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Remote Sensing

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  • Geospatial Intelligence

    Origins and Evolution

    by Robert M. Clark

    Geospatial Intelligence: Origins and Evolution tells the story of how the current age of geospatial knowledge evolved from its ancient origins to become ubiquitous in daily life across the globe, weaving a tapestry of stories about the people, events, ideas, and technologies that affected the trajectory of what has become known as GEOINT. ... Read more

    $69.07 AUD

  • GIS in Sustainable Urban Planning and Management

    A Global Perspective

    by Martin van Maarseveen and 2 more

    The Open Access version of this book, available at, has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 3.0 license.GIS is used today to better understand and solve urban problems. GIS in Sustainable Urban Planning and Management: A Global Perspective, explores and illustrates the capacity that geo ... Read more


  • Thinking About GIS

    Geographic Information System Planning for Managers

    by Roger Tomlinson

    series Thinking About GIS #5
    Thinking About GIS: Geographic Information System Planning for Managers presents a planning model for designing data and technology systems that will meet any organization’s specific needs. Designed for two primary audiences, senior managers who oversee information technologies and technical specialists responsible for system design, this book provides a common platform on which to conduct GIS ... Read more

    $28.26 AUD

  • Getting to Know Web GIS

    by Pinde Fu

    series Getting to Know
    Getting to Know Web GIS, a workbook with detailed, step-by-step exercises, teaches readers how to share resources online and build web GIS applications easily and quickly. It covers Esri’s suite of web GIS technologies including ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS for Server, web app templates, WebApp Builder, API for JavaScript, mobile GIS apps, mobile SDKs, CityEngine, and 3D web maps.Holistic Approach: ... Read more

    $73.80 AUD

  • GIS Research Methods

    Incorporating Spatial Perspectives

    by Sheila Lakshmi Steinberg and 1 more

    GIS Research Methods: Incorporating Spatial Perspectives shows researchers how to incorporate spatial thinking and geographic information system (GIS) technology into research design and analysis. Topics include research design, digital data sources, volunteered geographic information, analysis using GIS, and how to link research results to policy and action. The concepts presented in GIS Research ... Read more

    $98.33 AUD

  • Esri ArcGIS Desktop Associate Certification Study Guide

    For 10.5

    by Brittney White

    The Esri ArcGIS Desktop Associate Certification Study Guide for 10.5 is tailored to meet the preparation needs of candidates taking the ArcGIS Desktop Associate exam. For each exam objective, the study guide includes the following components: Prepare—topics in the ArcGIS documentation candidates need to know for the exam; Practice—tasks to perform, or links to resources, including web courses, to ... Read more

    $36.95 AUD

  • Using R for Digital Soil Mapping

    by Alex B. McBratney and 2 more

    series Progress in Soil Science
    This book describes and provides many detailed examples of implementing Digital Soil Mapping (DSM) using R. The work adheres to Digital Soil Mapping theory, and presents a strong focus on how to apply it. DSM exercises are also included and cover procedures for handling and manipulating soil and spatial data in R. The book also introduces the basic concepts and practices for building spatial soil ... Read more

    $143.10 AUD

  • Women and GIS

    Mapping Their Stories

    by ESRI Press

    Twenty-three stories about how ordinary girls with very different passions have become extraordinary women and made significant contributions to our worldWomen look to other women as role models and for inspiration. Seeing confidence, leadership, and accomplishments in other women helps a young woman envision herself with those qualities. Women and GIS: Mapping Their Stories tells the tales of how ... Read more

    $18.47 AUD

  • Critical Infrastructures: Risk and Vulnerability Assessment in Transportation of Dangerous Goods

    Transportation by Road and Rail

    by Bogdan I. Vamanu and 2 more

    series Topics in Safety, Risk, Reliability and Quality #31
    This book addresses a key issue in today’s society: the safer transport of dangerous goods, taking into account people, the environment and economics. In particular, it offers a potential approach to identifying the issues, developing the models, providing the methods and recommending the tools to address the risks and vulnerabilities involved. We believe this can only be achieved by assessing ... Read more

    $170.16 AUD

  • DIY Satellite Platforms

    Building a Space-Ready General Base Picosatellite for Any Mission

    by Sandy Antunes

    Want to build your own satellite and launch it into space? It’s easier than you may think. The first in a series of four books, this do-it-yourself guide shows you the essential steps needed to design a base picosatellite platform—complete with a solar-powered computer-controlled assembly—tough enough to withstand a rocket launch and survive in orbit for three months.Whether you want to conduct ... Read more

    $6.92 AUD

  • Python For ArcGIS

    by Laura Tateosian

    This book introduces Python scripting for geographic information science (GIS) workflow optimization using ArcGIS. It builds essential programming skills for automating GIS analysis. Over 200 sample Python scripts and 175 classroom-tested exercises reinforce the learning objectives. Readers will learn to: • Write and run Python in the ArcGIS Python Window, the PythonWin IDE, and the PyScripter IDE ... Read more

    $143.10 AUD

  • Geo-Intelligence and Visualization through Big Data Trends

    by Burçin Bozkaya and 1 more

    The last decade has seen a tremendous increase in the volume of data collected from personal and professional sources. While there have been many computational approaches available for analyzing these datasets, there is also growing interest in visualizing and making sense of spatio-temporal data. Geo-Intelligence and Visualization through Big Data Trends provides an overview of recent ... Read more

    $311.07 AUD

  • Drones: Unmanned Vehicles, UFO's and Government Use

    by Brenda Foster

    Drones and Personal Unmanned Aircraft! - NEWLY UPDATED 2nd EDITION - now in paperback! New content added at no additional charge!THE TRUTH ABOUT DRONES!Don't Be In The Dark Any Longer!Are you Being Spied On? Is Your Privacy At Risk? Are You Safe? Find Out NOW! Purchase your copy today!Are drones flying near your home? Is your privacy at risk? Is your safety a concern? Are you being spied on? Is it ... Read more

    $4.22 AUD

  • Small and Short-Range Radar Systems

    by Gregory L. Charvat

    Radar Expert, Esteemed Author Gregory L. Charvat on CNN and CBSAuthor Gregory L. Charvat appeared on CNN on March 17, 2014 to discuss whether Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 might have literally flown below the radar. He appeared again on CNN on March 20, 2014 to explain the basics of radar, and he explored the hope and limitations of the technology i ... Read more

    $151.79 AUD

  • Applied Geostatistics with SGeMS

    A User's Guide

    by Nicolas Remy and 2 more

    The Stanford Geostatistical Modeling Software (SGeMS) is an open-source computer package for solving problems involving spatially related variables. It provides geostatistics practitioners with a user-friendly interface, an interactive 3-D visualization, and a wide selection of algorithms. This practical book provides a step-by-step guide to using SGeMS algorithms. It explains the underlying ... Read more

    $54.22 AUD

  • Getting to Know ArcGIS Pro 2.6

    by Michael Law and 1 more

    Continuing the tradition of the best-selling Getting to Know series, Getting to Know ArcGIS Pro 2.6 teaches new and existing GIS users how to get started solving problems using ArcGIS Pro. Using ArcGIS Pro for these tasks allows you to understand complex data with the leading GIS software that many businesses and organizations use every day.Getting to Know ArcGIS Pro 2.6 introduces the basic tools ... Read more

    $104.49 AUD

  • Green Infrastructure

    Map and Plan the Natural World with GIS

    by Karen E. Firehock and 1 more

    To conserve our natural assets—our green infrastructure—we need to map them, and plan for their protection.Every day, decisions about land development are made—often without consideration to the natural features and functions already there. The placement of housing on rich soil, paving over aquifer recharge zones, or disconnecting wildlife corridors are mistakes easily avoided if we start to ... Read more

    $61.48 AUD

  • OpenStreetMap in GIScience

    Experiences, Research, and Applications

    by Marco Helbich and 3 more

    series Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography
    This edited volume presents a collection of lessons learned with, and research conducted on, OpenStreetMap, the goal being to promote the project’s integration. The respective chapters address a) state-of-the-art and cutting-edge approaches to data quality analysis in OpenStreetMap, b) investigations on understanding OpenStreetMap contributors and the nature of their contributions, c) identifying ... Read more

    $188.09 AUD

  • Geoinformatics for Marine and Coastal Management

    by Darius Bartlett and 1 more

    Geoinformatics for Marine and Coastal Management provides a timely and valuable assessment of the current state of the art geoinformatics tools and methods for the management of marine systems. This book focuses on the cutting-edge coverage of a wide spectrum of activities and topics such as GIS-based application of drainage basin analysis, contribution of ontology to marine management, ... Read more

    $94.70 AUD

  • Geographic Information Systems for the Social Sciences

    Investigating Space and Place

    by Steven J. Steinberg and 1 more

    "The Steinbergs have produced a very relevant book for the times. . . . While many books have emerged on the details of GIS, few resources exist to help teach the merger of GIS with more standard research methods. The Steinbergs accomplish this goal in a way that is readily accessible even to undergraduates."—Theodore Wagenaar, Miami University"The Steinbergs take the reader through all of the ... Read more

    $120.33 AUD

  • Mapping Across Academia

    by Stanley D. Brunn and 1 more

    This book addresses the role and importance of space in the respective fields of the social sciences and the humanities. It discusses how map representations and mapping processes can inform ongoing intellectual debates or open new avenues for scholarly inquiry within and across disciplines, including a wide array of significant developments in spatial processes, including the Internet, global ... Read more

    $215.15 AUD

  • Low Radar Cross Section HIS-Based Phased Array

    Radiation and Scattering Analysis

    by Hema Singh and 1 more

    The design and development of low radar cross section (RCS) phased array has been a challenging subject in stealth technology. The frequency selective surface elements act as absorbers in specific frequency band and facilitate gain enhancement and reduction of antenna RCS. This book presents a comprehensive EM design and analysis of such low-profile patch arrays with high impedance surface-based ... Read more

    $80.40 AUD

  • Proximal Soil Sensing

    by Raphael A. Viscarra Rossel and 2 more

    series Progress in Soil Science
    This book reports on developments in Proximal Soil Sensing (PSS) and high resolution digital soil mapping. PSS has become a multidisciplinary area of study that aims to develop field-based techniques for collecting information on the soil from close by, or within, the soil. Amongst others, PSS involves the use of optical, geophysical, electrochemical, mathematical and statistical methods. This ... Read more

    $224.17 AUD

  • Agent-based Modeling and Simulation in Archaeology

    by Gabriel Wurzer and 2 more

    series Advances in Geographic Information Science
    Archaeology has been historically reluctant to embrace the subject of agent-based simulation, since it was seen as being used to "re-enact" and "visualize" possible scenarios for a wider (generally non-scientific) audience, based on scarce and fuzzy data. Furthermore, modeling "in exact terms" and programming as a means for producing agent-based simulations were simply beyond the field of the ... Read more

    $170.16 AUD