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  • Perl Best Practices

    Standards and Styles for Developing Maintainable Code

    by Damian Conway

    Many programmers code by instinct, relying on convenient habits or a "style" they picked up early on. They aren't conscious of all the choices they make, like how they format their source, the names they use for variables, or the kinds of loops they use. They're focused entirely on problems they're solving, solutions they're creating, and algorithms they're implementing. So they write code in the ... Read more

    $32.55 AUD

  • Learning ClojureScript

    by Rafik Naccache and 2 more

    Master the art of agile single page web application development with ClojureScriptAbout This BookSet up interactive development workflows for the browser or Node.js thanks to the ClojureScript ecosystemLearn the basics of interactive single page web app development taking advantage of the functional nature of ClojureScriptDelve into advanced rich web application development concepts such as Om, ... Read more

    $44.32 AUD

  • Mastering Clojure

    by Akhil Wali

    Understand the philosophy of the Clojure language and dive into its inner workings to unlock its advanced features, methodologies, and constructsAbout This BookLearn to handle data using sequences, reducers, and transducers in ClojureExplore the lesser known and more advanced features, constructs, and methodologies of the Clojure language and its ecosystem, such as asynchronous channels, actors, ... Read more

    $55.32 AUD

  • Clojure for Domain-specific Languages

    by Ryan D. Kelker

    An example-oriented approach to develop custom domain-specific languages.If you've already developed a few Clojure applications and wish to expand your knowledge on Clojure or domain-specific languages in general, then this book is for you. If you're an absolute Clojure beginner, then you may only find the detailed examples of the core Clojure components of value. If you've developed DSLs in other ... Read more

    $45.64 AUD

  • Clojure High Performance Programming - Second Edition

    by Shantanu Kumar

    Become an expert at writing fast and high performant code in Clojure 1.7.0About This BookEnhance code performance by using appropriate Clojure featuresImprove the efficiency of applications and plan their deploymentA hands-on guide to designing Clojure programs to get the best performanceWho This Book Is ForThis book is intended for intermediate Clojure developers who are looking to get a good ... Read more

    $38.71 AUD

  • Clojure Programming Cookbook

    by Makoto Hashimoto and 1 more

    Handle every problem you come across in the world of Clojure programming with this expert collection of recipesAbout This BookDiscover a wide variety of practical cases and real world techniques to enhance your productivity with Clojure.Learn to resolve the everyday issues you face with a functional mindset using ClojureYou will learn to write highly efficient, more productive, and error-free ... Read more

    $55.32 AUD

  • Clojure High Performance Programming

    by Shantanu Kumar

    This is a short, practical guide that will teach you everything you need to know to start writing high performance Clojure code.This book is ideal for intermediate Clojure developers who are looking to get a good grip on how to achieve optimum performance. You should already have some experience with Clojure and it would help if you already know a little bit of Java. Knowledge of performance ... Read more

    $30.68 AUD

  • Clojure: High Performance JVM Programming

    by Eduardo Diaz and 2 more

    Explore the world of lightning fast Clojure apps with asynchronous channels, logic, reactive programming, and moreAbout This BookDiscover Clojure's features and advantages and use them in your existing projectsExplore lesser-known and more advanced features, constructs, and methodologies such as asynchronous channels, actors, logic programming, and reactive programmingMeasure and monitor ... Read more

    $88.54 AUD

  • Clojure for Machine Learning

    by Akhil Wali

    A book that brings out the strengths of Clojure programming that have to facilitate machine learning. Each topic is described in substantial detail, and examples and libraries in Clojure are also demonstrated. This book is intended for Clojure developers who want to explore the area of machine learning. Basic understanding of the Clojure programming language is required, but thorough acquaintance ... Read more

    $41.46 AUD

  • A handbook for Beginners to Learn on How to Become a Better Programmer

    by Josphat Sikana

    If you have a passion for programming and want to be a better programmer, then this is the right source. This handbook contains useful information about the techniques and approaches that help individuals boost not only their programming career but also their well-being.The author of this book presents sound advice, which when you follow, you can find it easy to understand coding using any types ... Read more

    $4.61 AUD

  • Learn Type-Driven Development

    Benefit from type systems to build reliable and safe applications using ReasonML 3

    by Yawar Amin and 1 more

    A fast paced guide for JavaScript developers for writing safe, fast, and reusable code by leveraging ResaonML's strong static type systemKey FeaturesReduce code errors with the power of type systemsEmploy static typechecking and genericity to promote code reuse and consistencyUnderstand functional programming which is the foundation of type-driven developmentBook DescriptionType-driven development ... Read more

    $38.71 AUD

  • LISP Programming Language

    A Step-by-Step guide to LISP Programming Language

    by Su TP

    series Computer Programming
    Lisp is the second-oldest high-level programming language after Fortran and has changed a great deal since its early days, and a number of dialects have existed over its history. Today, the most widely known general-purpose Lisp dialects are Common Lisp and Scheme.Lisp was invented by John McCarthy in 1958 while he was at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).This reference will take you ... Read more

    $19.95 AUD

  • Mastering Clojure Data Analysis

    by Eric Rochester

    This book consists of a practical, example-oriented approach that aims to help you learn how to use Clojure for data analysis quickly and efficiently. This book is great for those who have experience with Clojure and need to use it to perform data analysis. This book will also be hugely beneficial for readers with basic experience in data analysis and statistics. ... Read more

    $49.82 AUD

  • Clojure for Java Developers

    by Eduardo Diaz

    Transition smoothly from Java to the most widely used functional JVM-based language – ClojureAbout This BookWrite apps for the multithreaded world with Clojure's flavor of functional programmingDiscover Clojure's features and advantages and use them in your existing projectsThe book is designed so that you'll be able put to use your existing skills and software knowledge to become a more effective ... Read more

    $38.71 AUD

  • Clojure Recipes

    by Julian Gamble

    “There’s something for everyone here. . . . You can pick up and read this book and build an industry-standard system in a weekend: It has everything you need to get started with a new project. I also found it helpful in reviewing the structure of existing projects.”—Timothy Pratley, developerDevelopers are discovering the exceptional power of Clojure’s functional programming model to quickly solve ... Read more

    $39.37 AUD

  • Web Development with Clojure

    Build Bulletproof Web Apps with Less Code

    by Dmitri Sotnikov

    Modern web applications deserve modern tools. Harness the JVM's rich infrastructure while taking advantage of the expressive power and brisk performance of a modern functional language. Exploit Clojure's unique advantages for web development. Step by step, apply the fundamentals of programming in Clojure to build real-world, professional web applications. This edition features new libraries, tools ... Read more

    $31.67 AUD

  • Clojure Reactive Programming

    by Leonardo Borges

    If you are a Clojure developer who is interested in using Reactive Programming to build asynchronous and concurrent applications, this book is for you. Knowledge of Clojure and Leiningen is required. Basic understanding of ClojureScript will be helpful for the web chapters, although it is not strictly necessary. ... Read more

    $49.82 AUD

  • Programación con CLISP

    by Sergio Martin

    El libro es una guía para aprender Clisp y contiene varias aplicaciones que van más allá de los alcances de Clisp, como el procesamiento de listas o la operaciones matemáticas complejas. Da una aproximación a la inteligencia artificial y a aplicaciones en línea y realidad virtual. ... Read more

    $61.44 AUD

  • Professional Clojure

    by Jeremy Anderson and 4 more

    Clear, practical Clojure for the professional programmerProfessional Clojure is the experienced developer's guide to functional programming using the Clojure language. Designed specifically to meet the needs of professional developers, this book briefly introduces functional programming before skipping directly to the heart of using Clojure in a real-world setting. The discussion details the read ... Read more

    $66.99 AUD