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  • Swallows And Amazons

    series Swallows And Amazons #1
    The ultimate children's classic - long summer days filled with adventure.John, Susan, Titty and Roger sail their boat, Swallow, to a deserted island for a summer camping trip. Exploring and playing sailors is an adventure in itself but the island holds more excitement in store. Two fierce Amazon pirates, Nancy and Peggy, challenge them to war and a summer of battles and alliances ensues.'My ... Read more

    $11.99 AUD

  • Minecraft: Diary of an Enderman Ninja - Book 1

    Unofficial Minecraft Diary Books for Kids age 8 9 10 11 12 Teens Adventure Fan Fiction Series

    series Skeleton Steve and the Noob Mobs Minecraft Diaries Collection - Elias the Enderman Ninja #1
    Love MINECRAFT? **Over 16,000 words of kid-friendly fun!**This high-quality fan fiction fantasy diary book is for kids, teens, and nerdy grown-ups who love to read epic stories about their favorite game!Elias was a young Enderman. And he was a NINJA.As an initiate of the Order of the Warping Fist, Elias is sent on a mission by his master to investigate the deaths of several Endermen at Nexus 426. ... Read more


  • Rise of the Olympians

    by Belle Ward ...
    series Rise of the Olympians #1
    "A swicked adventure that will leave you smiling and wanting more." -HM Ward, New York Times Bestselling AuthorThere are no minor gods.Lilah Jones is officially thirteen. Unfortunately, the day comes with a few twists she didn't expect. For example, her hair turned into a living rainbow and she was gifted with a golden necklace that randomly goes from being room temperature to as hot a supernova. ... Read more


  • Alien Kid

    Alien Kid

    by Kristen Otte ...
    series Alien Kid
    What happens when a mind-reading alien goes to middle school?Charlie Baker is the new kid at school. He looks like any other kid, but he's far from it, and somehow he has to fit in and not reveal his secret.He thought it would be easy, but on the first day, he already messed up big time. Now, a girl, Maya, knows he's from outer space, and the school bully, Caden, is out to get him.But Charlie has ... Read more


  • Cocky Doodle Doo

    A Barnyard Comedy

    series Cocky Doodle Doo #1
    Reginald Fowl isn't your ordinary chicken...He's a "Rainbow Rooster", whose passion for reading, adventure, humans, and hens attract attention around the farm—both wanted and unwanted. Bullies, babies, predators, and poetry are just a few of the things he must navigate in this zany barnyard adventure, for kids ages 9 to 109.If you enjoy talking animal stories like Babe, Charlotte's Web, Stuart ... Read more


  • The Fun in Flower Series: Books 1-4


    series Fun in Flower Chapter Book #1
    With easy-to-read language and no scary characters, the Fun in Flower series is appropriate for even the youngest of readers. Appeals to ages 4-9.ANNA & BELLA and the Puppy Problem:"Today, something absolutely incredible happened to my sister, Bella, and me. We discovered that magic is real. Yes, real! We learned this right in the middle of recess. One minute we were at school. The next minute we ... Read more

    $5.99 AUD

  • The New Girl

    The Extraordinarily Ordinary Life of Cassandra Jones

    series Walker Wildcats Year 1 #1
    What's special about Cassandra? Absolutely nothing. She's as ordinary as any other fifth grader. And yet her ordinary life is riddled with hilarious and sometimes heart-breaking mishaps as she guides herself through the world of pre-teens on the brink of adulthood.Cassandra Jones is the new girl at school. She's been uprooted from her beloved state of Texas and relocated to the hillbilly Ozarks of ... Read more

    $2.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Flynn's Log 2: Thorn's Lair

    series Stone Marshall's Flynn's Log #2
    STUCK IN A VIDEO GAME and facing certain death, Flynn takes his only option. He steps through a portal. . . The second book in the series, Flynn's Log 2: Thorn's Lair, finds Flynn on the other side of the portal. Flynn and friends travel into a terrifying place and face never before seen masses of mobs! Flynn discovers why he is in the game and learns how to exit, but it will not be easy. To ... Read more

    $3.99 AUD

  • Keara's Raven: Escape

    by Mindy Klasky ...
    series Keara's Raven #1
    I take your rebellion. Forget it. It is mine.In the sheltered village of Silver Hollow, Keara knows exactly what she must do: Follow her mother’s strict rules and worship the twelve gods. But Keara’s twelfth birthday is looming, along with an obligation she dreads. She must sacrifice her beloved darkbeast on a holy altar.Other children despise their bonded scapegoat animals, but Keara loves her ... Read more

    $5.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Judy Moody and the Poop Picnic

    series Judy Moody
    Judy is desperately trying to earn thrill points so she plans a trip to the Cemetery Creep n Crawl. Meanwhile Stink has been collecting all the samples and evidence he can in his efforts to catch Bigfoot. Add in Aunt Opals crazy driving (and bad sense of direction) and somehow they all end up at an abandoned amusement park eating scat sandwiches. Thats gotta be worth some thrill points. . . . ... Read more

    $5.38 AUD

  • Sister Heart

    by Sally Morgan ...
    A young Aboriginal girl is taken from the north of Australia and sent to an institution in the distant south. There, she slowly makes a new life for herself and, in the face of tragedy, finds strength in new friendships. Poignantly told from the child's perspective, Sister Heart affirms the power of family and kinship. This compelling novel about the stolen generations helps teachers sensitively ... Read more

    $11.43 AUD

  • Flynn's Log 3: The Ultimate Form of Life

    series Stone Marshall's Flynn's Log #3
    FLYNN MUST FULFILL HIS DESTINY and connect the digital and physical worlds! Stuck inside the digital game-world, Flynn faces a true crisis; what is real? Is his ultra-digital body more real than his physical body? What would it be like to stay in the digital world forever? Flynn’s journey continues with his friends, but his true struggle is internal. He’s forgotten what it’s like to be physical. ... Read more

    $3.99 AUD

  • The Dinosaur's Diary

    All fans of Julia Donaldson's should read the enchanting tale of The Dinosaur's Diary.Surviving and finding a safe place to lay her eggs is difficult for Hypsilophodon with dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus Rex around. When she falls into a mysterious pool and finds herself on a modern farm there are still problems. Finally she finds a safe place to hatch her babies, but how can she keep thirteen baby ... Read more

    $8.99 AUD

  • A Dog of My Own

    by Richard Clark ...
    A boy and his rent-a-dog...“The story blends heartwarming moments and action beautifully in a way that will make children of any age enjoy the book.” Readers’ Favorite 5-Star review“Sweetly written and packed full of adventure. Children will love it, particularly if they love dogs!” The Wishing Shelf 4-Star review11-year-old Jonas Ridley loves dogs. Unfortunately, his mother won’t let him have one ... Read more


  • The Boy Who Cried Ghost: A Ghost Town Mystery

    by Richard Clark ...
    Who knew living in a haunted house would be so cool!Nine-year-old Peter Dunlap doesn’t particularly like his family’s new house. Sure, his room’s big enough, and he doesn’t have to share a bathroom with his older sister… but he just can’t shake the feeling that the previous owner hasn’t moved out yet! But, being a fan of horror comic books, Peter actually starts to think it’s cool living in a ... Read more


  • Samantha Gets Brave

    series Brave Samantha Series #1
    A forbidden forest, an injured wolf, and a forgotten tale of lost gold. Let the treasure hunt begin!Samantha Taylor is afraid of everything. She is afraid to raise her hand in class, she’s afraid to stand up to bullies, and most of all, she’s afraid of the forest that extends from her backyard.When a brave decision leads Samantha into the forest, she dives into an adventurous treasure hunt. With ... Read more

    $10.47 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Those Snake Island Kids

    by Jon Tucker ...
    series Those Kids #1
    When Jake persuades his family to embark on a sailing-camping holiday on a small Tasmanian island, he is mostly interested in pirate fantasies and his new sailing dinghy. But he does not plan on events which are to leave him isolated with his brother and sister as well as a couple of Kiwi kids. Ultimately, after being forced to dig deep into their personal reserves, the treasures they all gain are ... Read more

    $6.50 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Rise of the Olympians 2

    by Belle Ward ...
    series Rise of the Olympians #2
    "A swicked adventure that will leave you smiling and wanting more." -HM Ward, New York Times Bestselling Author  There are no minor gods.  Lilah Jones is officially thirteen. Unfortunately, the day comes with a few twists she didn't expect. For example, her hair turned into a living rainbow and she was gifted with a golden necklace that randomly goes from being room te... ... Read more

    $3.99 AUD

  • Judy Moody and the Thrill Points Race

    series Judy Moody
    Judy Moody is psyched for summer - that is until she realizes that two of her three best friends arent going to be around: Rocky will be teaching lions to jump through hoops at circus camp and Amy is going to be searching for lost tribes in the rain forests of Borneo. How can Judys summer ever compare? But she is determined that her summer will NOT be a bummer that she and Frank Pearl will have ... Read more

    $5.38 AUD

  • HughTube

    by Richard Clark ...
    I’m blogging for my life…14-year-old Hugh Hollenbeck doesn’t get it. What doesn’t he get? Just about everything. That’s why he walks around with a little camera attached to his glasses that records his entire life. Then he watches it all later to try to figure out the things he didn’t get before – which, as you’ll recall, is just about everything – and he makes a weekly video blog for all to see ... Read more


  • The Funny Story: Mrs. Picklebee And Class 212

    by S. A. Narciso ...
    "The Funny Story - Mrs. Picklebee and class 212" is a yearlong experience with class 212, Mrs. Picklebee (the fearsome new teacher in town) and Mr. Ferguson, a peculiar old man who loves entertaining kids with wacky stories.Will the protagonists (Rich, Charlie, Andrew and Martin) defeat the class bully, Alex Gardener, or will he get away with it as always?And what do you get when a teacher grows ... Read more


  • S.P.O.T.S. (Super Powerful Organization of Terriers and Songbird)

    After eating radioactive snacks, a group of terriers discovers that they have powers that most dogs- and even some humans- only dream of. Which is a good thing, because when a gang of ruthless cats tries to turn the community into its own personal litter box, only the S.P.O.T.S. team can save the day. ... Read more


  • The Mad Hacker

    series An Amber and Elliot Mystery
    Super-sleuths Amber & Elliot are on the case in...The Mad HackerAsh Grove Junior High goes on high alert when Liz Elliot and Amber Mitchell discover they've been hacked! They won't be able to enter Eastern Technology's programming contest and neither will anyone else.When their friend Jonathan becomes the prime suspect, Amber & Elliot are determined to clear his name. But if they don't find out ... Read more

    $2.99 AUD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Short Tales 4

    series Short Tales
    A collection of stories from a collection of writers. Suitable for boys and girls 8-12 years.Whether you enjoy fun and adventure, exploring new and old worlds, or a trip down the dark side of life, there's sure to be something for you. Some of your favourite writers return and there's some new ones to discover. ... Read more