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  • Matrix Mathematics

    Theory, Facts, and Formulas - Second Edition

    by Dennis S. Bernstein

    When first published in 2005, Matrix Mathematics quickly became the essential reference book for users of matrices in all branches of engineering, science, and applied mathematics. In this fully updated and expanded edition, the author brings together the latest results on matrix theory to make this the most complete, current, and easy-to-use book on matrices.Each chapter describes relevant ... Read more

    $107.35 AUD

  • Positive Definite Matrices

    by Rajendra Bhatia

    series Princeton Series in Applied Mathematics
    This book represents the first synthesis of the considerable body of new research into positive definite matrices. These matrices play the same role in noncommutative analysis as positive real numbers do in classical analysis. They have theoretical and computational uses across a broad spectrum of disciplines, including calculus, electrical engineering, statistics, physics, numerical analysis, ... Read more

    $44.87 AUD

  • Problems And Solutions In Introductory And Advanced Matrix Calculus (Second Edition)

    by Yorick Hardy and 1 more

    This book provides an extensive collection of problems with detailed solutions in introductory and advanced matrix calculus. Supplementary problems in each chapter will challenge and excite the reader, ideal for both graduate and undergraduate mathematics and theoretical physics students. The coverage includes systems of linear equations, linear differential equations, integration and matrices, ... Read more

    $74.68 AUD

  • Numerical And Symbolic Computations Of Generalized Inverses

    by Yimin Wei and 2 more

    We introduce new methods connecting numerics and symbolic computations, i.e., both the direct and iterative methods as well as the symbolic method for computing the generalized inverses. These will be useful for Engineers and Statisticians, in addition to applied mathematicians.Also, main applications of generalized inverses will be presented. Symbolic method covered in our book but not discussed ... Read more

    $174.23 AUD

  • Infinite Matrices and Sequence Spaces

    by Richard G. Cooke

    series Dover Books on Mathematics
    This clear and correct summation of basic results from a specialized field focuses on the behavior of infinite matrices in general, rather than on properties of special matrices. Three introductory chapters guide students to the manipulation of infinite matrices, covering definitions and preliminary ideas, reciprocals of infinite matrices, and linear equations involving infinite matrices.From the ... Read more

    $35.25 AUD

  • MATLAB for Beginners: A Gentle Approach

    by Peter Kattan

    This book is written for people who wish to learn MATLAB for the first time. The book is really designed for beginners and students. In addition, the book is suitable for students and researchers in various disciplines ranging from engineers and scientists to biologists and environmental scientists. One of the objectives of writing this book is to introduce MATLAB and its powerful and simple ... Read more

    $19.99 AUD

  • Introduction to Matrices and Linear Transformations

    Third Edition

    by Daniel T. Finkbeiner II

    series Dover Books on Mathematics
    This versatile undergraduate text can be used in a variety of courses in linear algebra. It contains enough material for a two-semester course, and it also serves as a support text and reference. Chapter Ten, on linear programming, will be of special interest to students of business and economics. A balanced combination of formal theory and related computational techniques, this treatment begins ... Read more

    $38.32 AUD

  • CÁlculo I

    by Orlando Frizanco

    Com a evolução dos cursos superiores que buscam formar um profissional multifuncional e capaz de atender a demanda por profissionais qualificados no mundo do trabalho, muitas graduações têm, na formação básica do profissional a disciplina Matemática Aplicada e/ou Cálculo, o que propicia um conhecimento adicional que irá apoiar o futuro formado no desenvolvimento de suas habilidades e capacidades. ... Read more

    $5.93 AUD

  • Nonnegative Matrices and Applicable Topics in Linear Algebra

    by Alexander Graham

    series Dover Books on Mathematics
    Nonnegative matrices is an increasingly important subject in economics, control theory, numerical analysis, Markov chains, and other areas. This concise treatment is directed toward undergraduates who lack specialized knowledge at the postgraduate level of mathematics and related fields, such as mathematical economics and operations research.An Introductory Survey encompasses some aspects of ... Read more

    $26.03 AUD

  • Basic Mathematics for Economics 13: Matrices

    by Kazuhiro Ohnishi

    series Basic Mathematics for Economics #13
    本書は,現在,経済学あるいは経営学を勉強している,あるいはこれから勉強しようと考えている人々のために書かれた入門テキストです。第13巻の「行列」では,行,列,零行列,正方行列,対角成分,対角行列,単位行列,加法,減法,実数倍,乗法,逆行列,正則行列,転置行列について説明しています。巻末には練習問題と解答を付けています。また,本書は,手軽にそして自由に持ち運ぶことができる電子書籍ということで,どこでもそしていつでも簡単に読むことができるように,できる限り短い文章で簡潔に説明しています。本書は『経済数学入門シリーズ』の最新版であり,説明も大幅に増やし,また「経済数学をすぐに理解できる」ということで,タイトルも変えています。本書の目次は,以下のようになっています。はじめに行 列行列零行列正方行列対角行列... ... Read more

    $3.96 AUD

  • Introduction to Modern Algebra and Matrix Theory

    by O. Schreier and 1 more

    This unique text provides students with a basic course in both calculus and analytic geometry — no competitive editions cover both topics in a single volume. Its prerequisites are minimal, and the order of its presentation promotes an intuitive approach to calculus. Algebraic concepts receive an unusually strong emphasis. Numerous exercises appear throughout the text. 1951 edition. ... Read more

    $38.38 AUD

  • Linear Algebra: Core Topics For The First Course

    by Dragu Atanasiu and 1 more

    The book is an introduction to linear algebra intended as a textbook for the first course in linear algebra. In the first six chapters we present the core topics: matrices, the vector space ℝn, orthogonality in ℝn, determinants, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, and linear transformations. The book gives students an opportunity to better understand linear algebra in the next three chapters: Jordan ... Read more

    $74.68 AUD

  • Matrices and Linear Transformations

    Second Edition

    by Charles G. Cullen

    series Dover Books on Mathematics
    "Comprehensive . . . an excellent introduction to the subject." — Electronic Engineer's Design Magazine.This introductory textbook, aimed at sophomore- and junior-level undergraduates in mathematics, engineering, and the physical sciences, offers a smooth, in-depth treatment of linear algebra and matrix theory. The major objects of study are matrices over an arbitrary field.Contents include ... Read more

    $27.57 AUD

  • Matrices and Transformations

    by Anthony J. Pettofrezzo

    This text stresses the use of matrices in study of transformations of the plane. Familiarizes reader with role of matrices in abstract algebraic systems and illustrates its effective use as mathematical tool in geometry. Includes proofs of most theorems. Answers to odd-numbered exercises. ... Read more

    $15.34 AUD

  • Copositive And Completely Positive Matrices

    by Abraham Berman and 1 more

    This book is an updated and extended version of Completely Positive Matrices (Abraham Berman and Naomi Shaked-Monderer, World Scientific 2003). It contains new sections on the cone of copositive matrices, which is the dual of the cone of completely positive matrices, and new results on both copositive matrices and completely positive matrices.The book is an up to date comprehensive resource for ... Read more

    $174.23 AUD

  • First Course In Linear Algebra, A

    by Minking Eie and 1 more

    A First Course in Linear Algebra is written by two experts from algebra who have more than 20 years of experience in algebra, linear algebra and number theory. It prepares students with no background in Linear Algebra. Students, after mastering the materials in this textbook, can already understand any Linear Algebra used in more advanced books and research papers in Mathematics or in other ... Read more

    $52.57 AUD

  • Segundo modelo de sistema evaluador de valores propios de una matriz

    by Sergio Adrián Martin

    El autor explica la naturaleza del problema de encontrar los valores propios de una matriz. Se enfoca el problema via la generación de un polinomio característico para la matriz de trabajo, y se aborda como mediante el uso del método de Newton se pueden encontrar los valores propios buscados. Al final se agrega el código en Visual Basic.NET que permite contar con una aplicación que aprovecha la ... Read more

    $19.95 AUD

  • Exercises In Linear Algebra

    by Luis Barreira and 1 more

    This is a book of exercises in Linear Algebra. Through a systematic detailed discussion of 200 solved exercises, important concepts and topics are reviewed. The student is led to make a systematic review of topics from the basics to more advanced material, with emphasis on points that often cause the greatest difficulties. The solved exercises are followed by an additional 200 proposed exercises ... Read more

    $41.57 AUD

  • Vectors and Matrices for Geometric and 3D Modeling

    by Michael Mortenson

    Vectors are perhaps the most important mathematical objects used in modeling and animation. They have the properties of magnitude and direction, and provide visual understanding of model construction and analysis. Matrices are natural and hardworking partners of vectors.This work presents lessons on vectors and matrices in geometric and 3D modeling—the mathematics at the foundation of computer ... Read more

    $98.33 AUD

  • Esercizi di matematica: matrici e algebra lineare

    by Simone Malacrida

    In questo libro sono svolti degli esercizi riguardo i seguenti argomenti matematici:matrici e calcolo matricialealgebra linearediagonalizzazione di matrici e basi canonicheSono altresì presentati dei cenni teorici iniziali per fare comprendere lo svolgimento degli esercizi ... Read more

    $3.99 AUD

  • Linear Algebra And Its Applications

    by Tzuong-tsieng Moh

    series Series on University Mathematics #10
    From Tzuong-Tsieng Moh, a seasoned expert in algebra, comes a new book for students to better understand linear algebra. Writing from an experienced standpoint, Moh covers the many standard aspects comprising linear algebra, such as echelon forms, matrix algebra, linear transformations, and more. Moh further includes several advanced topics and applications, as well as self-correcting codes, ... Read more

    $54.00 AUD

  • Matrices for Black Holes

    by Vittorio Morrone

    Per evitare i metodi di Einstein, benché siano descritti, l’autore introduce matrici 4x4 per ottenere gli stessi risultati, cioè per trovare posizioni di stelle ed anche i ben noti valori delle particelle fondamentali, includendo il bosone di Higgs. Un disco volante (fatto di aria ionizzata) appare lungo tre cerchi concentrici a causa di due forze oscillanti mutuamente ortogonali. Successivamente ... Read more

    $4.99 AUD

  • Elementary Matrix Theory

    by Howard Eves

    series Dover Books on Mathematics
    The usefulness of matrix theory as a tool in disciplines ranging from quantum mechanics to psychometrics is widely recognized, and courses in matrix theory are increasingly a standard part of the undergraduate curriculum.This outstanding text offers an unusual introduction to matrix theory at the undergraduate level. Unlike most texts dealing with the topic, which tend to remain on an abstract ... Read more

    $26.03 AUD

  • An Introduction to the Theory of Canonical Matrices

    by H. W. Turnbull and 1 more

    series Dover Books on Mathematics
    Thorough and self-contained, this penetrating study of the theory of canonical matrices presents a detailed consideration of all the theory’s principal features. Topics include elementary transformations and bilinear and quadratic forms; canonical reduction of equivalent matrices; subgroups of the group of equivalent transformations; and rational and classical canonical forms. The final chapters ... Read more

    $69.12 AUD