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Linear Programming eBooks

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  • Chaos: A Very Short Introduction

    by Leonard Smith ...
    series Very Short Introductions
    Chaos exists in systems all around us. Even the simplest system of cause and effect can be subject to chaos, denying us accurate predictions of its behaviour, and sometimes giving rise to astonishing structures of large-scale order. Our growing understanding of Chaos Theory is having fascinating applications in the real world - from technology to global warming, politics, human behaviour, and even ... Read more

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  • JavaScript: Tips and Tricks to Programming Code with Javascript

    JavaScript Computer Programming, #2

    Book 2 - JavaScript Computer Programming
    Learn JavaScript Tips and Tricks today and begin your path towards JavaScript programming mastery!In this Definitive JavaScript Guide, you're about to discover how to...Accelerate your JavaScript learning through the different Tips and Tricks available; vital information that every JavaScript programmer must know in order to take their skills to the next level. JavaScript is on the internet ... Read more

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  • Nonlinear Time Series Analysis

    The paradigm of deterministic chaos has influenced thinking in many fields of science. Chaotic systems show rich and surprising mathematical structures. In the applied sciences, deterministic chaos provides a striking explanation for irregular behaviour and anomalies in systems which do not seem to be inherently stochastic. The most direct link between chaos theory and the real world is the ... Read more

    $89.99 AUD

  • Advances in Discrete Differential Geometry

    This is one of the first books on a newly emerging field of discrete differential geometry and an excellent way to access this exciting area. It surveys the fascinating connections between discrete models in differential geometry and complex analysis, integrable systems and applications in computer graphics.The authors take a closer look at discrete models in differentialgeometry and dynamical ... Read more


  • The Simplex Method of Linear Programming

    by F.A. Ficken ...
    series Dover Books on Mathematics
    This concise but detailed and thorough treatment discusses the rudiments of the well-known simplex method for solving optimization problems in linear programming. Geared toward undergraduate students, the approach offers sufficient material for readers without a strong background in linear algebra. Many different kinds of problems further enrich the presentation.The text begins with examinations ... Read more

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  • 経済数学入門15:線型計画法

    by 大西一弘 ...
    Book 15 - 経済数学入門
    本書は,経済学を学ぶために必要な数学の入門テキストの第15巻です。今回は,「線型計画法」について解説しています。経済学を学んでいるあるいは学ぼうと考えている学生や社会人は,ぜひご一読ください。本書で扱っている内容は,最大化問題,最小化問題,実行可能解,最適解,スラック変数,サープラス変数,単体法,単体表などです。練習及びその解答もあります。「線型計画法」の基本が一日で分かります! ... Read more

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  • Linear Programming: An Introduction to Finite Improvement Algorithms

    Second Edition

    series Dover Books on Mathematics
    Suitable for undergraduate students of mathematics and graduate students of operations research and engineering, this text covers the basic theory and computation for a first course in linear programming. In addition to substantial material on mathematical proof techniques and sophisticated computation methods, the treatment features numerous examples and exercises.An introductory chapter offers a ... Read more

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  • Evolution, Monitoring and Predicting Models of Rockburst

    Precursor Information for Rock Failure

    by Chunlai Wang ...
    This open access book focuses on investigating predicting precursor information and key points of rockburst in mining engineering through laboratory experiment, theoretical analysis, numerical simulation and case studies. Understanding the evolution patterns for the microstructure instability of rock is a prerequisite for rockburst prediction. The book provides a guide for readers seeking to ... Read more


  • Cyber-physical Systems

    Theory, Methodology, and Applications

    series IEEE Press
    CYBER-PHYSICAL SYSTEMSProvides a unique general theory of cyber-physical systems, focusing on how physical, data, and decision processes are articulated as a complex wholeCyber-physical systems (CPS) operate in complex environments systems with integrated physical and computational capabilities. With the ability to interact with humans through variety of modalities, cyber-physical systems are ... Read more

    $166.99 AUD

  • Tremendous Astronomer: - Pierre-Simon Laplace

    Pierre-Simon, marquis de Laplace (23 March 1749 – 5 March 1827) was a French researcher and polymath whose work was critical to the advancement of designing, science, measurements, physical science, cosmology, and reasoning. He summed up and broadened crafted by his archetypes in his five-volume Mécanique Céleste (Celestial Mechanics) (1799–1825). This work interpreted the mathematical ... Read more

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  • Introductory Mathematics for Economics 15: Linear Programming

    Book 15 - Introductory Mathematics for Economics
    本書は,経済学を学ぶために必要な数学の入門テキストの第15巻です。今回は,「線型計画法」について解説しています。経済学を学んでいるあるいは学ぼうと考えている学生や社会人は,ぜひご一読ください。本書で扱っている内容は,最大化問題,最小化問題,実行可能解,最適解,スラック変数,サープラス変数,単体法,単体表などです。練習問題及びその解答もあります。「線型計画法」の基本が一日で分かります! ... Read more

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  • Linear Programming and Economic Analysis

    series Dover Books on Computer Science
    Designed primarily for economists and those interested in management economics who are not necessarily accomplished mathematicians, this text offers a clear, concise exposition of the relationship of linear programming to standard economic analysis. The research and writing were supported by The RAND Corporation in the late 1950s.Linear programming has been one of the most important postwar ... Read more

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  • Handbook of Mathematical Geosciences

    Fifty Years of IAMG

    This Open Access handbook published at the IAMG's 50th anniversary, presents a compilation of invited path-breaking research contributions by award-winning geoscientists who have been instrumental in shaping the IAMG. It contains 45 chapters that are categorized broadly into five parts (i) theory, (ii) general applications, (iii) exploration and resource estimation, (iv) reviews, and (v) ... Read more


  • Numerical Methods with algorithms and programs

    Numerical Methods

    This book is designed as an advanced guide for numerical methods in the science. It covers many topics of practical numerical methods applied in the science: solutions of equations with one variable: bisection, secant, false rule, Newton-Raphson, fixed point, etc., solution of systems of equations: Gauss, Gauss-Jordan, Cramer, Inverse Matrix, Jacobi, Gauss-Seidel, Gauss-Seidel with relaxation, etc ... Read more

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  • Raspberry Pi: Beginner's Guide - Learn Raspberry Pi in Easy Steps

    Raspberry Pih1>Beginner's Guide - Learn Raspberry Pi in Easy Stepsh2>This book is an in depth guide to one of the best pieces of technology to ever come out of the British Isles! This book outlines the major functions of the device and adds in a few tips for good measure! Utilize the information in this text and you will remain one step ahead of your friends when it comes to knowing how to get the ... Read more

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  • Python Programmation: Cours Accéléré Étape par Étape sur la Manière de Créer Facilement Votre Premier Projet de Science des Données en Moins de 7 Jours. Comprend des Exercices Pratiques

    by Amand Odilon ...
    Vous êtes à la recherche d'un cours accéléré de Python pour la science des données et vous voulez créer facilement votre premier projet en un rien de temps? Vous êtes constamment à la recherche d'informations sur les réseaux sociaux (comme les groupes FB) et vous ne savez pas par où commencer avec la programmation Python? Si c'est le cas, lisez la suite!Python est souvent utilisé en science des ... Read more

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  • Java: Best Practices to Programming Code with Java

    Java Computer Programming, #3

    Book 3 - Java Computer Programming
    Are you tired of constantly finding errors in your Java code? Fed up with not being able to understand what you have written, making it difficult to identify those errors? And how many times has your code been criticized by others for a lack of readability or for not being efficient?In "Java: Best Practices to Programming Code with Java", the book information found here is designed to make things ... Read more

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  • Singularities: Formation, Structure, and Propagation

    Book 53 - Cambridge Texts in Applied Mathematics
    Many key phenomena in physics and engineering are described as singularities in the solutions to the differential equations describing them. Examples covered thoroughly in this book include the formation of drops and bubbles, the propagation of a crack and the formation of a shock in a gas. Aimed at a broad audience, this book provides the mathematical tools for understanding singularities and ... Read more

    $56.99 AUD

  • Time-Symmetry Breaking in Turbulent Multi-Particle Dispersion

    series Springer Theses
    This thesis presents experimental and theoretical investigations of the connection between the time asymmetry in the short-time evolution of particle clusters and the intrinsic irreversibility of turbulent flows due to the energy cascade.The term turbulence describes a special state of a continuous medium in which many interacting degrees of freedom are excited. One of the interesting phenomena ... Read more

    $134.99 AUD

  • Nonautonomous Dynamical Systems in the Life Sciences

    Book 2102 - Lecture Notes in Mathematics
    Nonautonomous dynamics describes the qualitative behavior of evolutionary differential and difference equations, whose right-hand side is explicitly time dependent. Over recent years, the theory of such systems has developed into a highly active field related to, yet recognizably distinct from that of classical autonomous dynamical systems. This development was motivated by problems of applied ... Read more

    $116.99 AUD

  • Applications of Chaos and Nonlinear Dynamics in Science and Engineering - Vol. 2

    series Understanding Complex Systems
    Chaos and nonlinear dynamics initially developed as a new emergent field with its foundation in physics and applied mathematics. The highly generic, interdisciplinary quality of the insights gained in the last few decades has spawned myriad applications in almost all branches of science and technology—and even well beyond. Wherever the quantitative modeling and analysis of complex, nonlinear ... Read more

    $170.99 AUD

  • The Mathematics Behind Biological Invasions

    Book 44 - Interdisciplinary Applied Mathematics
    This book investigates the mathematical analysis of biological invasions. Unlike purely qualitative treatments of ecology, it draws on mathematical theory and methods, equipping the reader with sharp tools and rigorous methodology. Subjects include invasion dynamics, species interactions, population spread, long-distance dispersal, stochastic effects, risk analysis, and optimal responses to ... Read more

    $80.99 AUD

  • The Parameterization Method for Invariant Manifolds

    From Rigorous Results to Effective Computations

    Book 195 - Applied Mathematical Sciences
    This monograph presents some theoretical and computational aspects of the parameterization method for invariant manifolds, focusing on the following contexts: invariant manifolds associated with fixed points, invariant tori in quasi-periodically forced systems, invariant tori in Hamiltonian systems and normally hyperbolic invariant manifolds. This book provides algorithms of computation and some ... Read more

    $143.99 AUD

  • The Three-body Problem from Pythagoras to Hawking

    This book, written for a general readership, reviews and explains the three-body problem in historical context reaching to latest developments in computational physics and gravitation theory. The three-body problem is one of the oldest problems in science and it is most relevant even in today’s physics and astronomy.The long history of the problem from Pythagoras to Hawking parallels the evolution ... Read more

    $54.99 AUD