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  • LLVM Cookbook

    by Mayur Pandey and 1 more

    The book is for compiler programmers who are familiar with concepts of compilers and want to indulge in understanding, exploring, and using LLVM infrastructure in a meaningful way in their work.This book is also for programmers who are not directly involved in compiler projects but are often involved in development phases where they write thousands of lines of code. With knowledge of how compilers ... Read more

    $49.82 AUD

  • LLVM Essentials

    by Suyog Sarda and 1 more

    Become familiar with the LLVM infrastructure and start using LLVM libraries to design a compilerAbout This BookLearn to use the LLVM libraries to emit intermediate representation (IR) from high-level languageBuild your own optimization pass for better code generationUnderstand AST generation and use it in a meaningful wayWho This Book Is ForThis book is intended for those who already know some of ... Read more

    $29.25 AUD

  • COBOL Language Fundamentals Quick Start

    by Robert Wingate

    This book will teach you the basic information and skills you need to develop applications with the COBOL programming language on IBM mainframe computers running z/OS. The instruction, examples and sample programs in this book are a fast track to becoming productive with COBOL as quickly as possible. The content of this book is easy to read and digest, well organized and focused on honing real job ... Read more

    $9.99 AUD


    C++ / C Programming lessons

    by Gilbert Kofi Grunitzky

    C++ / C Programming lessons! This C / C++ lesson, has been designed to help the beginners learn the C / C++ programming language quickly. Most of the basic concepts of C / C++ programming like variables, data types, expressions, conditionals, repetitions structures, switch, functions, arrays, pointers, string handling, file handling and structures are explained in simple language. This C / C++ ... Read more

    $20.25 AUD

  • Engineering a Compiler

    by Keith Cooper and 1 more

    This entirely revised second edition of Engineering a Compiler is full of technical updates and new material covering the latest developments in compiler technology. In this comprehensive text you will learn important techniques for constructing a modern compiler. Leading educators and researchers Keith Cooper and Linda Torczon combine basic principles with pragmatic insights from their experience ... Read more

    $100.75 AUD

  • Roslyn Cookbook

    by Manish Vasani

    Use Roslyn as a service to write powerful extensions and tools and use them in Visual Studio to improve code quality and maintain your source code more effectively.About This BookUse Roslyn extensions and tools in Visual Studio to enforce "house rules" on code and fix security and performance vulnerabilities in your code.Write Roslyn extensions using the Roslyn service API to help developers ... Read more

    $49.82 AUD

  • IntelliJ IDEA Essentials

    by Jarosław Krochmalski

    This book is for developers who want to work smarter so they can focus their efforts on the details that will give them the advantage. This book is tailor-made for developers who want to move from NetBeans and Eclipse to experience the power and functionality of IntelliJ IDEA. ... Read more

    $37.39 AUD

  • C++ Template Metaprogramming in Practice

    A Deep Learning Framework

    by Li Wei

    Using the implementation of a deep learning framework as an example, C++ Template Metaprogramming in Practice: A Deep Learning Framework explains the application of metaprogramming in a relatively large project and emphasizes ways to optimize systems performance. The book is suitable for developers with a basic knowledge of C++. Developers familiar with mainstream deep learning frameworks can also ... Read more

    $178.63 AUD

  • NUnit Pocket Reference

    Up and Running with NUnit

    by Bill Hamilton

    series Pocket Reference (O'Reilly)
    Few .NET developers have the luxury of unlimited code testing once their application is complete, and rushing through the testing process is both problematic and stressful. The open source NUnit framework provides an excellent and efficient way to test and improve .NET code as it's written, saving hundreds of QA hours and headaches.NUnit is one of the most mature and widely-used .NET open source ... Read more

    $9.56 AUD

  • Python for Beginners

    Learn It as Easy as Pie

    by Yatin Bayya

    Whether you are an absolute beginner or an experienced programmer, learn Python programming in a simple, concise, and straightforward manner. Learn to build four smashing projects: a calculator, a drawing app, a login system, and a notes app. This book will walk you through the first steps of becoming a programmer as easy as pie. ... Read more

    $9.89 AUD

  • أكثر ذكاء منا صعود ذكاء الآلات

    by Mustafa Kayyali

    تحدث هذا الكتاب عن كمبيوتر متصل بالأنترنت بذكاء يفوق ذكاء البشر بدون وجود أي قوانين أخلاقية أو علمية تحدد قيوداً وضوابطاً لهذا الذكاء..ما هي الأعمال التي سيستطيع هذا البرنامج القيام بها؟ وهل سيمكن لأحد من البشر إيقافه إذا ما أرادت البشرية ذلك؟ هل سيكون ذلك البرنامج كلي الوجود ومدركاً لذاته ووجوده؟ إذا كان الأمر كذلك، هل سيتسبب هذا البرنامج باستعباد البشر أم بمساعدتهم؟ هل ستكون فطرته خيرة أم شريرة؟ ... Read more

    $10.64 AUD

  • Modern Compiler Implementation in C

    by Andrew W. Appel and 1 more

    This new, expanded textbook describes all phases of a modern compiler: lexical analysis, parsing, abstract syntax, semantic actions, intermediate representations, instruction selection via tree matching, dataflow analysis, graph-coloring register allocation, and runtime systems. It includes good coverage of current techniques in code generation and register allocation, as well as functional and ... Read more

    $85.13 AUD

  • Ant: The Definitive Guide

    Complete Build Management for Java

    by Steve Holzner

    Soon after its launch, Ant succeeded in taking the Java world by storm, becoming the most widely used tool for building applications in Java environments. Like most popular technologies, Ant quickly went through a series of early revision cycles. With each new version, more functionality was added, and more complexity was introduced. Ant evolved from a simple-to-learn build tool into a full ... Read more

    $36.07 AUD

  • Translation 4.0

    Dolmetschen und Übersetzen im Zeitalter der Digitalisierung

    by Johannes Härtel and 2 more

    series Leipziger Studien zur angewandten Linguistik und Translatologie
    Die Entwicklung digitaler Möglichkeiten führt zu neuen Translationsformen. Sie verlangt eine Überprüfung von Ansätzen und Theorien und schafft neue Möglichkeiten für (sprachvergleichende) theoretische und korpusbasierte Studien. Die Beiträge dieses Bandes gehen den Auswirkungen der technischen Veränderungen auf die Translation selbst sowie auf die sich stetig verändernden bzw. erweiternden ... Read more

    $125.72 AUD

  • C Programs To Become Expert In Programming

    by Shubham Yadav

    in this book you can learn all types of c programs, so can practice more and more example . ... Read more

    $9.99 AUD

  • Die ultimative FRITZ!Box Bibel - Das Praxisbuch 2. aktualisierte Auflage - mit vielen Insider Tipps und Tricks - komplett in Farbe

    by Wolfram Gieseke

    Die ultimative FRITZ!Box-Bibel - Das Praxisbuch – komplett in Farbe! 2. aktualisierte AuflageUnd sollten einmal Probleme auftreten, steht Ihnen der erfahrene Autor Wolfram Gieseke ebenfalls mit Rat und Tat zur Seite.Aus dem Inhalt: ... Read more

    $24.54 AUD

  • Computer Programming: 4 Books in 1

    SQL Programming, Python for Beginners, Python For Data Science, Cyber Security (Crash Course 2.0 for Kids and Adults)

    by Ben Chan

    Computer Programming Made Easy: With These 4 Titles You Can Reach Your Full PotentialDiscover the "Whys" and "Hows" of Computer Programming, this complete guide will walk you through the techniques used by the pros so you can get started the right way. The new amazing bundle by Ben Chan includes the following titles:Cyber SecurityPython for Data SciencePython for Beg... ... Read more

    $18.80 AUD

  • D Cookbook

    by Adam D. Ruppe

    A recipe-packed reference guide filled with practical tasks that are concisely explained to develop and broaden the user's abilities with the D programming language. If you are an experienced programmer who is looking to explore a language that offers plenty of advantages over more established programming languages, this is the book for you. We assume that you are already familiar with general ... Read more

    $41.46 AUD

  • JavaScript 101

    A guide to coding, #2

    by Andrew Hunter

    series A guide to coding #2
    Have you ever wanted to make a website? The first step is learning JavaScript, the programming language of the web. This tutorial teaches you the basics of Javascript to create your first web app or game. Not only does this tutorial teach you the basics but it also teaches setting up an enviorment to start coding. So why not give this book a try and learn JavaScript ... Read more

    $2.99 AUD

  • Language Implementation Patterns

    Create Your Own Domain-Specific and General Programming Languages

    by Terence Parr

    Learn to build configuration file readers, data readers, model-driven code generators, source-to-source translators, source analyzers, and interpreters. You don't need a background in computer science--ANTLR creator Terence Parr demystifies language implementation by breaking it down into the most common design patterns. Pattern by pattern, you'll learn the key skills you need to implement your ... Read more

    $30.79 AUD

  • Software Repositories Interview Questions You'll Most Likely Be Asked

    by Vibrant Publishers

    series Job Interview Questions Series #64
    Software Repositories Interview Questions You'll Most Likely Be Asked is a perfect companion to stand ahead above the rest in today’s competitive job market. ... Read more

    $13.68 AUD

  • Informationsmodellierung

    Durch Verstehen zur besseren Software

    by Stefan Berner

    Verstehen ist der Schlüssel zu guter Software. Die Modellierung von Geschäftsprozessen und der dabei manipulierten Daten kann jedoch nur maximal so gut sein wie das zugrunde liegende Verständnis der Sache an sich. Erfahrungsgemäss liegt die Hauptursache für schlechte Software und gescheiterte IT-Projekte im mangelnden Verständnis der Fachwelt. Informatiker müssen verstehen, was die Anwender ... Read more

    $44.19 AUD

  • Guia De Validação De Dados Em Java

    by Cláudio Ralha

    Em uma obra 100% prática, Cláudio Ralha apresenta ao leitor como validar de forma profissional os dados que ocorrem com maior frequência em cadastros de aplicações Web, Mobile e Desktop por meio de Expressões Regulares e de Rotinas de Validação de Dígitos Verificadores. Você encontrará exemplos de código em linguagem Java para validar 23 tipos de dados diferentes, Máscaras de Validação, Dados de ... Read more

    $9.56 AUD

  • Man vs. Machine

    Challenging Human Supremacy at Chess

    by Karsten Müller and 1 more

    Man vs. Machine Technology continues to advance at a rapid pace. It may sound quaint today, but not so long ago, computers battled humans for supremacy at the game of chess. The challenge of building a computer program capable of defeating the best of human-kind at chess was one of the original grand challenges of the fledgling field of artificial intelligence. On one side were dedicated ... Read more

    $43.00 AUD