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    I really liked this book! A bit more of the MC side than the prior book but still not a hardcore MC read. It's sexy, rough, and full of twists that keep you turning the page. This is Gage's story. Gage is Zach's brother (Zach from the first book Hooked). While this one can be read and enjoyed without reading the first book, it was nice to have the backstory to this family. Amelia is looking for revenge at first. She's been told all her life that Gage's MC was responsible for her father's death. With that in mind she applies for a job at Gage's bar. Her plans quickly change once she gets to know Gage. Will the past keep these two apart or will they find a way to have a future together? Definitely a book I would recommend.
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    Sexy MC themed novella!

    Revenge! Well, at least some satisfaction, that's what Amelia is looking for when she agrees to spy on the Viking Bastards MC to try to catch them in some of their illegal activities - payback since she believes that Gage Reynold's deceased father was the man responsible for her own father's death. Not that her father was squeaky clean, an enforcer for the Wolves, but she loved him. Getting a part time job at the Bastards bar Odin's is the first step to her plan - and puts her right smack dab in the eyes and eventually arms of Gage who runs the place. Gage is intrigued by his new bartender and though he usually enforces a no fraternization policy with the help, his attraction to Amelia overrules that. Amelia's conscience makes her take things slowly, trying to keep distance between her and Gage. It doesn't work and soon enough they are engaged in a heated affair. But a relationship of secrets never lasts long - will her plan for revenge backfire when Gage finds out the truth of who she is and destroy any chance of them reaching a happy ending together? I enjoyed the first story in this series and have been looking forward to reading more about this Motorcycle Club featuring tough guys with heart. I really liked the characters here, and felt like Gage was true to his upbringing and his place in the club. Loyalty is key, but so is family and he has a good relationship with his brother Zach (hero of book 1 ) and his sister Kat (whom I hope will get her own story!). Amelia and Gage are both familiar with life in the club, though Amelia's mother left that life when her husband died so Amelia has had a more 'normal' life since, while Gage is still fully immersed in it. The truth of what happened between Amelia and Gage's father is at the crux of Amelia's decision to look for revenge, but she soon discovers it isn't as straightforward as she's always believed. I liked Amelia's character too, her beliefs about Gage changing as she discovers he's not the man she believed him to be, but someone better. She and Gage are clearly attracted to each other from the start, and they share some very steamy scenes together. Since it's a novella length story, we go from insta-lust to insta-love quite quickly and there is the requisite reveal of secrets to make Gage question how deep his feelings for Amelia go (spoiler - pretty deep). All in all it's an easy read with likable characters, hot sexy scenes and a happy ending for the couple. Looking forward to reading more in the series!
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    Steamy, dark, hot and addictive. I loved it and would recommend it to everyone who reads erotic romancd . The characters were well developed and intriguing with a strong and captivating plot

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