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Everything you wanted to know about Kobo Mini

  1. Why should I buy a Kobo Mini?

    Well, that’s easy! Kobo Mini is the smallest, lightest full-featured* eReader. With a 5” screen, weighing only 134 grams, Kobo Mini is super portable, so it’s great for reading on the go. But don’t worry! Kobo Mini has all of the features Kobo is famous for, including a no-glare E Ink touchscreen, built-in Wi Fi, and access to over 4 million eBooks in the Kobo eBookstore — only now these features are pocket-sized. Plus, with Kobo Mini you can match your mood or outfit with interchangeable Kobo SnapBacks.

    *Full-featured is defined as having a touchscreen, Wi Fi connectivity and a suite of advanced reading features.

  2. Where can I buy a Kobo Mini?

    Anywhere you can buy a Kobo! You can order a Kobo Mini directly from us or from select retailers, both online and in store. Need more info? Head over to the where to buy page for all the info you could possibly desire.

  3. Where can I find Kobo Mini tech specs, like battery life, storage capacity, weight, size, supported file formats, etc.?

    For a complete list of tech specs, visit the Kobo Mini Tech Specs page.

  4. Where can I get Kobo Mini technical support and help?

    A great place to start is the Kobo Support portal. If you're looking for support on Kobo Mini in particular, visit the Kobo Mini Support page that includes information on Getting Started, Troubleshooting, and Video Tutorials. Finally, the Kobo Mini User Guide, Warranty and Safety information can be found on the Kobo Support Guides page.

  5. Are there any accessories that can help protect my Kobo Mini?

    There sure are! The colourful, interchangeable Kobo SnapBacks that personalize your Kobo Mini also protect it. Kobo SnapBacks come in a variety of colours. Choose your favourite and change it as often as you like! Your Kobo Mini will arrive with the black Kobo SnapBack, but you can purchase the other colours at your local retailer or on our website. If you’re more into covers and cases, Kobo designers are hard at work designing some great covers. Keep your eyes peeled for the cover or case that suits your lifestyle!

  6. Which languages does Kobo Mini support?

    Kobo Mini is a truly international eReader. At first launch, the Kobo Mini will be available in English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Italian, and Portuguese. We're going to be launching more language support shortly, so stay tuned!

  7. What's Kobo Mini's battery life like?

    The Kobo Mini battery lasts for up to one month on a single charge, based on approximately 30 minutes of reading per day, one page turn per minute, and Wi Fi off. Of course, battery life depends on your individual usage.

  8. How many eBooks can the Kobo Mini hold?

    Out of the box, Kobo Mini comes with the storage capacity for up to 1,000 eBooks. If you run out of space, simply delete the eBooks. Don’t worry, though! Thanks to Kobo Everywhere, your eBooks are stored safely in the cloud, so you can add them back later if you want!

  9. How do I buy eBooks? How much do they cost?

    Like any bricks-and-mortar bookstore, browsing and buying eBooks is simple. The Kobo eBookstore gives you access to over 4 million eBooks globally, including new releases, bestsellers, newspapers, and magazines! All eBooks are organized into easy-to-browse categories and are competitively priced with paper books. Once you've found the eBook you want, click buy, and, after the payment has been processed, the eBook will be downloaded to your library where it can be accessed from your Kobo Mini and any of our free Kobo eReading apps!

  10. Can I use my existing Kobo account with my new Kobo Mini?

    Absolutely! If you are already a Kobo user, simply use your account to sign in to your new device, access your library, buy new eBooks, and earn awards on Reading Life.

  11. Where can I get the Kobo desktop app?

    Downloading is easy. Visit kobosetup.com to get the free Kobo Desktop software. The Kobo Desktop app comes in super handy for setting up your new Kobo Mini, shopping the Kobo eBookstore, reading on your computer, and managing your growing eBook library.

  12. When will Kobo Pulse come to Kobo Mini? Is it going to be available on Kobo Touch?

    Unfortunately, we're not currently planning to support Kobo Pulse on either the Kobo Mini or Kobo Touch. But don't worry, you can enjoy great social features on your Kobo Mini, like earning and sharing your Reading Life awards and stats, and sharing your favourite passages to your Facebook Timeline and Twitter. Learn More

  13. Where can I find out more information on Corporate Sales?

    We have a whole page dedicated to corporate sales. Learn more

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