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Computer Architecture

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  • Tubes

    Behind the Scenes at the Internet

    by Andrew Blum

    Tubes: Behind the Scenes at the Internet by Andrew Blum is...'Utterly engrossing. The year's most original and stimulating 'travel' book. Even the most geek-wary of readers will enjoy' Independent'Entertaining and illuminating. Excels at rooting the Internet in real-world locations. Full of memorable images that make its complex architecture easier to comprehend' ObserverThe Internet. Home to the ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Colossus: Bletchley Park's Last Secret

    by Paul Gannon

    This is the last untold story of Bletchley Park. Using declassified information, Paul Gannon gives us a gripping account of the invention of the world's first true computer, Colossus.Uncover the secrets of Bletchley Park's code-breaking computers.In 1940, almost a year after the outbreak of the Second World war, Allied radio operators at an interception station in South London began picking up ... Read more

    $8.46 AUD

  • Building Microservices

    Designing Fine-Grained Systems

    by Sam Newman

    Distributed systems have become more fine-grained in the past 10 years, shifting from code-heavy monolithic applications to smaller, self-contained microservices. But developing these systems brings its own set of headaches. With lots of examples and practical advice, this book takes a holistic view of the topics that system architects and administrators must consider when building, managing, and ... Read more

    $40.47 AUD

  • Raspberry Pi :Raspberry Pi Guide On Python & Projects Programming In Easy Steps

    by Jason Scotts

    "Raspberry Pi Programming Guide" is a text that gives the reader a bit of insight into this form of technology. It is European based and is just making a debut in North America so many are curious about it and what exactly this technology can do. The aim that the author has with this text is to highlight the main functions of Raspberry Pi and how it can be beneficial to the consumer in the long ... Read more

    $5.60 AUD

  • REST in Practice

    Hypermedia and Systems Architecture

    by Jim Webber and 2 more

    Why don't typical enterprise projects go as smoothly as projects you develop for the Web? Does the REST architectural style really present a viable alternative for building distributed systems and enterprise-class applications?In this insightful book, three SOA experts provide a down-to-earth explanation of REST and demonstrate how you can develop simple and elegant distributed hypermedia systems ... Read more

    $32.55 AUD

  • Programmable Logic Controllers

    by William Bolton

    This textbook, now in its sixth edition, continues to be straightforward and easy-to-read, presenting the principles of PLCs while not tying itself to one manufacturer or another. Extensive examples and chapter ending problems utilize several popular PLCs, highlighting understanding of fundamentals that can be used regardless of manufacturer. This book will help you to understand the main design ... Read more

    $63.90 AUD

  • Building Evolutionary Architectures

    Support Constant Change

    by Neal Ford and 2 more

    The software development ecosystem is constantly changing, providing a constant stream of new tools, frameworks, techniques, and paradigms. Over the past few years, incremental developments in core engineering practices for software development have created the foundations for rethinking how architecture changes over time, along with ways to protect important architectural characteristics as it ... Read more

    $43.11 AUD

  • Running Linux

    A Distribution-Neutral Guide for Servers and Desktops

    by Matthias Kalle Dalheimer and 1 more

    You may be contemplating your first Linux installation. Or you may have been using Linux for years and need to know more about adding a network printer or setting up an FTP server. Running Linux, now in its fifth edition, is the book you'll want on hand in either case. Widely recognized in the Linux community as the ultimate getting-started and problem-solving book, it answers the questions and ... Read more

    $40.47 AUD

  • IT Security Management

    IT Securiteers - Setting up an IT Security Function

    by Alberto Partida and 1 more

    series Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering #61
    IT securiteers - The human and technical dimension working for the organisation.Current corporate governance regulations and international standards lead many organisations, big and small, to the creation of an information technology (IT) security function in their organisational chart or to the acquisition of services from the IT security industry.More often than desired, these teams are only ... Read more

    $170.16 AUD

  • Design Thinking Business Analysis

    Business Concept Mapping Applied

    by Thomas Frisendal

    series Management for Professionals
    This book undertakes to marry the concepts of "Concept Mapping" with a "Design Thinking" approach in the context of business analysis. While in the past a lot of attention has been paid to the business process side, this book now focusses information quality and valuation, master data and hierarchy management, business rules automation and business semantics as examples for business innovation ... Read more

    $76.55 AUD

  • 9781849280174  Enterprise Architecture: A Pocket Guide

    A Pocket Guide

    by Tom Graves

    This pocket guide offers you an invaluable introduction to this business-critical subject. It explains the function of enterprise architecture within the organisation, looks at the skills needed within the enterprise architecture team and provides an overview of the most common enterprise architecture frameworks. As the author emphasises, enterprise architecture is not about creating models and ... Read more

    $24.19 AUD

  • Programming Kubernetes

    Developing Cloud-Native Applications

    by Michael Hausenblas and 1 more

    If you’re looking to develop native applications in Kubernetes, this is your guide. Developers and AppOps administrators will learn how to build Kubernetes-native applications that interact directly with the API server to query or update the state of resources. AWS developer advocate Michael Hausenblas and Red Hat principal software engineer Stefan Schimanski explain the characteristics of these ... Read more

    $43.11 AUD

  • Ambient Findability

    What We Find Changes Who We Become

    by Peter Morville

    How do you find your way in an age of information overload? How can you filter streams of complex information to pull out only what you want? Why does it matter how information is structured when Google seems to magically bring up the right answer to your questions? What does it mean to be "findable" in this day and age? This eye-opening new book examines the convergence of information and ... Read more

    $24.63 AUD

  • Managing Humans

    Biting and Humorous Tales of a Software Engineering Manager

    by Michael Lopp

    Read hilarious stories with serious lessons that Michael Lopp extracts from his varied and sometimes bizarre experiences as a manager at Apple, Pinterest, Palantir, Netscape, Symantec, Slack, and Borland. Many of the stories first appeared in primitive form in Lopp’s perennially popular blog, Rands in Repose. The Third Edition of Managing Humans contains a whole new season of episodes from the ... Read more

    $45.09 AUD

  • The Official BBC micro:bit User Guide

    by Gareth Halfacree

    The go-to guide to getting started with the BBC micro:bit and exploring all of its amazing capabilities.The BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized electronic development platform built with education in mind. It was developed by the BBC in partnership with major tech companies, communities, and educational organizations to provide kids with a fun, easy, inexpensive way to develop their digital skills. ... Read more

    $33.99 AUD

  • Raspberry Pi User Guide

    by Eben Upton and 1 more

    Learn the Raspberry Pi 3 from the experts!Raspberry Pi User Guide, 4th Edition is the "unofficial official" guide to everything Raspberry Pi 3. Written by the Pi's creator and a leading Pi guru, this book goes straight to the source to bring you the ultimate Raspberry Pi 3 manual. This new fourth edition has been updated to cover the Raspberry Pi 3 board and software, with detailed discussion on ... Read more

    $33.99 AUD

  • Architecture Patterns with Python

    Enabling Test-Driven Development, Domain-Driven Design, and Event-Driven Microservices

    by Harry Percival and 1 more

    As Python continues to grow in popularity, projects are becoming larger and more complex. Many Python developers are taking an interest in high-level software design patterns such as hexagonal/clean architecture, event-driven architecture, and the strategic patterns prescribed by domain-driven design (DDD). But translating those patterns into Python isn’t always straightforward.With this hands-on ... Read more

    $43.11 AUD

  • Hands-On Data Science with Anaconda

    Utilize the right mix of tools to create high-performance data science applications

    by James Yan and 1 more

    Develop, deploy, and streamline your data science projects with the most popular end-to-end platform, AnacondaKey Features-Use Anaconda to find solutions for clustering, classification, and linear regression-Analyze your data efficiently with the most powerful data science stack-Use the Anaconda cloud to store, share, and discover projects and librariesBook DescriptionAnaconda is an open source ... Read more

    $38.71 AUD

  • Managing Agile

    Strategy, Implementation, Organisation and People

    by Alan Moran

    This book examines agile approaches from a management perspective by focusing on matters of strategy, implementation, organization and people. It examines the turbulence of the marketplace and business environment in order to identify what role agile management has to play in coping with such change and uncertainty. Based on observations, personal experience and extensive research, it clearly ... Read more

    $58.51 AUD

  • Computer Architecture Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs): Quizzes & Practice Tests with Answer Key (Computer Architecture Quick Study Guide & Course Review)

    by Arshad Iqbal

    Computer Architecture Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs): Quizzes & Practice Tests with Answer Key (Computer Architecture Quick Study Guide & Course Review) covers course assessment tests for competitive exams to solve 750 MCQs. "Computer Architecture MCQ" with answers covers fundamental concepts with theoretical and analytical reasoning tests. "Computer Architecture Quiz" PDF study ... Read more

    $6.40 AUD

  • Hands-On Time Series Analysis with R

    Perform time series analysis and forecasting using R

    by Rami Krispin

    Build efficient forecasting models using traditional time series models and machine learning algorithms.Key FeaturesPerform time series analysis and forecasting using R packages such as Forecast and h2oDevelop models and find patterns to create visualizations using the TSstudio and plotly packagesMaster statistics and implement time-series methods using examples mentionedBook DescriptionTime ... Read more

    $38.71 AUD

  • System Performance Tuning

    Help for Unix Administrators

    by Gian-Paolo D. Musumeci and 1 more

    System Performance Tuning answers one of the most fundamental questions you can ask about your computer: How can I get it to do more work without buying more hardware? In the current economic downturn, performance tuning takes on a new importance. It allows system administrators to make the best use of existing systems and minimize the purchase of new equipment. Well-tuned systems save money and ... Read more

    $36.07 AUD

  • 97 Things Every Software Architect Should Know

    Collective Wisdom from the Experts

    by Richard Monson-Haefel

    In this truly unique technical book, today's leading software architects present valuable principles on key development issues that go way beyond technology. More than four dozen architects -- including Neal Ford, Michael Nygard, and Bill de hOra -- offer advice for communicating with stakeholders, eliminating complexity, empowering developers, and many more practical lessons they've learned from ... Read more

    $28.15 AUD

  • Foundations for Architecting Data Solutions

    Managing Successful Data Projects

    by Ted Malaska and 1 more

    While many companies ponder implementation details such as distributed processing engines and algorithms for data analysis, this practical book takes a much wider view of big data development, starting with initial planning and moving diligently toward execution. Authors Ted Malaska and Jonathan Seidman guide you through the major components necessary to start, architect, and develop successful ... Read more

    $43.11 AUD