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Commodities eBooks

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  • Buying and Selling Silver Bullion Like a Pro

    by Doug West ...
    The definitive resource on silver investing. The point that is stressed in this eBook is that silver is a commodity that enjoys an increasing demand while having a limited supply. Because the world’s remaining silver deposits lying deep in the earth silver is becoming more expensive to process and remove. Nevertheless, silver is still a very useful commodity and definitely worth a serious investor ... Read more

    $4.31 AUD

  • Beating the Street

    by Peter Lynch ...
    Legendary money manager Peter Lynch explains his own strategies for investing and offers advice for how to pick stocks and mutual funds to assemble a successful investment portfolio.Develop a Winning Investment Strategy—with Expert Advice from “The Nation’s #1 Money Manager.” Peter Lynch’s “invest in what you know” strategy has made him a household name with investors both big and small.An ... Read more

    $9.99 AUD

  • The New Case for Gold

    In The New Case for Gold, James Rickards explains why gold is one of the safest assets for investors in times of political instability and market volatility, and how every investor should look to add gold to his or her portfolio.Drawing on historical case studies, monetary theory and his personal experience as an investor, Rickards argues that gold should be a part of any prudent investor's ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

    Reminiscences of a Stock Operator is a 1923 roman à clef by American author Edwin Lefèvre which is the thinly disguised biography of Jesse Lauriston Livermore. The Wall Street Journal described the book as a "classic", it was ranked #15 on 'Fortune's 75 The Smartest Books We Know', and Alan Greenspan said it is "a font of investing wisdom. ... Read more

    $1.99 AUD

  • The Australian ETF Guide

    How to invest more cheaply simply and effectively using exchange traded funds (ETFs)

    ETFs have taken global financial markets by storm.In this book, you will learn how to gain cheap and easy access to a broadly diversified basket of Australian shares, international shares, bonds, commodities or even currencies – just as easily as buying company shares on the ASX using your share trading account.Due to their low cost, transparency, and ease of use, ETFs are already improving the ... Read more

    $10.88 AUD

  • The World for Sale

    Money, Power and the Traders Who Barter the Earth’s Resources

    'Gripping' Economist'Jaw-dropping' Sunday Times'Riveting' Financial Times'Fascinating' ReutersWe are entering an age of energy crises and food shortages. This book reveals why.Meet the swashbuckling traders who supply the world with energy, food and metal.Their goal: To make billions by buying and selling raw materials - flogg... ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • The Secret Club That Runs the World

    Inside the Fraternity of Commodity Traders

    by Kate Kelly ...
    Kate Kelly, acclaimed journalist and author of Street Fighters, investigates the world of commodities tradersWhen most of us think of the drama of global finance, we think of stocks and bonds. But commodities? Crude oil and soya beans? Copper and wheat? What could be more boring?That's exactly what the elite commodity traders want us to think. They don't seek the spotlight. They don't want to be ... Read more

    $14.99 AUD

  • Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

    by Edwin Lefevre ...
    Reminiscences is a fictionalized account of the life of the securities trader Jesse Livermore. Despite the book's age, it continues to offer insights into the art of trading and speculation. In Jack Schwagers Market Wizards, Reminiscences was quoted as a major source of stock trading learning material for experienced and new traders by many of the traders who Schwager interviewed. The book tells ... Read more

    $4.48 AUD

  • The Four Pillars of Investing: Lessons for Building a Winning Portfolio

    Lessons for Building a Winning Portfolio

    The classic guide to constructing a solid portfolio— with out a financial advisor!“With relatively little effort, you can design and assemble an investment portfolio that, because of its wide diversification and minimal expenses, will prove superior to the most professionally managed accounts. Great intelligence and good luck are not required.”William Bernstein’s commonsense approach to portfolio ... Read more

    $34.53 AUD

  • Day Trading Secrets

    by Harvey Walsh ...
    Ever fancied making a living working just a few hours a day from the comfort of your own home? Day trading offers just such an opportunity, but beware: there are risks involved too.In this quick-read, professional day trader Harvey Walsh offers essential advice for any trader and would-be trader. The book comprises two reports:Bigger Winning Trades, More Often: Markets are complicated, but trading ... Read more


  • Diamonds in the Dust

    Consistent Compounding for Extraordinary Wealth Creation

    Over the last few years, there has been a growing realization among Indians that their life's savings, the bulk of which are parked in physical assets like real estate and gold, are unlikely to help them generate sufficient returns to fund their financial goals, including retirement. At the same time, many have lost their hard-earned money trying to invest in financial assets, including debt and ... Read more

    $8.35 AUD

  • Get Started in Shares ePub eBook

    A beginner's guide to investing

    by Glen Arnold ...
    series Financial Times Series
    Investing can be fun as well as rewarding. It could certainly earn you much more than you could gain by sticking your money in a bank account. It really does not require much to make money from the stock market - just an understanding of a few simple concepts and the following of a few rules.Written by the UK’s most successful writer on investing, Get Started in Shares explains in very clear and ... Read more

    $20.45 AUD

  • Building Wealth with Silver

    by Thomas Herold ...
    We are all using dangerous, outdated, old economic strategies to protect and grow our money in the so-called 'new economy.' Most of us don't even know it. Every economy is, in some sense, 'new.' However, applying the rules from an 'older' economy to a 'newer' one during times of transition is a recipe for financial ruin.Economic transitions have been around for centuries . . . the difference is ... Read more

    $9.95 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Silver & Gold Guide Top Tips: Learn How to Quickly Invest - Build your Wealth with Gold and Silver Bullion

    Silver & Gold Guide Top Tips: Learn How to Quickly Invest - Build your Wealth with Gold and Silver Bullion.  **This is a Basic Guide to Investing in Silver and Gold - For Beginners**  This book takes a look at bullion, coins and precious metals as well as how the prices are set and some indication of where and how to buy precious metals. ... Read more

    $3.81 AUD

  • Sublime Finance Super Pack

    To make and invest money, one must understand how the financial systems work. These eight landmark books will give you that understanding and help you on your way to success and prosperity. These books have stood the test of time. Their authors have a deep understanding of the subject matter. Here are more than one thousand pages of priceless information at an extremely reasonable price. Included ... Read more

    $4.48 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Best Ways to Invest Money During COVID-19: Investing Tips During the Pandemic

    by M L Pilgrim ...
    There are many things we can do during the pandemic and the most productive of all is to invest it wisely. Check out this ebook for some tips and guidance! ... Read more


  • Reminiscences of a Stock Operator (Annotated Edition)

    with the Livermore Market Key and Commentary Included

    Known by such nicknames such as Boy Plunger , the Great Bear or The Wall Street Wonder and the Cotton King. Livermore both made, and subsequently lost, four multi-million dollar fortunes during his career as a speculator, which lasted over three decades.Livermore was an early starter. He went to work at age 16 as a stock quotation boy for a local firm. He must have found his calling early as ... Read more

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  • Criação de riqueza

    Uma metodologia simples e poderosa que vai enriquecê-lo e fazer você atingir seus objetivos

    by Paulo Vieira ...
    Caiu o dinheiro na conta. E agora: o que você faz com ele? Dinheiro é algo que tira o sono das pessoas: tanto de quem tem muito quanto de quem não tem nada. E Paulo Vieira sabe exatamente o que é estar nessas duas posições. A vivência na escassez e na abundância o fizeram conhecer as duas realidades a fundo: percebeu que a falta de dinheiro afeta diretamente todas as áreas da nossa vida, e que a ... Read more

    $9.99 AUD

  • Commodities For Dummies

    Get more bang for your buck in the commodities market and start trading todayWhile Wall Street has been troubled, commodity markets have been soaring. Since 2002, commodities have outperformed every other asset class including stocks, mutual funds, and real estate. This hands-on, friendly guide gives you the basics on breaking into the market, dispels common myths, and shows you how to implement a ... Read more

    $33.99 AUD $27.99 AUD

  • Currency Trading for Beginners

    by Zordi Cobre ...
    If you're brand new to currency trading you can learn to go from financial mediocrity to financial prosperity in the time it takes you to read this entire book. This book details what it takes to become a consistently profitable investor and currency trader in today's financial markets working against the best investors and traders in the world. There are zero short cuts in the beginner learning ... Read more

    $13.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Penny Stocks: Penny Stock Tips on How to do Penny Stock Investing, Penny Stock Trading, Penny Stocks to Watch, Penny Stocks Picks, Where to Buy Penny Stocks & How to Make Penny Stock Fortunes

    series "Quick Start Guide" Series
    Many investors and brokers may claim that investing in penny stocks is a good way to start small and end big. Buying penny stocks means buying low-priced shares of small businesses and companies. Penny stocks are much less “liquid” than other types of stocks, as penny stocks have few shareholders. For some investors, an initial small investment in penny stocks can mean big returns later on.Shares ... Read more

    $7.69 AUD

  • How To Buy And Sell Gold & Silver PRIVATELY: Must Know Strategies To Keep Your Portfolio Private, Stay In The IRS's Good Graces, Know Your Tax Requirements, File The Right Reports, Buy The Right Types Of Gold And Silver And Avoice Other Forms Of Meta

    by Doyle Shuler ...
    This is a "MUST READ" book for ALL Gold and Silver Investors who want to stay off the radar and remain TOTALLY PRIVATE.Readers are loving this book! There is so much confusing and contradictory information in the marketplace about this subject.As you know, PRIVACY has become a huge issue these days. We probably have less privacy now than at any other time in the past.Probably like you, I'm a hard ... Read more

    $5.66 AUD