  • Topics in Algebraic Graph Theory

    by Lowell W. Beineke and 2 more

    series Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications #102
    The rapidly expanding area of algebraic graph theory uses two different branches of algebra to explore various aspects of graph theory: linear algebra (for spectral theory) and group theory (for studying graph symmetry). These areas have links with other areas of mathematics, such as logic and harmonic analysis, and are increasingly being used in such areas as computer networks where symmetry is ... Read more

    $123.41 AUD

  • A Beginner's Guide to Finite Mathematics

    For Business, Management, and the Social Sciences

    by W.D. Wallis

    This second edition of A Beginner’s Guide to Finite Mathematics takes a distinctly applied approach to finite mathematics at the freshman and sophomore level. Topics are presented sequentially: the book opens with a brief review of sets and numbers, followed by an introduction to data sets, histograms, means and medians. Counting techniques and the Binomial Theorem are covered, which provides the ... Read more

    $98.11 AUD

  • Einführung in die Kombinatorik

    by Peter Tittmann

    Dieses Lehrbuch vermittelt die Grundlagen und Konzepte der modernen Kombinatorik in anschaulicher Weise. Die verständliche Darlegung richtet sich an Studierende der Mathematik, der Naturwissenschaften, der Informatik und der Wirtschaftswissenschaften und erlaubt einen einfachen und beispielorientierten Zugang zu den Methoden der Kombinatorik. Beginnend mit den Grundaufgaben der Kombinatorik wird ... Read more

    $36.07 AUD

  • Voronoi Diagrams And Delaunay Triangulations

    by Franz Aurenhammer and 2 more

    Voronoi diagrams partition space according to the influence certain sites exert on their environment. Since the 17th century, such structures play an important role in many areas like Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Ecology, Economics, Mathematics and Computer Science. They help to describe zones of political influence, to determine the hospital nearest to an accident site, to compute ... Read more

    $52.57 AUD

  • The Art of Proving Binomial Identities

    by Michael Z. Spivey

    series Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications
    The Art of Proving Binomial Identities accomplishes two goals: (1) It provides a unified treatment of the binomial coefficients, and (2) Brings together much of the undergraduate mathematics curriculum via one theme (the binomial coefficients). The binomial coefficients arise in a variety of areas of mathematics: combinatorics, of course, but also basic algebra (binomial theorem), infinite series ... Read more

    $133.97 AUD

  • Models, Algorithms and Technologies for Network Analysis

    NET 2014, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, May 2014

    by Valery A. Kalyagin and 2 more

    series Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics #156
    The contributions in this volume cover a broad range of topics including maximum cliques, graph coloring, data mining, brain networks, Steiner forest, logistic and supply chain networks. Network algorithms and their applications to market graphs, manufacturing problems, internet networks and social networks are highlighted. The "Fourth International Conference in Network Analysis," held at the ... Read more

    $224.17 AUD

  • Problems from the Discrete to the Continuous

    Probability, Number Theory, Graph Theory, and Combinatorics

    by Ross G. Pinsky

    series Universitext
    The primary intent of the book is to introduce an array of beautiful problems in a variety of subjects quickly, pithily and completely rigorously to graduate students and advanced undergraduates. The book takes a number of specific problems and solves them, the needed tools developed along the way in the context of the particular problems. It treats a mélange of topics from combinatorial ... Read more

    $81.06 AUD

  • Gems of Combinatorial Optimization and Graph Algorithms

    by Andreas S. Schulz and 3 more

    Are you looking for new lectures for your course on algorithms, combinatorial optimization, or algorithmic game theory? Maybe you need a convenient source of relevant, current topics for a graduate student or advanced undergraduate student seminar? Or perhaps you just want an enjoyable look at some beautiful mathematical and algorithmic results, ideas, proofs, concepts, and techniques in discrete ... Read more

    $116.15 AUD

  • Descriptive Complexity, Canonisation, and Definable Graph Structure Theory

    by Martin Grohe

    series Lecture Notes in Logic #47
    Descriptive complexity theory establishes a connection between the computational complexity of algorithmic problems (the computational resources required to solve the problems) and their descriptive complexity (the language resources required to describe the problems). This groundbreaking book approaches descriptive complexity from the angle of modern structural graph theory, specifically graph ... Read more

    $148.71 AUD

  • Galois Covers, Grothendieck-Teichmüller Theory and Dessins d'Enfants

    Interactions between Geometry, Topology, Number Theory and Algebra, Leicester, UK, June 2018

    by Frank Neumann and 1 more

    series Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics #330
    This book presents original peer-reviewed contributions from the London Mathematical Society (LMS) Midlands Regional Meeting and Workshop on 'Galois Covers, Grothendieck-Teichmüller Theory and Dessinsd'Enfants', which took place at the University of Leicester, UK, from 4 to 7 June, 2018. Within the theme of the workshop, the collected articles cover a broad range of topics and explore exciting new ... Read more

    $170.16 AUD

  • Jim Totten's Problems Of The Week

    by Bruce Shawyer and 2 more

    This volume provides a wide selection of problems (and solutions) to all those interested in mathematical problem solving and is accessible to readers from high school students to professionals.It is a resource for those interested in mathematical competitions ranging from high school level to the William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition (for undergraduate students). The collection offers ... Read more

    $37.39 AUD

  • 50 years of Combinatorics, Graph Theory, and Computing

    by Fan Chung and 5 more

    series Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications
    50 Years of Combinatorics, Graph Theory, and Computing advances research in discrete mathematics by providing current research surveys, each written by experts in their subjects.The book also celebrates outstanding mathematics from 50 years at the Southeastern International Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory & Computing (SEICCGTC). The conference is noted for the dissemination and ... Read more

    $80.40 AUD

  • Imaging Heat and Mass Transfer Processes

    Visualization and Analysis

    by Pradipta Kumar Panigrahi and 1 more

    series SpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology
    Imaging Heat and Mass Transfer Processes: Visualization and Analysis applies Schlieren and shadowgraph techniques to complex heat and mass transfer processes. Several applications are considered where thermal and concentration fields play a central role. These include vortex shedding and suppression from stationary and oscillating bluff bodies such as cylinders, convection around crystals growing ... Read more

    $89.09 AUD

  • The Grassmannian Variety

    Geometric and Representation-Theoretic Aspects

    by V. Lakshmibai and 1 more

    series Developments in Mathematics #42
    This book gives a comprehensive treatment of the Grassmannian varieties and their Schubert subvarieties, focusing on the geometric and representation-theoretic aspects of Grassmannian varieties. Research of Grassmannian varieties is centered at the crossroads of commutative algebra, algebraic geometry, representation theory, and combinatorics. Therefore, this text uniquely presents an exciting ... Read more

    $98.11 AUD

  • Novel Motion Anchoring Strategies for Wavelet-based Highly Scalable Video Compression

    by Dominic Rüfenacht

    series Springer Theses
    A key element of any modern video codec is the efficient exploitation of temporal redundancy via motion-compensated prediction. In this book, a novel paradigm of representing and employing motion information in a video compression system is described that has several advantages over existing approaches. Traditionally, motion is estimated, modelled, and coded as a vector field at the target frame ... Read more

    $170.16 AUD