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  • WTF is Tarot?

    ...& How Do I Do It?

    Young Blood, Old Magic: A No-Nonsense Approach to the Ancient Art of Reading TarotYou do not need to learn the tarot because you already know it. It is from this radical jumping off point that WTF Is Tarot breaks down the ancient art of cartomancy. This fresh, accessible and sometimes cheeky guide sheds a holistic light on how to read tarot, from the foundation of magic itself to understanding ... Read more

    $16.82 AUD

  • Spirit Babies

    How to Communicate with the Child You're Meant to Have

    Am I Meant to Become a Parent? Why Can’t I Conceive?What Is My Unborn Child Trying to Tell Me?In this reassuring, supportive, and accessible book, leading clairvoyant and medium Walter Makichen offers guidance to prospective parents eager to create a warm, nurturing environment for their soon-to-be-conceived-or-born children. Applying the wisdom and insights he has gained through twenty years of ... Read more

    $15.17 AUD

  • The Divining Heart

    Dowsing and Spiritual Unfoldment

    Building on the principles and practices presented in The Divining Mind (Richard Wright's first book on dowsing, coauthored by T. Edward Ross II), authors Richard and Pat Wright define dowsing as the "process of uncovering information through the medium of the self." The Wrights believe, as do many dowsers, that the ability to dowse is innate, but they also feel that its proper development is ... Read more

    $9.99 AUD

  • Your Psychic Potential

    A Guide to Psychic Development

    Known as the “Psychic to the Stars,” Richard Ireland counseled celebrities including Mae West, Amanda Blake, and Glenn Ford. Twelve years after Ireland’s death in 1992, his son Mark was sent this manuscript, written in 1973. Recently, as Mark Ireland recounts in the foreword, two psychic-mediums with no prior knowledge of the project have received messages suggesting that his father deliberately ... Read more

    $22.76 AUD

  • The Crystal Bible Volume 1

    The definitive guide to over 200 crystals

    by Judy Hall ...
    series Godsfield Bibles
    The Crystal Bible has become the world's favourite crystal reference guide, having sold over a million copies. The directory format enables you to find a known crystal instantly or to identify an unknown crystal. It covers the practical and esoteric properties of each stone, including spiritual, mental, psychological, emotional and physical effects, plus its use in crystal healing. Encompassing ... Read more

    $13.99 AUD

  • The Edgar Cayce Handbook for Creating Your Future

    The World's Leading Cayce Authorities Give You the Practical Tools for Making Profound Changes in Your Life

    This remarkable handbook presents Cayce's twenty-four spiritual keys, which unlock the doors of self-understanding. They operate like formulas that teach us about the mysteries of living and are evident to anyone who is willing and able to look closely at life. As you will see, these principles can be applied to every situation, and you can begin to use them instantly in your everyday life: ... Read more

    $9.89 AUD

  • The Essential Tarot

    What does tomorrow hold for you? The art of divining the futureand interpreting the past and presenthas fascinated people throughout the ages. Discern the meanings of the mysterious imagery of the Tarot cards, and learn how to conduct your own Tarot readings. The Essential Book of Tarot explains the fortune-telling elements of each Tarot card, as well as the history and lore of the Tarot. ... Read more

    $1.48 AUD

  • The James Bond Cold Reading

    by Julian Moore ...
    series Speed Learning
    "I got Julian's book and it is wonderful! It is a great system for doing a reading and extremely practical. I applaud Julian and highly recommend this!" - Richard OsterlindThe James Bond Cold Reading is a whole new take on the twelve lines of the 'Classic Reading' made so popular from the 50's to the present day. Julian 'Bev' Moore shows you how this much discussed but seldom used powerful cold ... Read more

    $8.50 AUD

  • A Journey Through Divination and Astronomy

    series A Journey Through... #3
    This non-fiction short-form eBook features content which is adapted from the audiobook Harry Potter: A History of Magic - inspired by the British Library exhibition of the same name.If you've gazed into the crystal ball you'll have seen that you are about to enter a place of prediction and fortune-telling that makes up the subject of Divination in the real and wizarding world. From the use of ... Read more

    $4.99 AUD

  • Six Short Stories: Learn Tarot in a Day

    by Ian Eshey ...
    "I was surprised at how enjoyable it was to flip through all the chapters & stories.""Six Short Stories: Learn Tarot in a Day" uses engaging short stories to help you quickly and painlessly memorize all 78 tarot cards. Learning to read tarot has never been funnier!(Table of Contents below)The moment you pick up my guide, you'll begin to understand the natural progression of events surrounding each ... Read more

    $7.01 AUD

  • Tarot Plain And Simple

    by Anthony Louis ...
    This book presents the Tarot in clear language that anyone can understand, providing the meaning of each of the 78 Tarot cards. ... Read more

    $21.55 AUD

  • Numerology Made Easy

    Numbers are everywhere in your everyday life yet most people don’t pay too much attention to them. But is there more to number than meets the eye? Author Hilary Carter thinks so. Do interesting date... ... Read more

    $5.38 AUD

  • Angel Numbers

    The Message and Meaning Behind 11:11 and Other Number Sequences

    by Kyle Gray ...
    Are you seeing number sequences like 11:11 and 4:44 everywhere you turn?If you always see the same numbers repeated – from license plates to receipts and digital clocks – it could be your angels sending you a message.Angels are divine messengers who have existed in some form in almost every religion and culture since the dawn of time. In this digital age, they are finding new ways to remind you of ... Read more

    $15.61 AUD

  • The Gene Keys

    Embracing Your Higher Purpose

    by Richard Rudd ...
    The book begins by introducing the reader to a fantastic possibility - that humanity may be on the verge of a major shift in consciousness rooted in a new understanding of how our DNA operates - namely that it is programmed directly by the way we think and feel. This is a highly ambitious and sophisticated system for shaping one's destiny. Based around 64 archetypes, it resembles the I Ching in ... Read more

    $39.48 AUD

  • The Complete Book of Numerology

    Discovering the Inner Self

    To the conventional scientist, numbers are merely symbols of comparative quantities, but in the broader, metaphysical sense, they assume a deeper, more profound significance.The Complete Book of Numerology reveals the underlying meaning behind the numbers in your life and enables you to understand the connection between your numerological patterns and your degree of abundance, health, and general ... Read more

    $2.98 AUD

  • Change Me Prayers

    The Hidden Power of Spiritual Surrender

    by Tosha Silver ...
    From the author of the life-changing book Outrageous Openness: Letting the Divine Take the Lead comes a transformational follow-up book featuring a thoughtful collection of prayers and stories to help you actively invite the Divine into your life.“Change me Divine Beloved into one who can give and receive freely and be a clear vessel for your Light.”Tosha Silver, with her characteristic wit, charm ... Read more

    $9.99 AUD

  • How to Read the Tarot for Fun, Profit and Psychic Development for Beginners and Advanced Readers

    by Angela Kaelin ...
    Are you frustrated by your efforts to master reading the tarot cards?Do you forget some or most of the card meanings right after studying them in your tarot manual?Do you want to get started fast making money as a professional tarot reader?Do you want to take your readings beyond the merely entertaining?Do you want to impress yourself and others with your genuine psychic abilities?Do you want to ... Read more

    $4.05 AUD

  • Love by the Numbers

    How to Find Great Love or Reignite the Love You Have Through the Power of Numerology

    "To put it simply, if cupid and a clairvoyant were to have an affair, Glynis McCants would very much look like their offspring." — L.A. Confidential magazineAn exciting guide to love through the power of numerology!The greatest gift one can receive is that of true and lasting love, and the secret to understanding your partner is to look to the numbers. International bestselling author and media ... Read more

    $21.99 AUD

  • Tarot: From Novice to Pro in One Book

    From Novice to Pro in One Book

    by Colette Brown ...
    How can you go from a novice tarot reader to a professional in one book? Easy if you work your way thoroughly through this book. It has card meanings ,spreads, homework and information on how to set up a reading and ethics and professionalism. Each part builds up to a full understanding of what it means to be a professional and how to read in a practical and enlightened way. Based on the authors ... Read more

    $11.10 AUD

  • The New Tarot Handbook: Master the Meanings of the Cards

    Master the Meanings of the Cards

    Renowned author Rachel Pollack has spent more than forty years studying and practicing Tarot. This insightful guide distills her vast knowledge and offers a direct, accessible approach to mastering the cards.This book will teach you the meanings of the cards and enable you to begin doing compelling readings right away. More seasoned readers will find that this basic reference has a richness and ... Read more

    $19.24 AUD

  • Palm Reading for Beginners: Find Your Future in the Palm of Your Hand

    Find Your Future in the Palm of Your Hand

    Just imagine that you sit down at a bare table. You have no crystal balls, Tarot cards, runes, or any other tools. One by one, people come up to you and you amaze them with your knowledge of who they are their hopes, goals, and desires and your predictions for change in their lives. Sound amazing? You can do it with a little practice and Richard Webster's Palm Reading for Beginners.Just as a bit ... Read more

    $19.24 AUD

  • Numerology Made Easy: Find Out Your Destiny And Purpose In Life

    Numerology is a very ancient science dating back thousands of years. It offers an insight into the personality by assigning numeric values, or numbers, to the letters which are contained in names.Numerology, the simplest of the occult sciences to master, offers deep insights into the personality. You can use numerology to understand yourself, friends, associates and lovers. You can see the ... Read more

    $4.05 AUD

  • A Little Book of Pendulum Magic

    by D.J. Conway ...
    Another little magical book from D. J. Conway-only this one really swings. ... Read more

    $11.98 AUD

  • Learning the Tarot: A Tarot Book for Beginners

    A Tarot Book for Beginners

    by Joan Bunning ...
    A "how-to" book with 19 lessons and numerous exercises, beginning with the basics and gradually moving into advanced concepts so that you can learn to read the tarot at your own pace. Includes interpretations for all the cards. The author first presented this course on the Internet, and continues to provide website support for students with questions. 178 illustrations using the popular Waite deck ... Read more

    $32.33 AUD