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    FBI Team Players

    Another great FBI Thriller with married agents Savich and Sherlock. With the aid of Pippa Cinelli who is a wiz at financial data; the team more than stumble on immense action packed pages. Love this author and especially this series. "A copy of this book was provided by Gallery Books via Netgalley with no requirements for a review. Comments here are my honest opinion." Lots of Heat and flames!
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    Another Incredible Savich & Sherlock Thriller

    Once again Catherine Coulter has delivered an incredible thriller. I loved Deadlock, the twenty-fourth book in her Savich and Sherlock FBI Series. The books keep getting better and better. Catherine Coulter has once again shown that she is a master storyteller. I love how Catherine incorporated the title of the book into the story. The story kept me on the edge of my seat and I kept wondering how the story was going to get resolved. I love how Catherine always has a story within a story that include two random events that are not so random that I have come to love and expect, and Deadlock did not disappoint. I love reconnecting with Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock, both agents in the the FBI's Criminal Apprehension Unit (CAU). In Deadlock, Marsia Gay and Veronica Lake from Insidious are revived. I love how Catherine Coulter makes them part of the new action. Deadlock begins with Marsia Gay planning revenge on Veronica Lake and Dillon Savich for their roles in her imprisonment. Another part of the story involves Rebekah Clarkson Manvers is contacted by a medium, Zoltan because Zoltan tells her that her grandfather John Clarkson, who recently died is trying to reach out to her. Rebekah agrees to the meeting, but then decides to keep some of the secrets her grandfather shared with her to herself. This leads to an attempted kidnapping of Rebekah the following day that is thwarted by Savich. When Savich finds out she is the wife of a sitting Congressman, Richard Manvers, he decides to have Griffin Hammersmith keep watch over her, since they are not certain who was attempting to kidnap her. Zoltan leaves Washington, DC after an attempt is made on her life. After Savich return to the Hoover Building, a mysterious package marked "Personal" is delivered to him. Inside in a red box that contains one third of a eerie puzzle. The following day an identical package arrives with another third of the puzzle. Pippa Cinelli, a new agent in the Criminal Investigative Division, identifies the location as her hometown of St. Lumis, Maryland. Her boss agrees to lend her to Savich so that Pippa can work undercover in St. Lumis to find out who is sending the packages to Savich. While wandering around an abandoned grocery store, Pippa is knocked out, tied up and left alone. When she awakens without her phone, credentials, and guns, she makes her way to the house of the Chief of Police, Matthew Wilde. Savich races to St. Lumis to talk to Pippa and Wilde. While he is there, his home is set on fire with Sherlock and Sean, their five year old son asleep inside. I loved this story and how wonderfully Catherine spun the tale. I love all the plot twists and surprises that I have come to love and expect in her stories, Deadlock had it all. I love how she resolves the story and the thrilling mystery behind the events that have been happening in Washington, DC and St. Lumis, Maryland. Never would have thought those events were connected at the start of the story. I also enjoy, how she leaves the Rebekah Manvers story somewhat unresolved. My favorite part of all her stories is the Epilogue and how she ties up some of the lose ends. Another incredible thriller by Catherine Coulter, highly recommended, and loved every page.

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