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  • Statics For Dummies

    The fast and easy way to ace your statics courseDoes the study of statics stress you out? Does just the thought of mechanics make you rigid? Thanks to this book, you can find balance in the study of this often-intimidating subject and ace even the most challenging university-level courses.Statics For Dummies gives you easy-to-follow, plain-English explanations for everything you need to grasp the ... Read more

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  • Practical Time Series Analysis

    Prediction with Statistics and Machine Learning

    Time series data analysis is increasingly important due to the massive production of such data through the internet of things, the digitalization of healthcare, and the rise of smart cities. As continuous monitoring and data collection become more common, the need for competent time series analysis with both statistical and machine learning techniques will increase.Covering innovations in time ... Read more

    $60.71 AUD

  • Philosophy and the Foundations of Dynamics

    Although now replaced by more modern theories, classical mechanics remains a core foundational element of physical theory. From its inception, the theory of dynamics has been riddled with conceptual issues and differing philosophical interpretations and throughout its long historical development, it has shown subtle conceptual refinement. The interpretive program for the theory has also shown deep ... Read more

    $22.43 AUD

  • Flow through Heterogeneous Geologic Media

    This textbook integrates classic principles of flow through porous media with recently developed stochastic analyses to provide new insight on subsurface hydrology. Importantly, each of the authors has extensive experience in both academia and the world of applied groundwater hydrology. The book not only presents theories but also emphasizes their underlying assumptions, limitations, and the ... Read more

    $86.01 AUD

  • Dynamics of Multibody Systems

    This enhanced fourth edition of Dynamics of Multibody Systems includes an additional chapter that provides explanations of some of the fundamental issues addressed in the book, as well as new detailed derivations of some important problems. Many common mechanisms such as automobiles, space structures, robots and micromachines have mechanical and structural systems that consist of interconnected ... Read more

    $128.14 AUD

  • Cani & Razze Canine - Vol. III

    by Mario Canton ...
    series Cinotecnia #3
    Dopo più di dieci anni dall'uscita della prima edizione a stampa di «Cani & Razze Canine» esce ora la prima edizione digitale dell'opera.Molto tempo è passato da allora e ancor più da quando inziarono le ricerche per il testo, nel Marzo del 1983.Il lavoro è stato realizzato per venire incontro alle esigenze di molti Lettori, che mi invitavano a fornire un'edizione digitale del testo per il suo ... Read more

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  • Heat Transfer Physics

    This graduate textbook describes atomic-level kinetics (mechanisms and rates) of thermal energy storage, transport (conduction, convection, and radiation), and transformation (various energy conversions) by principal energy carriers. The approach combines the fundamentals of molecular orbitals-potentials, statistical thermodynamics, computational molecular dynamics, quantum energy states, ... Read more

    $128.14 AUD

  • İstanbul Deprem Çalıştayı

    Gelecekte, İstanbul’da olası yıkıcı bir deprem yaşanacağı ve bu depremin de sonuçlarının afet boyutunda kayıplar yaratacağı gerçeği, birçok bilimsel çalışma ile öngörülmektedir. Olası deprem kayıplarına dair ilk tahmin çalışması, 1999 İzmit Depremi sonrası İstanbul Büyükşehir Belediyesi (İBB) ve Japon Uluslararası İşbirliği Örgütü (JICA) ortaklığında 2001 yılında gerçekleştirilen “Afet Önleme ... Read more


  • Forces and Movement (Push, Pull, Fast, Slow and More): 2nd Grade Science Workbook | Children's Physics Books Edition

    Let’s get moving, and learn the science behind it, too! This book is an adrenaline-pumping and mentally-stimulating educational resource that your child would love to own. It explains in detail the dynamics of actions but without confusing your child with big words. It’s basically physics taken down to the level of a 2nd grader in order to ensure interest and full understanding. Secure a copy ... Read more

    $5.38 AUD

  • Rigid Body Kinematics

    Master the conceptual, theoretical and practical aspects of kinematics with this exhaustive text, which provides a rigorous analysis and description of general motion in mechanical systems, with numerous examples from spinning tops to wheel ground-vehicles. Over 400 figures illustrate the main ideas and provide a geometrical interpretation and a deeper understanding of concepts, and exercises and ... Read more

    $106.58 AUD

  • High-Speed Marine Craft

    One Hundred Knots at Sea

    This book details the efforts to build a large naval vessel capable of traveling at one hundred knots. It is the first book to summarize this extensive work from historical and technical perspectives. It explores the unique principles and challenges in the design of high-speed marine craft. This volume explores different hull form concepts, requiring an understanding of the four forces affecting ... Read more

    $126.27 AUD

  • Dynamics and Analytic Number Theory

    series London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series #437
    Written by leading experts, this book explores several directions of current research at the interface between dynamics and analytic number theory. Topics include Diophantine approximation, exponential sums, Ramsey theory, ergodic theory and homogeneous dynamics. The origins of this material lie in the 'Dynamics and Analytic Number Theory' Easter School held at Durham University in 2014. Key ... Read more

    $83.26 AUD


    series Mimarlık
    Geleneksel mimari, toplumda kabul edilen ve bir sonraki nesle aktarılan, ortak bir yapılı çevre kültürüdür. Geleneksel ve çağdaş mimaride yaygın olarak kullanılan malzemelerin teknik özelliklerinin ve çevresel etkiler karşısındaki davranışlarının mimar ve mühendislerce çok iyi derecede bilinerek kullanılması gerekir. Geçmişten geleceğe mimari yapılarda malzeme kullanımı değişim göstermektedir. ... Read more

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  • All in one step

    “In search of lightness within the tango embrace”. The biomechanics of tango step This book tries to explore the elements regulating the tango step movements as a couple ("El tango es caminar") and is directed at tango dancers and lovers. Every couple's tango step is unique in its biomechanical characteristics as a consequence of musical interpretation and performance requiring very subtle and refined body control, where everyone has their role. ... Read more

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  • Mathematical Models in Contact Mechanics

    series London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series #398
    This text provides a complete introduction to the theory of variational inequalities with emphasis on contact mechanics. It covers existence, uniqueness and convergence results for variational inequalities, including the modelling and variational analysis of specific frictional contact problems with elastic, viscoelastic and viscoplastic materials. New models of contact are presented, including ... Read more

    $81.39 AUD

  • Waves and Mean Flows

    series Cambridge Monographs on Mechanics
    Interactions between waves and mean flows play a crucial role in understanding the long-term aspects of atmospheric and oceanographic modelling. Indeed, our ability to predict climate change hinges on our ability to model waves accurately. This book gives a modern account of the nonlinear interactions between waves and mean flows, such as shear flows and vortices. A detailed account of the theory ... Read more

    $33.65 AUD

  • Synchronization

    From Coupled Systems to Complex Networks

    A modern introduction to synchronization phenomena, this text presents recent discoveries and the current state of research in the field, from low-dimensional systems to complex networks. The book describes some of the main mechanisms of collective behaviour in dynamical systems, including simple coupled systems, chaotic systems, and systems of infinite-dimension. After introducing the reader to ... Read more

    $108.45 AUD $71.05 AUD

  • A First Course in Computational Fluid Dynamics

    Fluid mechanics is a branch of classical physics that has a rich tradition in applied mathematics and numerical methods. It is at work virtually everywhere, from nature to technology. This broad and fundamental coverage of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) begins with a presentation of basic numerical methods and flows into a rigorous introduction to the subject. A heavy emphasis is placed on the ... Read more

    $58.95 AUD

  • Assouad Dimension and Fractal Geometry

    series Cambridge Tracts in Mathematics #222
    The Assouad dimension is a notion of dimension in fractal geometry that has been the subject of much interest in recent years. This book, written by a world expert on the topic, is the first thorough account of the Assouad dimension and its many variants and applications in fractal geometry and beyond. It places the theory of the Assouad dimension in context among up-to-date treatments of many key ... Read more

    $85.13 AUD

  • Semigroups of Linear Operators

    With Applications to Analysis, Probability and Physics

    series London Mathematical Society Student Texts #93
    The theory of semigroups of operators is one of the most important themes in modern analysis. Not only does it have great intellectual beauty, but also wide-ranging applications. In this book the author first presents the essential elements of the theory, introducing the notions of semigroup, generator and resolvent, and establishes the key theorems of Hille–Yosida and Lumer–Phillips that give ... Read more

    $34.64 AUD

  • Sonic Thunder

    A Discussion of Natural and Artificial Shock Waves

    by W R Matson ...
    series IOP Concise Physics
    Since the earliest days of human existence, the clash of thunder and trembling of the hills has struck fear into the hearts of seasoned warriors and tribal villagers alike. Great gods, demi-gods, and heroes were created to explain the awesome, mysterious, and incomprehensibly powerful forces of Nature in a feeble attempt to make sense of the world around them. To our advanced scientific minds ... Read more

    $141.56 AUD

  • An Investigation Into the Effects of Force on Objects | Changes in Matter & Energy Grade 4 | Children's Physics Books

    This Baby Professor book explains the laws of motion in terms that are appropriate for fourth graders. Energy, and its forms, as well as motion will be sufficiently defined to ensure understanding as the lesson progresses. Contact and field forces like friction, gravity and magnetism are also discussed. Physics sure is easy to understand when you have books like this around! ... Read more

    $6.81 AUD

  • The Effects of Force and Motion on Simple Machines | Changes in Matter & Energy Grade 4 | Children's Physics Books

    There are simple machines all around you. Some may look exactly what they are while others have been built to be a little more complex. In this book, you will learn about the science behind simple machines and how they are affected by force and motion. You will also read about the incline plane, the lever, the pulley, the screw, the wedge, and the wheel and axle. ... Read more

    $6.81 AUD

  • Lattice Boltzmann Modeling of Complex Flows for Engineering Applications

    series IOP Concise Physics
    Nature continuously presents a huge number of complex and multi-scale phenomena, which in many cases, involve the presence of one or more fluids flowing, merging and evolving around us. Since its appearance on the surface of Earth, Mankind has tried to exploit and tame fluids for their purposes, probably starting with Hero's machinery to open the doors of the Temple of Serapis in Alexandria to ... Read more

    $52.90 AUD